Military instructions for the cavallrie, or, Rules and directions for the service of horse collected out of divers forrein authours, ancient and modern, and rectified and supplied according to the present practice of the Low-Countrey warres.
Cruso, John, d. 1681.
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¶To his much honoured Friend, Captain John Cruso.

I Know the Authours works and name,
Great Mars his scholar, is his fame:
Whose valour, honour, industrie
Hath taught the use of Cavallry,
Accommodating these our times,
Surmounting th' limits of all lines,
Examples set for imitation,
Then love to fight by Regulation:
But have not such been ill requited,
Whom profit never yet invited?
But blame not such as steer at th' Helm
Whose care is to preserve this Realm,
Settle Religion, Law, and Right,
Supprest by rebells force, and might.
If ignorance or malice have
The Authours worth laid in a grave,
Wisdomes grace in men of parts
Will raise it up with tongues and hearts.
Let none be troubled if not us'd,
When Conscience tells they ne'r abus'd;
God grant's no use of Marshall men,
Till we know how to use; not when
Good service done th' age being cold
Prepar'd are new, casheer'd are old.

Your devoted Friend, EDMUND HARVY, Colonel.