Exercitations concerning the pure, and true, and the impure, and false religion. By Charles de Beauvais rector of the parish of Witheham, in the county of Sussex
Beauvais, Charles de.

Of all the Sophisters, Jesuites, Bellarmine, a Jesu∣ite, is the greatest, and most Ʋniversal; as appears by the Representation and Observation of his Faults.

1. REading the Controversies of Cardinal Bellarmine, concerning Religion, we find two kinds of Faults in them, Some are General, And the others are Particular.

2. These be some of his General Faults.

1. To make shew and parade of his Learning, he propounds, and moves Questions too curious, as also unprofitable.

2. He refutes the Antient Errors with too great prolixitie, and labour, which were not to be drawn out of Hell; wherein, in times past, truth had made them fall.

3. He unjustly reproves the Reformed Doctors, and slanders them, being beholding unto them for many matters that he hath taken from them; though he doth not vouchsafe to acknowledg it.

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4. When he loses all hope to be helped by holy Scriptures, he doth strengthen himself by the Authority of the Fathers, and of the Councils, and of Miracles.

5. Against all right, and reason, to maintain, and uphold his Capitolin god, which is the Pope, he alleadges unto us the Popes in their own Cause as Judges, or witnesses.

6. Also to prove his Assertions, he alleadges and produce that which hath been done by the Pope: Whereas it was to be known, in regard of Right, whether they ought to do such things.

7. To procure glory and fame unto himself, and being stirred by Ambition, he blames, and re∣bukes every kind of persons, even his own Do∣ctors; and moreover the holy Scriptures.

8. Having undertaken to uphold an Error, he hoth sink in the mud the more when he goes on.

4. Concerning the particular Faults of the said Cardinal, they appear in every point of con∣troversie, which he handles against the Reformed Churches. Which particular Faults are clearly discovered, and solidly refuted by the Doctors of the said Churches, who did undertake the An∣swer to the said Controversie.