Military instructions for the cavallrie, or, Rules and directions for the service of horse collected out of divers forrein authours, ancient and modern, and rectified and supplied according to the present practice of the Low-Countrey warres.
Cruso, John, d. 1681.

CHAP. XXXI. Of exercising the Dragon.

THe Dragon was invented for speciall services to assist the Cavallrie as Infantery, considering there be many exploits which cannot be effected by the Cavallrie alone.

The musketier must exercise himself to give fire on horseback, as the Harquebusier. Being come to guard a passage, or to do any other the like service, they are to alight, and to demean them∣selves as Infantery. Whereof it shall be needlesse hereto enlarge, seeing we have books in such abundance upon that subject, as they are able rather toa distract, then instruct the reader, and in my opinion, had need of an Index expurgatorius.

Being so alighted to do their service (as abovesaid) every of them is to cast his bridle over the Page  21 neck of his side mans horse, in the same order as they marched: keeping them so together, by the help of such as are thereunto especially appointed.