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Author: Cotton, John, 1584-1652.
Title: A practicall commentary, or an exposition with observations, reasons, and vses upon the first Epistle generall of John by ... John Cotton ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
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Print source: A practicall commentary, or an exposition with observations, reasons, and vses upon the first Epistle generall of John by ... John Cotton ...
Cotton, John, 1584-1652., R. D. 1608-1669., Scott, Chr. fl. 1655.

London: Printed by M.S. for Thomas Parkhurst ..., 1658.
Advertisement: prelim. p. [8]-[9].
"To the reader" signed: Chr. Scott, dated Octob. 15, 1655.
"Reader" signed: Roger Drake, dated Feb. 26, 1657.
"The table ..." [i.e. index]: p. [2]-[7] at end.
Reproduction of original in Huntington Library.
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Bible. -- N.T. -- Epistle of John, 1st -- Commentaries.

to the reader
title page
Books lately printed for Thomas Parkhurst, at the Sign of the three Crowns, over against the great Conduit, at the lower end of Cheapside.
A COMMENTARY UPON The First Epistle general OF JOHN.
chapter 1
verse 1
Doct. And because there cannot be two Eternals, but one Eternall, and that is God; therefore he also is Eternall, God with the Father, and Holy Ghost.
Doct. He that was from the beginning, truly God, was in the fullnesse of time, true man.
Doct. If the Apostles saw and heard these things of the word of life, then blessed were they, Luke 10.22, 23.
Doct. Christ in himselfe, and to us, is the word of life.
verse 2
Doct. 1. He who was from the beginning with the Father eternall living God, became in the fulnesse of time truly man.
Doct. 2. The Incarnation of Christ, and his conversation in the World, was the manifestation of him to the Apostles and Church of God.
verse 3, 4
verse 3, 4
verse 4
verse 4
verse 5
verse 5
1 JOH. 1.6, 7.
Doct. 1. Opinion and profession of fellowship with God, is no certain sign of true fellowship with him, opinion of Religion is no certain sign of Religion.
Doct. A life led in ignorance and uncleannesse is a certain signe of Hypocry∣sie, to live so and professe Religion, or profession of Religion, joyned with a life led in ignorance and ungodlynesse, is a sure signe of Hypocrisie.
verse 7
Doct. To walk in the light, is a certain mark o true Fellowship with God, one with another, that is. God with us, and wee with him.
1 JOHN 1.7.
Doct. Such as walk in the light, the blood of Christ purgeth them from all their sins.
verse 8, 9
Doct. Opinion, and Profession of perfect Holinesse, is an error wilfull, perni∣cious and dangerous.
Doct. Ʋnfaigned confession of our sins to God, is the ready way to the pardon and healing of them.
Doct. It is a filthy thing to lie in Sin unpardoned, or sin unpardoned is filthi∣nesse and uncleannesse, it is an unclean and filthy thing.
Doct. All sin is unrighteousnesse, (and cleanse us from all unrighteousnesse, that is, from all sin.)
Doct. Sin pardoned is ever cleansed, sin pardoned is sin cleansed, what sin God pardons, the same sin he cleanseth.
verse 10
Doct. Opinion and Profession of perfect righteousnesse even in those that are cleansed by the bloud of Christ, is not onely an Errour, but a blasphemous and heretical Errour, it is Sacrilegious and Heretical.
chapter 2
verse 1, 2
Doct. Such as are the Instruments under God of our Conversion, Justifica∣tion and Sanctification, they are to us as Spiritual Fathers, and we to them as little Children.
Doct. 2. The end of dispencing any promise or convincement of our sinfull e∣state, is not to give liberty to sin, but to prevent sin in us.
Doct. Every sinner hath Enemies, that before the Father in heaven plead against him.
Doct. Every Child of God hath the Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven to plead his cause for him.
verse 2
Doct. Jesus Christ is the propitiation for the sins not only of beleeving Jewes, but likewise of beleeving Christians all the World over.
