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Author: Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668.
Title: The books and divers epistles of the faithful servant of the Lord Josiah Coale collected and published, as it was desired by him the day of his departure out of this life.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The books and divers epistles of the faithful servant of the Lord Josiah Coale collected and published, as it was desired by him the day of his departure out of this life.
Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668., Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668., Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668., Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668., Parker, Alexander, 1628-1689., Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723., Penn, William, 1644-1718.

[London: s.n.], 1671.
Place of publication from Wing.
"A collection of the several books ... of ... Josiah Coale," has special t.p. with date 1671.
"The whore unvailed" has special t.p. with date 1667.
Reproduction of original in Huntington Library.
Pages 29-32 are missing, p. 58-59 have print show-through, and p. 97 has faded print in filmed copy. Pages 20-101 photographed from Union Theological Seminary Library, New York copy and inserted at the end.
Subject terms:
Coale, Josiah, -- 1632?-1668.
Newman, John, -- 17th cent. -- Light within.
Reconciler of religions.
Society of Friends -- England.
Society of Friends -- Doctrines.

title page
Concerning our Dear Friend AND BROTHER (In the Holy-Ʋnion of Divine-Love) JOSIAH COALE, Thus it ariseth in my heart to write.
A TESTIMONY Concerning Josiah Coale.
A Short TETIMONY OF The Life, Death, and Ministry of that Faithfull Servant of the LORD Josiah Coale;
AN EPISTLE TO THE READER, As Concerning Josiah Coale.
A few Lines concerning Josiah Coale.
table of contents
To all Dear Friends OF TRUTH, Who are Sufferers at this day for their TESTIMONY to the TRUTH, And for the Cause of God (in the Prisons of London, Hartford, &c.) This is a Salutation of my Love and Life.
A Salutation of Love From the Spirit of Life, Unto all Friends of TRUTH: Who are in Exilement, or Sentenc'd to Exilement, for the Exercise of their Pure Consciences in the Service and Worship of God.
An Epistle to FRIENDS In Holland.
To all People in JAMAICA Unto whom the MESSAGE OF Eternal Life is sent; and amongst whom the Gospel is now preached.
An Epistle to FRIENDS IN New-England.
To the Flock of God, Gather'd out of the World in the Province of MARYLAND.
An EPISTLE TO THE Flock of God WHO Are called to bear Testimony for the Name of the Lord at this Day, through Suf∣ferings: Sent unto them for the building up of the Weak of the Flock in their Most Precious FAITH; and for the strengthen∣ing of them in their Persecuted and Suffering Estate.
An EPISTLE To Friends.
An EPISTLE To Friends.
To the Elect of God Every where, Called and Chosen in Christ Jesus before the World, and before Transgression was (in which the World lies:) The Salutation of Love, Mercy, and Peace, from God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ.
To the Called of God Every where, who are Witnesses of the Eternal Excellency of the SON of RIGHTEOUSNESS; Who is now appear'd in his Majesty and Glory, in this Day of the FATHER'S LOVE to the Children of Men.
title page
AN INVITATION OF LOVE TO THE HUNGRY & THIRSTY, Who truly hunger after the Food of Life; and a Call (to such) to come (from off the Barren Mountains, and from feeding upon vanity) in∣to the Everlasting Kingdom and House of my Father, where the least of his Servants have Bread enough: With some Information of the Way which leads thereunto.
A SALUTATION TO THE Suffering-Seed OF GOD Wherein the Things are Declared and Signified before-hand that must shortly come to pass.
To all the Babes in Christ, AND CHILDREN of LIGHT, Who are young in the Truth, and but of late convinced of it, A Tender Salutation and Exhortation.
To the KING AND Both Houses OF PARLIAMENT. (Who have made Laws and Decrees, and caused them to be put in Execution, to Restrain and Prohibit People from having the Liberty of their Consciences in the Exercise of the Worship of God) This is sent as a Warning from the LORD,
ENGLANDS SAD ESTATE LAMENTED; AND HER Abominations DISCOVERED: Which are the Cause of the present Visitation of God's Judgments upon her Inhabitants. In which also is declared, the True, Only, and Alone Way, by which the future Judgments threatned may be escaped. Wherein also the Rulers of the Nation may see their State, and perceive the Danger they are in.
title page
To the Reader.
The VVhore Unvail'd, &c.
These following Lines are sent to all Sectaries (in Christendom, who have been killing and destroy∣ing one another about Faith and Worship) but especially to the Church of ROME.
Here follows the Papists 14th Chapter concerning the Protestants, or Sectarian Ministers, published for them to Answer. That the Protestant, or Sectarian Minister or Preachers, are not True Preachers, or sent by God.
The Last Testimony OF That Faithful Servant of the Lord, and Minister of Jesus Christ, RICHARD FARNSWORTH. Whereunto is prefixed a brief Testimony concer∣ning his Life, Death, and Travels, &c. To which is added a few words of Exhortation unto those that believe in the Light of the Lamb. Published for the Consolation of the Houshold of Faith; and for the stopping of that Mouth which is open'd in Blasphemy against God, his Tabernacle, and them that dwell in Heaven.
A SONG Of the Judgments & Mercies OF THE LORD: Wherein the things, seen in Secret, are declared Openly. Being, A Brief Demonstration of the Secret Work of the Almighty in me his Servant: Given forth at the Movings of the Spirit of the Lord, and is to go abroad throughout the World, With a Hearty Salutation of Pure and Unfained Love, flowing from the Innocent Life, in a few words) to all the Souldiers, of the Lambs Army though out the Nations, and also to the Suffer∣ing Seed every where. With a few Words by way of Information unto such who may have desires in them to know the Way to the Kingdom of Peace and Righteousness, (which we 〈◊〉, and are Heirs of through Christ Jesus our Lord) which to the the Visitation of God.
To all who desire to know the Way to the Kingdom of Peace and Righteousness; this to you is the Visitation of God.
Concerning FAITH.
Concerning HOPE.
A VINDICATION Of the Light Within, Against the Darkness, Error, and Blasphemy of JOHN NEWMAN, in his Book, Entitul'd, The Light Within, &c. Concerning
Concerning Scriptures being a Perfect Rule for all Men, &c.
Concerning Christ being the Word of God.
Concerning Christ Within being the true Saviour.
Concerning the Spirit's Guidance.
What Josiah Coale spake, a little time before he died, to Friends that were about him.