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Author: Bate, George, 1608-1669.
Title: Pharmacopœia Bateana, or, Bate's dispensatory translated from the second edition of the Latin copy, published by Mr. James Shipton : containing his choice and select recipe's, their names, compositions, preparations, vertues, uses, and doses, as they are applicable to the whole practice of physick and chyrurgery : the Arcana Goddardiana, and their recipe's intersperst in their proper places, which are almost all wanting in the Latin copy : compleated with above five hundred chymical processes, and their explications at large, various observations thereon, and a rationale upon each process : to which are added in this English edition, Goddard's drops, Russel's pouder [sic], and the Emplastrum febrifugum, those so much fam'd in the world : as also several other preparations from the Collectanea chymica, and other good authors / by William Salmon ...
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Print source: Pharmacopœia Bateana, or, Bate's dispensatory translated from the second edition of the Latin copy, published by Mr. James Shipton : containing his choice and select recipe's, their names, compositions, preparations, vertues, uses, and doses, as they are applicable to the whole practice of physick and chyrurgery : the Arcana Goddardiana, and their recipe's intersperst in their proper places, which are almost all wanting in the Latin copy : compleated with above five hundred chymical processes, and their explications at large, various observations thereon, and a rationale upon each process : to which are added in this English edition, Goddard's drops, Russel's pouder [sic], and the Emplastrum febrifugum, those so much fam'd in the world : as also several other preparations from the Collectanea chymica, and other good authors / by William Salmon ...
Bate, George, 1608-1669., Shipton, James., Salmon, William, 1644-1713.

London: Printed for S. Smith and B. Walford ..., 1694.
Alternate titles: Pharmacopoeia Bateana. English
Translation of: Pharmacopoeia Bateana.
Errata: p. [21] at end.
Advertisement: p. [21] at end.
Reproduction of original in British Library.
Subject terms:
Medicine -- Formulae, receipts, prescriptions.
Pharmacy -- Early works to 1800.
Dispensatories -- Early works to 1800.
Pharmacopoeias -- Great Britain -- 17th century.

title page
TO THE Most Serene and Mighty MONARCH, WILLIAM III. King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland.
BOOKS Printed for S. Smith and B. Walford.
The Usual Chymical CHARACTERS.