Doct. Jesus Christ is the righteous Lord, or, Jesus Christ, either in his Of∣fice of an Advocate, or Reconciler, is Jesus Christ the righteous.
verse 3
doctrine 1
Doct. 2. Such as do keep his Commandments may ceme to know that they do know Christ, that they have true fellowship with him.
Doct. Sincere obedience, or keeping the Commandments of Christ, is a sci∣entifical argument, and sign of our undoubted and known fellowship with Christ.
verse 4
Doct. Opinion, or profession of the Knowledge of Christ, without keeping of his Commandments, is an undoubted signe that he is a lyar, and the best Grace on him is counterfeit, he hath no true Grace in him.
verse 5, 6
Doct. The keeping of Gods Commandments is undoubtedly, and truly the per∣fection of our love to God.
verse 5, 6
Doct. The observation of Christs Commandments, is the perfection of our love to Christ.
Doct. Sincere obedience to the Word of Christ, is both a certain and evident sign of our blessed Estate in Christ.
Doct. It is the duty of all such as professe Fellowship with Christ, to walk as Christ walked; or the profession of Fellowship with Christ, ought to be joyned with imitation of Christ.
verse 7
Doct. The Ministers of Christ are to acknowledge, even their little Children as their Brethren.
Doct. The Ministers of Christ are carefully to avoyd all suspicion of novelty in all the Doctrines they teach, whether of faith or manners.
Doct. True Antiquity in all Doctrines of the Apostles or Ministers, is that which fetches its original from the beginning.
Doct. The Commandment to walk after Christs example is the old Doctrin that was taught to the Church in all Ages from the beginning of the World.
verse 8
Doct. The Commandment and Doctrine of the imitation of Christ is a new Commandment, both in regard of Christ, and Believers the Members of Christ.
Doct. The state of the Children of God in this Life, is as darknesse passing, and true light now shining.
verse 9, 10, 11
Doct. He that hateth his brother, whether he professe the light or no, he is in darknesse, and ever was in darknesse, and knows not where he is, nor whither he goes.
Doct. He that loves his Brother, walks constantly, and inoffensively in the state of Grace.
verse 12
Doct The Children of God, of what growth or strength soever they be in Christ, they must be as little Children, whither or
Doct. The Apostles of Christ, when they could not be present with the Chil∣dren of God, they were willing to advertise them by writing of things behoveful.
Doct. All the children of God have their sins forgiven them.
Doct. God forgives the iniquity of his Saints for his name sake, Isa. 43.25.
verse 13
Doct. God hath his children among all sorts of Ages of men, some of them are aged, some young, some Babes in Nature, and in Grace.
Doct. That Ministers of Jesus Christ, are to apply themselves and their Doctrine to several sorts and ages of men that they have to deale with.
Doct. It is the duty of all sorts, and ages of Christians, to be conversant in reading of the Scripture.
Doct. It is the duty of all Christians, yea even of Ministers, to carry them∣selves to old men as their Fathers.
Doct. It is the honour of aged men, of fathers, when they know him which was from the beginning.
verse 13
Doct. The chiefest of the glorious Creatures of God, may become the chiefest wicked one.
Doct. Satan, as he is an enemy to all mankind so especially to young men.
Doct. Satan may be overcome, and is often-times overcome, and disappoin∣ted of his hold, even by young men, against whom he had most ad∣vantage.
verse 13
Doct. Little Children, even Babes, may know God as their Father.
verse 14
Doct. The saving knowledge of him that is from the beginning, of the An∣cient of dayes, or of Jesus Christ, is able to wean even old men from the love of the world.
Doct. Spirituall strength in Young men, it is a grace highly acknowledged of Gods servants.
verse 14
Doct. Such Young-men as have their sins forgiven them, have the Word of God abiding in them.
Doct. Such young men, as have the Word of God abiding in them, are strong young men, they are connexed together.
