A review of Doctor Bramble, late Bishop of Londenderry, his Faire warning against the Scotes disciplin by R.B.G.
Baillie, Robert, 1599-1662.
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GOod Reader, the Authors absence from the Presse the whole time of the impression, and the Printers unacquain∣tance with the English language, has occasioned not onely many mispunctations and literall faults, but also diverse gros∣ser Errata such as the following which thou art intreated to mend with thy Pen:

PAg. 4. lin. 23. for had read hath. pag. 9. lin. 8. for Provincio∣nall read Provinciall. p. 11. l. 30 for whereby r. where. p. 15. l. 19. for pairt r. part. p. 20. l. 19, for can r. doth. l. 30. for pote∣stant r. Protestant. pag. 22. l. 19. for these r. the. p. 23. l. ult. for over r. or. for trusted r. trustee. p. 27. l. 4. for impatien, t r. impa∣tient. l. 18. dele, and. p. 28. in marg. for commissarie r. commis∣saries. l. 14. for and r. or. l. 29. for chardge r. charge. p. 31. l. 1. for chardges r. charges. l. 25. for citation r. irritation. p. 32. l. 10. for praecipies r. praecipices. p. 35. in tit. of chap. 7. for paritie r. part. p. 36. l. 2. for scandals r. scandal. p. 37. l. 2. for benefite r. benefice. p. 38. l. 10. for nation r. souldier. l. 11. for their souls r. his soule. p. 48. c. 8. l. 4. dele Ans. p. 49. l. 18. for Warner r. Doctor. p. 51. l. 13. for the r. his. p. 52. l. 16. for treasure r. Bishop. p. 55. in tit. of chap. 9. for their r. the. p. 56. l. 31. for Christ r. Christ his. l. 32. for point blank to r. point blanck. contrare to. p. 59. l. 1. dele and. l. 1. for unpoureth r. vapoureth l. 17. for where r. heere. p. 65. l. 5. for continues r. continue. l. 6. for are r. is. p. 66. l. 3. for to r. so. l. 9. for warned. r. warmed. p. 67. l. 16. for in. r. to. p. 68. l. 5. for or. r. which. l. 16. for last. r. nixt. p. 70. l. 18. for lest. r. best. l. ult. for null the Church and r. the verie being of. p. 71. l. 1. for Reformed r. Reformed Churches. p. 73. l. 23. for charge r. chaire. p. 74. l. 6. for service r. service book. l. 28. dele, and. p. 75. l. 16. dele, and to the gift. p. 76. l. ult. for haths. r. hath. p. 78. l. 24. for doszen r. dozen. p. 82. l. 5. for inprints. r. imprints. p. 84. l. 9. for complanit r. complaint. p. 85. l. 7. for aside ever r. aside for ever. l. 16. for sinshews r. sinews.