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Author: Bridgman, John, Sir.
Title: Reports of that grave and learned judge, Sir John Bridgman, knight, serjeant at law, sometime chief justice of Chester to which are added two exact tables, the one of the cases, and the other of the principal matters therein contained.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, MI ; Oxford (UK) :: Text Creation Partnership,
2014-11 (EEBO-TCP Phase 2).

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Print source: Reports of that grave and learned judge, Sir John Bridgman, knight, serjeant at law, sometime chief justice of Chester to which are added two exact tables, the one of the cases, and the other of the principal matters therein contained.
Bridgman, John, Sir., J. H., England and Wales. Court of Common Pleas.

London: Printed by Tho. Roycroft for H. Twyford, Tho. Dring, and Jo. Place ..., 1659.
Subject terms:
Law reports, digests, etc. -- England.

title page
Hill. 17 Jac. Rotulo 170. Petts against Browne.
De Termin. Trinitat. 18 Jacob. Rot. 1198. Dawtree against Dee, and others.
Davison against Culier. In the City of Norwich.
Moor against Sir George Reynel, Marshal of the Marshalsee.
Bassett against Jefiock and Johnson.
Trin. 19. Jac. Samborne against Harilo.
Trinit. 18 Jacob. Ponesley against Blackman.
Periman against Pierce and Margaret his Wife.
Edmund Meskin against John Hickford, Admini∣strator of Henry Machin.
The Case.
Garth against Ersfeild Knight in Cancellar. In a Scire facias to have Execution of a Recognizance of eight hundred pounds acknowledged in the Chancery by Sir Thomas Ersfeild the Father of the Defendant the third of May, 14. Jac.
The King against Sir John Byron Knight.
Crocker against Kelsey.
George, Bishop of Chichester, Plaintiff; John Free∣land Defendant, 1 Caroli. Rot. 607.
William Whitton Clerk, Plaintiff, Sir Richard Weston Defendant, in an Action of Debt.
The Case.
Saturday the sixth day of June, in the ninth year of the Reign of King Charles: Between Francis Town∣ley Esquire Plaintiff, Edward Sherborne, Execu∣tor of Richard Mountford deceased, Executor of Thomas Challoner deceased, Defendant.
Trinit. 13 Jacob. Allen against Wedgwood.
Michaelmas, 13 Jacob. Smalman, Plaintiff, against John Agborrow and Edmund Agborrow, De∣fendants.
Pasch. 11. Jacob. Between Thomas Palmer Knight, Plaintiff, Richard Greenwill, and Edward Green∣will, Executors of John Greenwill Defendants.
Hillar. 13. Jac. Norris Plaintiff, against Henry Baker and Elizabeth Baker Defendants.
Hillar. 13. Jacob. Edward Smith for the King and him∣self, against Stephen Bointon.
Michalm. 14. Jacob. Frosett against Walshe.
Trinit. 12 Jacob. John Gouge Plaintiff, Nicholas Hayward, and Jane his wife Defendants.
Hillar. 12. Iac. Iohn Harry and Lewis Howell, against Grace Harry.
Loyde against Bethell.
John Vandlore Plaintiff, Cornelius Dribble Defen∣dant, Trinit. 14 Jacob. Rot. 1062.
Hillar. 13 Jacob. Smith against Whitbrook.
Cooper against Smith.
Trinit. 14 Jacob. Weal against Wells.
Mills against Marshall.
Hilar. 13 Jac. Crawley against Marrow.
Penson against Mootham.
Holland and others against Jackson and others.
Hillar. 13 Jacob. Robinson against Matthew Francis Administrator of Alban Francis.
Hillar. 12 Jacob. Robinson against Greves.
Hillar. 13 Jacob. Webb against Herring.
Mich. 14 Jac. Mason against Manning.
Michaelm. 14 Jacob. Lightfoot against Lerret and others.
Pasch. 14 Jacob. Parker against Sanders.
Michaelm. 12 Jacob. Perryn against Audrey Barry.
Hillar. 13 Jacob. Mande against French.
Mich. 14 Jac. Ashfeild against Wrendford.
Hil. 14 Jac. Newsham against Carew Knight; In the Exchequer.
Michaelm. 14 Jacob. Standish against Short in the Exchequer.
Trinit. 15 Jacob. John Adams against Roger James Knight, and others.
Mich. 14 Jac. Webb and Jucks Case against Wor∣feild.
Trinit. 15 Jac. The King and William Allen against Theophilus Newton.
Trinit. 15 Jacob. Lee and his wife against Wood Knight, Defendant.
Trinit. 16 Jacob. Margaret Evans against Wilkins.
Trinit. 14 Jacob. The King and Richard Parker a∣gainst Sir John Webb and Katherin his wife.
John Mitton Administrator of George Mitton, of Goods not Administred by Alice Mitton, against John By.
Hillar. 13 Jacob. Southern against How.
Trinit. 15 Jacob. Lingen against Payn.
Michaelm. 15 Jacob. Agard against Wilde and others.
Thomas Muschamp Knight, and Margaret his wife, and Thomas Lock Esq; and Jane his wife a∣gainst Colan Bluet, Michael Sampson, Edward Jenny and Elizabeth his wife.
Trinit. 16 Jacob. Wood against Searl and Jeo.