Doct. Such young men as have the word of God abiding in them, they over∣come the wicked one, this is one reason of their victory, the abiding of the Word in them.
verse 15
Doct. The World is not to be beloved of young or old.
Doct. There is in our corrupt nature not only a love to the world, but also a love to our own lusts.
Doct. The Lusts of the world, young and old are to be weaned from.
Doct. It is not the having, but the love of the world, that keeps our hearts from the love of the Father.
verse 16
Doct. All the sinfull dispositions, and courses of the World, are of these three sorts, either the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eye, or the pride of life.
Doct. There is no lust in the world, can challenge or claime God for the Au∣thor or Fountaine of it.
Doct. That which is not of the Father, the love of young men, and old, is to be weaned from.
Doct. All the lusts in the World, are of the World.
Doct. What comes from the World, the Children of God are to be weaned from.
Doct. Old-men and Young-men are to be weaned from the lusts of the flesh.
Doct. Young and old are to be weaned from any lusts of the eye.
Doct. Pride of Life, Young and Old are to be weaned from.
verse 17
Doct. The World, and all the Lusts thereof are of a transitory and fading condition.
Doct. Such as doe the will of God, are not as the World and lusts of it, of a fading transitory condition, but they stand in a permanent abiding Estate.
Doct. The disproportion that is betwixt the World, and the lusts thereof, and the Children of God that doe his Will, ought to weane them all from the love of the World, and the lusts thereof.
verse 18, 19, 20
Doct. 1. The dayes under the New Testament are the last Times.
Doct. That the Church of God was fore-warned of Antichrists aforehand.
Doct. 3 In the days when St. John wrote this Epistle, many Antichrists were then come into the World.
Doct. In the coming of these many Antichrists, that which was told aforehand of the coming of Antichrist, is in some measure fulfilled.
Doct. Such is the condition of these last times, that they cannot be long with∣out an Antichrist.
verse 19
Doct. 1. There are some in the Church, which may depart from the Church.
Doct. 2 Such as depart from the Church, were never Members of the Church.
Doct. Such as are true Members of the Church, do keep continual fellowship with the Church, and do never depart from the Church.
Doct. It is a note of seducers, or Antichristian Teachers, to depart from the fellowship of the Church.
Doct. 5. It is the holy end that God aims at, in giving up seducing corrupt spirits to Apostacy from the Church, that he might discover them that they were Hypocrites whilst they lived in the Church.
verse 20
Doct. There is not the least of the Children of God, but they are partakers of an Oyntment of Christ, you little Children have it, Vers. 27.
verse 20
Doct. The little Children of God, by vertue of the oyntment of the spirit of Grace, they know all things.
verse 21
Doct. The Apostles writings were rather directed to such as know the truth, then such as know not the truth. Or thus, It is not the igno∣rance of the truth, but rather the knowledge of it, that occasioned the Apostles writings.
Doct. 2. Such as have received from Christ the anoyntment of the Spirit, they know the truth.
verse 21
Doct. Every Antichristian Doctrin is a Lye.
Doct. No lye, that is, no hereticall Antichristian Doctrin, is of the truth▪
Doct. Such as have received the unction of the Spirit, they know no Errour, no false Doctrin is of the truth.
verse 22
Doct. Antichrists Teachers are as gross Lyers as who are the worst.
Doct. 2 Antichrist denyeth Jesus to be the Christ, or, he that denyeth Jesus to be the Christ, is Antichrist.
Doct. 3. Antichristian teachers deny the Father, and the Son.
verse 23
Doct. According to our acknowledgment, or Confession; or Denial of the Son, we either have, or have not the Father.
verse 24, 25
Doct. Perseverance in the Doctrin of the Apostles, is a certain pledge of per∣severance in grace, and attaining of glory.
Doct. Primary Antiquity is a certain note of divine and Apostolique verity.
verse 25
Doct. Eternall life is given by promise.
verse 26
Doct. There is good use to be made of the Scripture against false Teachers, even of those that want not the unction of the Spirit.
