Military instructions for the cavallrie, or, Rules and directions for the service of horse collected out of divers forrein authours, ancient and modern, and rectified and supplied according to the present practice of the Low-Countrey warres.
Cruso, John, d. 1681.

CHAP. X. Of the Corporalls.

COrporalls are very usefull in a troop of horse. They must assist the Lieutenant in placing the sentinells, when the souldiers of their particular squadron are to perform that service.

The harquebusiers are usually sent to discover or scoure the high-wayes, and to be forerunners or scouts, under the charge of one of their Corporalls;a for which respects he must be a man of experience. Some passage or place of importance being to be guarded, a Corporall is sent thither with his squadron. He must be able to write and reade, keeping a list of his squadron. The Ca∣ptain alloweth him half a place of forrage, and a share of 10. per cent.