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Author: Doolittle, Thomas, 1632?-1707.
Title: Love to Christ, necessary to escape the curse at his coming by Tho. Doolittle ...

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Print source: Love to Christ, necessary to escape the curse at his coming by Tho. Doolittle ...
Doolittle, Thomas, 1632?-1707.

London: Printed for Tho. Cockerill ..., 1692.
Subject terms:
Church history -- 17th century.
Christianity -- Early works to 1800.
Second Advent -- Early works to 1800.
Judgment Day -- Early works to 1800.
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title page
THE EPISTLE TO Non-Lovers OF CHRIST, Lamenting Their SIN and MISERY.
THE Contents.
SECT. I. The Introduction.
SECT. II. The Explication of Anathema, Maran-atha.
SECT. III. A Division and Paraphrase of the Text.
SECT. I. The Doctrine and Method.
SECT. II. The nature, requisites, and the description of this Love to Christ.
SECT. III. The Second Requisite of this Love.
SECT. IV. The Third Requisite.
SECT. V. The Fourth Requisite of this Love.
SECT. VI. The Fifth Requisite of Love to Christ.
SECT. VII. The Sixth Requisite of Love to Christ.
SECT. VIII. The Seventh Requisite in Love to Christ; or the Since∣rity of it.
SECT. IX. The Eighth Requisite in Love to Christ.
SECT. X. The Ninth Requisite in Love to Christ.
SECT. XI. The Tenth Requisite to Love to Christ, or the Worker of it.
SECT. XII. The Eleventh Thing required in it.
SECT. XIII. The Workings of this Love, as it is Delighting, Desi∣ring, or Mourning Love.
SECT. XIV. The Description of Love to Christ.
CHAP. III. Ten Arguments that prove the Necessity of this Love to Christ, for the avoiding of the Curse.
CHAP. IV. Ten Properties of the Curse upon Non-Lovers of Christ.
CHAP. V. Eight Reasons why Love is so strictly required, that Christ must be Loved, or the Sinner accursed.
CHAP. VI. The Application of the Doctrine.
CHAP. VII. Ʋnder the first Ʋse we might learn these Lessons, or deduce these Ten Corollaries.
CHAP. VIII. Twenty Aggravations of want of Love to Christ.
CHAP. IX. Ten Questions by way of Conviction, that ma∣ny, very many, have no sincere Love to Christ; from whence also Characters of sin∣cere love to him, by the right resolving of these Questions, might be gathered, and our Love tried, whether sincere or counterfeit.
CHAP. X. Where the fourth Ʋse is an attempt of gain∣ing Sinners consent to love Christ; a se∣rious wish for good success.
CHAP. XI. Twenty Motives, or Pleas, that Christ might have the Love of your Hearts.
CHAP. XII. Ten Directions to get sincere Love to Christ, shewing the way of Love to him.
CHAP. XIII. Ten Springs of Spiritual Comfort flowing into the Hearts of the Lovers of Christ.
The BLESSING, to the Lovers of CHRIST.
Books Printed for, and Sold by Thomas Cockerill, at the Three Legs in the Poultrey.