Doct. 2 The Children of God are to look at false Teachers as Deceivers, 2 Joh. 7. 2 Cor. 11.13. Rom. 16.17, 18.
Doct. 3. Sometimes in reproving and confuting of false Teachers, it is seasonable to conceal their names.
Doct. 4. The desire and indeavour to deceive, is deceit.
verse 27
Doct. EVery Child of God, even the least and the meanest have received the Ʋnction of the Spirit, of this we heard, vers. 20.
Doct. The Children of God receive this Ʋnction of the Spirit from God, from the Father, and from Christ.
Doct. 2. The Spirit which the Children of God have received of him, dwells in them for ever.
Doct. 3 The annoynting of the Spirit, teacheth us all things, of which you heard, verse 20.
Doct. 4. The anonytment of the Spirit is so plentifull and sufficient, that we need not be taught better things, nor in a better manner, than the Spirit teacheth.
Doct. 5. The Spirit of God in the hearts of his servants is not a spirit of de∣lusion, but of truth.
Doct. 6. The anoyntment of Gods Spirit teacheth us our perseverance in Christ, i. e. doth assure us that we shall abide in him.
verse 28
Doct. 1. The promise of perseverance in the state of Grace, doth not open a gap to carnal liberty, but rather gives us cause of encouragement to abide in Christ.
Doct. 2. It is the duty of all Christians to abide in Christ, John 15.5.
Doct. 3. Such as doe abide in Christ, doe with boldnesse expect, and without shame receive him at his coming.
verse 29
Doct. 1. Jesus Christ is Righteous.
Doct. 2. Such as work righteousnesse are born of Christ.
Doct. 3. Such as know that Christ is righteous, they doe know that every one that doth righteousnesse is born of God, a Child of God.
chapter 3
verse 1
verse 2
Doct. That the Sons ef God ought to be the men of our love and delight, 3 Epist. Joh. 1.2, 5. 1 Pet. 2.11. Phil. 4.1.
Doct. 2. That the ignorance that the world hath of Gods children, and our obscurity and weaknesse in the world, doth not hinder our present good estate in the world.
Doct. 3. That the future glorious estate of Gods children is for the present an hidden estate, Col. 3.3, 4.
Doct. 4. That when Christ shall appear in glory, then shall our glorious estate appear with him, Col 3.4.
Doct. 5. We know we shall know him, because we shall see him, and this seeing of him shall make us like him.
Doct. 6. That the beholding and seeing of Christ face to face, shall fashi∣on us to be like him, for we shall see him as he is, 1 Cor. 13.12. Heb. 11.27.
Doct. 7. Gods children doe know thus much, that when Christ shall appear, they shall be like him, and that they shall be made like him by see∣ing him as he is, Psal. 17.15.
verse 3
Doct. 1. That every childe of God hath hope in Christ, to be made like him at his appearing.
Doct. 2: That every Christian man that doth hope to be like Christ in glory hereafter, doth purge himselfe, to be like Christ in grace here▪
Doct. 3. The purity of Christ is the pattern of every Christians purity. Or thus: Every hopefull Christian makes Christs purity the pattern of his, 1 Cor. 11.1. Heb. 12.12. Be ye followers of me, as I am of Christ.
verse 4
Doct. It is and ought to be a sufficient motive to every hopeful christian, to abstain from sin, because it is the transgression of the Law, Numb. 14.41. Why will ye goe up? why will ye transgresse the Law?
verse 5
Doct. That the end of Christ coming into the world, was to take away our sins.
Doct. That Christ is spotlesse and pure from sin, Luk. 23.22, 41.
Doct. The spotlesse innocency of Christ, is and ought to be an effectual motive to every hopefull Christian, to purge himselfe as Christ is pure, 1 Pet. 1.16. Mat. 5. ult.
verse 6
Doct. Every hopefull Christian that hath constant fellowship with Christ doth constantly avoyd sin.
