Military instructions for the cavallrie, or, Rules and directions for the service of horse collected out of divers forrein authours, ancient and modern, and rectified and supplied according to the present practice of the Low-Countrey warres.
Cruso, John, d. 1681.

CHAP. I. Of Guides.

FOr the knowledge of the wayes (aa matter of great importance, either to prevent the taking of one way for another in marching, or in pursuing the enemie, he having received the charge, and flying by unusuall wayes) the use of maps may somewhat help, but (being too generall) is not sufficient. And therefore the Waggon-master is to provide good guides, of the inhabitants of those places where the march is to be, which may be able to give certain and particular infor∣mation concerning theb high-wayes and crosse-wayes, how many there be of them; whether they be even, large, and free: or straight, hillie, or impeached with difficult passages. Also concern∣ing ditches and rivers, whether there be bridges or not. And if there be divers wayes, which is the most safe and shortest, or most exposed to the enemies advenues or approches, or most com∣modious for the baggage. Whether there be requisite commoditie for the lodgings, as forrage, water, &c, Insomuch as they may be able to know every hedge or ditch, and all other particulars. And that you may be assured of their fidelitie, and the truth of their informations, it is good to have them to be souldiers in pay; or where they are not, to take them of thec boores or inhabi∣tants (as aforesaid) from place to place, keeping them separated from each other. And if they dif∣fer, either from the souldiers which serve for guides, or from each other, they must be confronted; and by the mutuall consent of all, the best way is to be resolved on. These guides usually (to pre∣vent their running away, which they will often do if they see an opportunitie of escaping) are led bound,d or at least committed to the custodie of some souldier. Recompence is promised them if they do their endeavour, and punishment threatned if they direct amisse.