Articles of peace & commerce between ... Charles II ... and the ... Lords the Bashaw, Dey, Aga, Divan, and governours of the ... kingdom of Tripoli concluded by Sir John Narbrough ... the first day of May, 1676.
England and Wales., Narbrough, John, Sir, 1640-1688., Tripoli (Libya). Treaties, etc. England and Wales, 1676 May 1.
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WHereas there were Articles of Peace and Commerce between the most Serene and Mighty Prince Charles the Second, by the Grace of God King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Christian Faith, &c. and the most Il∣lustrious Lords, Halil Bashaw, Ibraim Dey, Aga, Divan and Governours of the Noble City and Kingdoom of Tripoli in Barbary, lately made and Concluded by the said Lords on the one part, and by Sir John Narbrough Knight, Admiral of His said Se∣rene Majesties Fleet in the Mediterranean Seas on the other part, and by them Con∣firmed and Sealed in the presence of Almigh∣ty God, the Fifth day of March Old Stile, and the Year of our Lord, Josus Christ, 1675/6, being the last day of the Moon Zelhedga, and the Year of the Hegira, One thousad eighty six, 1086. Since which time of Confirming & Sealing the aforesaid Articles of Peace & Commerce, the aforesai Lord Ibraim Dey being fled away from his said Government of the City and Kingdom of Tripoli in Barbary;Page  20Now therefore we Halil Bashaw, Aga, Di∣van, Governours, Souldiers and People of the aforesaid City and Kingdom of Tripoli, have Chosen and Elected Vice-Admiral Mustapha Grande to be Dey of the said City and Kingdom of Tripoli in Barbary, to Suc∣ceed Ibraim Dey in the aforesaid Govern∣ment. And now We the said Halil Bashaw, Mustapha Dey, Aga, Divan, Governours, Souldiers and People of Tripoli aforesaid, having seen the aforesaid Articles of Peace and Commerce, which were lately made and Concluded as aforesaid, and having seriously perused, and fully considered all particulars therein mentioned, do fully ap∣prove of all and every of the aforesaid Ar∣ticle and Articles of Peace; And we and every one of us do now by these Presents consent and agree to and with Sir John Narbrough Knight aforesaid, for the Just and Exact keeping and performing all of the said Articles, and do Accept, Ap∣prove, Ratifie and Confirm all and every of them, in the same manner and form as they are inserted and repeated in the pre∣ceding Page  21Articles aforesaid; Hereby firm∣ly Engaging our Selves and Successors, as∣suring on Our Faith, sacredly to maintain, and strictly to observe, perform and keep inviolably all and every the aforesaid Arti∣cle and Articles of Peace and Agreement for ever: And to cause and require all Our Subjects and People, of what Degree or Quality whatsoever, within the City and Kingdom of Tripoli in Barbary, or Domini∣ons thereunto belonging, both by Sea and Land, punctually, inviolably, carefully and duely to observe, keep and perform all and every the aforesaid Article and Articles thereof for ever; And our Faith shall be our Faith, and our Word our Word; and whosoever shall at any time violate and break any part of the said Article or Articles of Peace, they shall assuredly be punished with greatest severity, and his or their Heads shall be immediately Cut off, and forthwith be presented unto any Officer whom the most Serene King of Great Bri∣tain, &c. shall authorise to make demand thereof.

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It is farther Agreed, That the Subjects belonging unto the Most Serene King of Great Britain, &c. Trading unto the Port of the City and Kingdom of Tripoli in Bar∣bary aforesaid, or unto any Port or Place of the Dominions thereunto belonging, in any Merchants Ship or other Vessel belonging unto the said Serene Kings Subjects, shall not Pay so much Custom by one per Cent. for whatsoever Goods or Merchandises they Sell or Buy, as other Nations do for the Custom of the like Goods or Merchan∣dise, notwithstanding whatsoever is speci∣fied in the Second Article aforesaid, to the contrary.

And that the most Serene King of Great Britain's Consul residing in Tripoli aforesaid, shall have liberty at all times when he pleaseth, to put up His said Se∣rene Majesties Flagg on the Flagg-staff on the Top of his House, and there to continue it spread as long time as he pleaseth. Likewise, the said Consul to have the same liberty of putting up and spreading the said Flagg in his Boat, when he passeth on the Water, and no Man Page  23whatsoever to oppose, molest, disturb or injure him therein either by Word or Deed.

These and all other preceding Articles are to remain firm for ever, without and Al∣teration; and in all other particulars not mentioned in any of these Articles, the Regulation shall be according to the Ca∣pitulations General with the Grand Seig∣nior.

Confirmed likewise and Sealed in the pre∣sence of Almighty God, at Our Castle in the Noble City and Kingdom of Tripoli in Barbary, the First day of May Old Stile, and the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ, One thousand six hun∣dred and seventy six, being the Six and twentieth day of the Moon Zaphire, and the Year of the Hegira, One thou∣sand eighty seven. 1087.

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