Doct. That the exemplary walking of the children of God, ought to be an effe∣ctuall motive to every Christian not to walke in the wayes of sin, but to purge themselves, 1 Cor. 11.16.
Doct. Whosoever sins had never any clear sound knowledg of the Lord Christ. hath not seen him.
verse 7
Doct. It is the duty of all sorts of good people, to take heed they be not decei∣ved in judging who be righteous men.
verse 8
Doct. The devill keeps a constant and continuall course of sinning from the beginning to this day.
Doct. The end of Christs coming into the world, was to dissolve and loose the works of Satan.
verse 9
Doct. The seed of God in the hearts of Gods children, preserves them not onely from sin, but from possibility to sin.
verse 10
Doct. The children of God, and the children of the Devill, are not so alike one to another, but that there may be found a manifest difference betwixt them, even in this world, Gal. 5.10. Mat. 7.20.
Doct. Not onely commission of sin, but negligence of a Christian course of life, is a manifest signe, not of a child of God, but a child of the Devil.
Doct. Not onely the hatred of our Brother, but the want of love to our Bre∣thren is a signe (not of a childe of God, but) of the devill, John 13.35. 1 Kings 18.17, 18:
verse 11
Doct. That when we read or hear the Word of God, we should look at it as a message sent from God.
Doct. The love of another, is an ancient message that God hath sent us and hath continued to send us, from the beginning.
verse 12
Doct. The example of any not loving his Brother, should be an effectuall motive to us, to love every Brother.
verse 13
Doct. The world is given to hate Gods children.
Doct: Gods people are wont to marvell at this.
Doct: Gods children are not to marvell at the worlds hatred, 1 Thess. 3.3.
verse 14
Doct. Gods people have passed from death to life.
Doct. The love of our Brethren is a known and undoubted evidence that we are passed from death to life.
Doct. The want of love to any of our Brethren, is a sign of abidance in the state of damnation, or in an unregenerate and carnall estate.
verse 15
Doct. He that hates his Brother is a Murtherer.
Doct. That it is a known truth amongst Gods children, every murtherer is de∣voyd of eternall life, Rev. 21.8.
verse 16
Doct. The death of Christ for us, is the manifestation of his love to us.
Doct. Christian men ought to be ready to lay downe their lives for their Brethren.
verse 17
verse 18, 19
Doct. That the love of christians one to another, ought not to be verball, or in world onely, but in deed, and in truth. Not in tongue, but in the truth of inward affection and deed, and performance, Psal. 16 2, 3.
Doct The sincerity of our love to our Brethren, is the security of our con∣sciences and estates before God.
verse 20, 21
Doct. According to the verdict or testimony of our consciences, God will save us, or condemn us at the last day.
Doct. God is better acquainted with our hearts and wayes then our selves, Psal. 19.12.
verse 21
Doct. SƲch as have peace with their own consciences, have boldnesse with God.
verse 22
Doct. According to our hearing of Gods commandements, so he hears our prayers.
Doct. That such as keep Gods commandements, they keep a good conscience, and Gods favour together: They have peace at home and in heaven.
verse 23
Doct. That in stead of loving God with all our hearts, the great and first com∣mandement now is, that we believe in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Doct. 2. The second great commandement is that we love one another.
Doct. The rule of our love one to another, is not now as we love our selves, but as Christ hath loved us.
Doct. There is not a more effectual means to the obtaining our petitions, then by growing up in practice of these two commandements, in believing on the Name of Christ, and love to our Brethren.
verse 24
Doct. That an obedient Christian keeps mutual, entire, and constant fel∣lowship with Christ.
Doct. That the Spirit of God bestowed on us, is an evident signe of Jesus Christ dwelling in u.
chapter 4
verse 1
Doct. That every Minister is carryed away with one spirit or other; or else why doth St. John exhort them to try the spirits?
