Military instructions for the cavallrie, or, Rules and directions for the service of horse collected out of divers forrein authours, ancient and modern, and rectified and supplied according to the present practice of the Low-Countrey warres.
Cruso, John, d. 1681.

CHAP. XXX. Of exercising the Harquebusier and Carabine.

ALthough there be some difference between the Harquebusier and the Carabine, in regard of their horse, their arming, and their piece, (howsoever most authors take them for one and the same) yet in regard the harquebuse differeth nothing from the carabine in length, but onely in the bore, their manner of using their severall pieces is one and the same; and so one instruction may serve for both.

*In march, he is either to carry his carabine hanging at his belt by the right side, (as is shewed chap. 24.) or else to order it upon his right thigh, as the Cuirassier, in posture 4.

In fight he is to strive to gain the left side of his enemy, (contrary to the Cuirassier) because that in presenting he is to rest his carabine on his bridle-hand, placing the but end on the right side of his breast, near his shoulder.

He must be taught to use his carabine with all exactnesse and dexterity, and to be an exquisite marks-man.a For the manner of handling of the harquebuse or carabine, the directions for the pistol, in the foregoing chapter, mutatis mutandis, may serve for sufficient instruction. Yet in re∣gard the carabines with us are for the most part snap-hanes, and so something differing from the fire-lock, I will set down the order of handling it, in the words of command: holding it need lesse here to dilate them.

    Postures for the snap-hane carabine.
  • 1 Order your carabine.
  • 2 Sink your carabine into your bridle-hand.
  • 3 Bend your cock.
  • 4 Guard your cock.
  • 5 Prime.
  • 6 Shut your pan.
  • 7 Cast about your carabine.
  • 8 Gage your flasque.
  • 9 Lade your carabine.
  • 10 Draw your rammer.
  • 11 Shorten your rammer.
  • 12 Lade with bullet, and ramme home.
  • 13 Withdraw your rammer.
  • 14 Shorten your rammer.
  • 15 Return your rammer.
  • 16 Recover your carabine.
  • 17 Order your hammer.
  • 18 Free your cock.
  • 19 Present.
  • 20 Give fire.

For the use of his sword, he is to demean himself as the Cuirassier.