Military instructions for the cavallrie, or, Rules and directions for the service of horse collected out of divers forrein authours, ancient and modern, and rectified and supplied according to the present practice of the Low-Countrey warres.
Cruso, John, d. 1681.

CHAP. IX. Of the particular Quartermasters.

THea particular Quartermasters should be men so qualified, as reasonably they might pretend the Cornet, and (in absence of the Cornet) might command the company. When all the companies are lodged together, they accompany the Quartermaster Generall in making the quar∣ters: but being to be lodged in severall places (as often it happeneth) some accompany the Lieute∣nant Generall, others the Commissary Generall. Where a Captain commandeth the quarter, the particular Quartermaster of that respective company maketh the quarter. There is much fidelity required in them, in consideration of distributing the word, and the billets. They use also to di∣stribute the souldiers pay, in the King of Spains warres; but on the States side the clerks of the Page  6 company onely meddle with the souldiers pay, and account to their Captain; having a cuirassiers pay, and being exempted from bearing arms, or doing the duties of a souldier.

In going with the Quartermaster Generall to make the lodgings, the Quartermaster must be very diligent, taking with him one or two souldiers (such as the Lieutenant shall appoint him) which shall return to their company, and conduct them to their quarter.