Doct. That the people of God are first try the spirits of thr Ministers, before they trust them; they must first try the
Doct. That many false Prophets even in the dayes of St. John the Apostle, were gone out into the world.
verse 2
Doct. That the people of God may well the spirit of their Ministers, by the confession which their spirits make of Christ come in the flesh.
verse 3
Doct. THat the spirit of every Prophet, that holds not out the migh∣ty power of Christ veiled with humane frailties and infirmi∣ties, is not of God but of Antichrist.
Doct. That the spirit of Antichrist was come into the world in St. Johns time, and as in St. Johns time, so in St. Pauls time also:
verse 4
Doct. That there is in the Church of God two sorts of teachers, and two sorts of hearers, some of God, some of the world.
Doct. That godly hearers and worldly teachers have a conflict, Jude v. 3.
Doct. As there is a conflict between godly hearers, and worldly teachers, so godly hearers doe overcome.
verse 5, 6
Doct. THat according to the several descents of Ministers, such are their severall doctrines and severall hearers.
verse 7, 8
Doct. That it is the part of godly Ministers, to exhort themselves and their godly hearers to mutual love, both the people to love their Ministers, and the Ministers their people.
Doct. That the springing of our love from God, should move Ministers and people to mutual love.
Doct. That the love to our brethren, is a pledge of our birth-right, John 13.34.
verse 8
Doct. THat according to our love, or want of love to our brethren, such is our knowledge, or want of knowledge of God.
verse 9
Doct. That God doth not only bestow love upon his people, but it is his good pleasure to manifest it, Rom. 5.8, Psal. 98.2, 3. Isa. 52.10.
Doct. That God bare love to us before he sent his Son to reconcile us to him∣self.
Doct. God sending his only begotten Son into the world, is a manifest token of Gods love to us.
Doct. That our life was the end why God sent Christ: Or thus; God there∣fore sent Christ, that we might live by him▪ Joh. 1.10, 11.
verse 10
Doct. THe love of God to us, was not procured by our love to him, but his own good pleasure; he therefore loved us, because it pleased him.
Doct. That the sending of Christ for our sakes was, a fruit not only of his love, but of his free love, Rom. 5.8, 4.
Doct. That Christ to be a for s.
verse 11
Doct. Such love of God to us, is a president and pattern of like love in us to our Brethren.
verse 12
Doct. That our fellowship with God and Christ, it is not outward and visi∣ble, but inward, and consists in love.
Doct. Where love dwels, God dwels, for God is love, Vers. 16.
Doct. That such as love in brotherly love, the love of God is perfect in such, vers. 16, 17.
verse 13
Doct. That such as love one another, to them God hath given of his Spirit.
Doct. That such to whom God hath given of his Spirit of love, they main∣tain mutual, entire, and constant fellowship with God, and they know it.
verse 14
Doct. THat such as love one another, they have seen, and do beare wit∣nesse of the Father sending his Son to be a Saviour of the world, John 13.4.5.
verse 15
Doct. The confession that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, is a true note or pledge of our mutual, entire, and constant fellowship with God.
verse 16
Doct. That loving Christians doe discern the love that God hath to them, as well by knowledge as by faith.
verse 16
Doct. ., entire and constant
verse 17
Doct. Those in whom is found perfect love to God and their brethren, they may have boldnesse in the day of judgement.
verse 17
Doct. Such this world at God himselfe.
Doct. They that are in this world, us God himslfe is, they may have boldnesse to the day of judgement, Mat. 18.33. to the end.
verse 18
Doct. A fearfull conscience lies in torment.
Doct. 3. True hearted love to God, casteth out all feare of evill from the hand of God.
verse 18
Doct. 4. An heart possest with the love of God, is dispossest of feare of evill from God.
verse 19
Doct. 1. The love of God to us is altogether free, un-prevented and un-de∣served on our part.
Doct. 2. The preventing love of God to us, is the effectual cause of our love to God.
verse 20, 21
Doct. 1. That the hatred of a Christian brother, is an undoubted sign of hypocrisie of the profession of our love to God.
Doct. 2. The sight of our brother is a stronger inducement to the love of him then any that hates his rother, can have to the love of God.
Doct. 3. True and sincere profession of christian Religion, doth as duely yeeld obedience to one commandement as to another.
verse 21
Doct. 1. The same commandement that requires love to God, requires love to our brethren also.
chapter 5
verse 1
Doct. 1. Faith in Christ Jesus is a certain and universall worke of Regene∣ration.
verse 1
Doct. EVery Christian that is affected with the love of God as a father, is inlarged also with love to his brethren, as those that are be∣gotten of him.
verse 2
Doct. It is a behovefull point to a Christian s comfort, not onely to love Gods children, but to know that he loves.
verse 3
Doct. The keeping of Gods commandements, and the easinesse of that yoke, is an undoubted signe of our unfained love to God; that is, If we be willing to bear the yoke of Christ, and account it easie, that evidently argues that the love of God in our hearts is sincere.
verse 4, 5
Doct. 1. Every regenerate Christian, is a victorious Christian, a conquerour of the world.
Doct. 2. It's the faith of a Christian that helps him to overcome the world.
Doct. 3. To them that have overcome the world, the yoke of Gods commande∣ments is easie.
verse 5
Doct. THe faith that overcomes the world, is faith in the divinity and Sonship of Christ.
verse 6
Doct. That Jesus Christ came to execute his office by the water of sancti∣fication, and by the blood of redemption.
verse 6
Doct. The Spirit of God breathing in the Scripture, and in the conscience of Gods people, bears witnesse to our souls, that Jesus Christ came to save us, by the water of Sanctification and the bloud of Redemption.
verse 6
Doct. The Spirit of God bearing witnesse the Scripture, and in the hearts f Gods people, is a Spirit of ruth John 14.16, 17.
verse 7
Doct. That there are three Persons, yet but one God, that doe bear witnesse to the divinity of Christ, and of the plenteous salvation wrought by him.
verse 8
Doct. The Spirit, the Water, and the Bloud, are three principal witnesses on earth, that bear witnesse to the Sonship of Christ.
Doct. These three witnesses, the Spirit, the Water, and the bloud are in one.
verse 9, 10
Doct. The three witnesses in heaven, and the three witnesses on earth, are all of them divine and inward testimonies in the hearts of believers, and therefore far more to be credited, then the witnesse of all men in the world.
verse 10, 11, 12
Doct. True faith that believeth God believeth also on the Son of God.
verse 11
Doct. Eternal life is the gift of God.
verse 11
Doct. THe Eternall life that God hath given us, is laid up for us in Jesus Christ, John 11.25, 26. Col. 3.3. John 14.6.
verse 12
Doct. Ʋpon our having or not having of Christ, depends our having or not having life.
verse 13
Doct. 1. This Epistle of John was written and delivered to believers only.
Doct. 2. Such as doe believe on the Name of Jesus Christ, by reading the Epistles of John, may come to know they have eternal life.
Doct. 3. It's one of the holy ends, and scope of the holy Scripture, that believers might belive.
verse 14, 15
Doct. A prayer that is made well, never speeds ill. Or thus,
Doct. Such as do believe on the name of Christ for salvation, may come to have confidence and knowledge of the hearing and having all their petitions.
verse 16
Doct. A beleeving Christian is not to hide his eyes from beholding and obser∣ving the sins of his Brethren.
Doct. 2. Ʋpon the sight of our Brothers sins a faithfull man is to pray for him.
Doct. 3. A faithfull Christian praying for his Brother faln into any sin, shall obtain life and peace for him.
verse 16
Doct. There is a sin that not onely in it selfe is deadly, but that irrerably procures everlasting death, Mat. 12.31, 32. Mark 3.22.
verse 16
Doct. The sin unto death, or the sin against the holy Ghost, we have no war∣rant to pray for it.
THE TABLE. The First Figure notes the Chapter, the second Figure notes the Verse.
part G