The Usual Medicinal CHARACTERS
I. Aqua Aluminosa, Alumed Water.
II. Aqua Animalis, The A∣nimal Water of Horse∣dung.
III. Aqua Antiphthisica, A Water against Phthisicks.
IV. Aqua Antiscorbutica, The Water against the Scur∣vy.
V. Aqua Antiscorbutica altera, The other Antiscorbutick Water. Micklethw.
VI. Aqua Bechica, A Water against a Cough.
VII. Aqua Benedicta, The Bles∣sed Water.
VIII. Aqua Benedicta Compo∣sita, The Blessed Water Compound.
IX. Aqua Camphorata, Cam∣phorated Water.
X. Aqua Cariophyllorum, Wa∣ter of Clove-gillyflowers.
XI. * Aqua Cephalica, A Wa∣ter for the Head.
XII. * Aqua Cerasorum Compo∣sita, Water of Black Cher∣ries compound.
XIII. * Aqua Chalybeata, Steel∣ed Water.
XIV. * Aqua Chamaemeli Com∣posita, Camomil Water Compound.
XV. * Aqua Cinamomi Car∣diaca, Cordial Cinamon Water.
XVI. Aqua Cinamomi Hor∣deata, Cinamon Water with Barly.
XVII. Aqua Cordium Compo∣sita, Water of Hearts Com∣pound.
XVIII. Aqua Cosmetica, The Beautifying Water.
XIX. * Aqua Crinalis, A Water for the Hair.
XXI. Aqua Cynosbati Compo∣sita, Water of Hipps com∣pound.
XXII. Aqua Digitalis, Wa∣ter of Fox-Glove.
XXIII. Aqua Embryonum, A Water to preserve the Child in the Womb.
XXIV. * Aqua Epidemica, The Plague-Water.
XXV. * Aqua Febrifuga, The Febrifuge-Water.
XXVI. Aqua Formicarum, Water of Pismites.
XXVII. Aqua Fortis Duplex, Double Aqua Fortis, or Dissolvent of Silver.
XXVIII. Aqua Fortis Alu∣minata, Aqua Fortis made with Alum.
XXIX. Aqua Herpetica, A Water against Tettars, Ring-worms, Itches, Scabs, Herpes, &c.
XXX. * Aqua Hirundinum, Water of Swallows.
XXXI. * Aqua Hormini Com∣posita, Water of Clary com∣pound.
XXXII. * Aqua Hungarica, The Queen of Hungary's Water.
XXXIII. Aqua Lactis Alexi∣teria, Milk-water resisting Poyson.
XXXIV. * Aqua Lactis Car∣diaca, A Cordial Milk-water.
XXXV. * Aqua Lactis Nephri∣tica, Nephritick Milk-wa∣ter.
XXXVI. * Aqua Lactis Pe∣ctorali. A Pectoral Milk-water.
XXXVII. * Aqua Lactis Scor∣butica, Milk-water against the Scurvy.
XXXVIII. Aqua Lamii Com∣posita, Water of Dead Net∣tles Compound.
XXXIX. * Aqua Mellumi∣nata, Honeyed Water A∣lumed.
XL. Aqua Mercurialis, Wa∣ter of Mercury sublimate.
XLI. Aqua Odorifera, Sweet or Perfumed Water.
XLII. * Aqua Omnium Flo∣rum, All Flower-water.
XLIII. Aqua Ophthalmica, Eye-Water.
XLIV. * Aqua Ophthalmica Sapphirina, The Sapphi∣rine Eye-Water.
XLV. * Aqua Pectoralis, The Pectoral Water.
XLVI. * Aqua Persicariae composita, Arsmart Water compound.
XLVII. * Aqua Picarum com∣posita, Water of Magpies compound.
XLVIII. * Aqua Pneumonica, A Water expelling Wind.
XLIX. Aqua Prolifica, The Water making fruitful.
L. Aqua Regia, The Dissol∣vent of Gold.
LI. Aqua Salivalis, The Sa∣livating, or Spitting Wa∣ter.
LII. Aqua Sarsae Composita, Compound Water of Sar∣saparilla.
LIII. * Aqua Senelorum Com∣posita, Water of Haws Compound.
LIV. Aqua Siphylica, The Pocky Water, or Water against the French-Pox.
LV. Aqua Stimmios Sulphu∣rata, The Sulphurated Wa∣ter: or Gass of Antimony and Nitre.
LVI. Aqua Styptica, The Sty∣ptick Water.
LVII. Stypticum Regis, The Royal Styptick of King Charles II.
LVIII. * Aqua Tussilaginis Composita, Water of Colts∣foot compound.
LIX. * Aqua Venustatis, The Beautifying Water.
LX. Aqua Vermifuga, A Wa∣ter killing Worms.
LXI. Aqua Vulneraria; The Wound-water: Sir Ken. Digby.
LXII. Aqua Absinthii Com∣posita, Wormwood Water Compound.
LXIII. Aqua Alexiteria, The Water resisting Poy∣son.
LXIV. Aqua Chamaemeli com∣posita, Camomil Water com∣pound.
LXV. Aqua Cochleariae com∣posita, Scurvy-grass Water compound.
I. Spiritus Alkermes, Spirit of Alkermes.
II. Spiritus Aluminis, Spirit of Alum.
III. Spiritus Aluminis dulcis, Sweet Spirit of Alum.
IV. * Spiritus Ambrae, Spirit of Ambergrise.
V. * Spiritus Benzoini, Spirit of Benjamin.
VI. * Spiritus Camphorae, Spirit of Camphir.
VII. Spiritus Cardiacus ma∣gnus; seu Flos Cordialium, nec-non Cardiacum Mag∣num, The Great Cardiack Spirit, or Flower of Cor∣dials, &c.
VIII. * Spiritus Cerasorum ni∣grorum, Spirit of Black Cherries.
IX. * Spiritus Cochleariae, Spi∣rit of Scurvy-grass.
X. Spiritus Corallorum, Spirit of Coral.
XI. * Spiritus Cornu Cervi Suc∣cinatus, Spirit of Harts∣horn, with Amber
XII. * Spiritus Diatrion, vel Mixtura Simplex, The Spi∣rit of Three Things, Or, The Simple Mixture.
XIII. Spiritus Dracunculi, Spi∣rit of Herb-Dragon.
XIV. * Spiritus Embryonum, A Spirit to preserve a Child in the Womb.
XV. Spiritus Hormini Com∣positus, Spirit of Clary Com∣pound.
XVI. * Spiritus Hyssopi Ve∣rus, The true Spirit of Hys∣sop.
XVII. * Spiritus Juniperi ve∣rus, The true Spirit of Ju∣niper.
XVIII. Spiritus Mannae, Spi∣rit of Manna.
XIX. Spiritus Millepedum, Spirit of Sows, or Hog∣lice.
XX. * Spiritus Nitri, Spirit of Nitre.
XXI. Spiritus Nitri Bezoar∣ticus, Bezoartick Spirit of Nitre.
XXII. * Spiritus Nitri dulcis, Dulcified Spirit of Nitre.
XXIII. * Spiritus Rhoeados cra∣pularius, the Surfeit Spi∣rit of the Red, Wild, or Corn Poppy.
XXIV. Spiritus Salis Armo∣niaci, Spirit of Sal Armo∣niack.
XXV. Spiritus Salis Armoni∣aci Tartarisatus, Spirits of Sal Armoniack tartarized. Bate.] ℞ Salt of Tartar, Sal Arm. ana, mix and add a tripple quantity of Water, and distil, S. A. It has the Ver∣tues of the former.
XXVI. Spiritus Salis Armoni∣aci Succinatus, Spirit of Sal Ammoniack with Amber. Bate.] It is made by recti∣fying the volatile Spirit of Sal Page  69Ammoniack [whether made with Quick-lime, Salt of Tartar, or Pot-ashes] upon the fine Pouder of Amber, S. A.
XXVII. Spiritus Salis Armo∣niaci Chalybeatus, Spirit of Sal Armoniack steeled.
XXVIII. Spiritus Salis Coa∣gulatus, Spirit of Salt coa∣gulated.
XXIX. Spiritus Salis Mar∣tialis, Steeled Spirit of Salt Gem.
XXX. Spiritus Sambuci, Spi∣rit of Elder-berries.
XXXI. Spiritus Sanguinis, Spirit of Man's Blood.
XXXII. Spiritus Saturni, Spirit of Saturn.
XXXIII. Spiritus Spongia∣rum, Spirit of Sponges.
XXXIV. Spiritus Tabaccae, Spirit of Tobacco.
XXXV. Spiritus Theriacalis camphoratus, The Treacle Spirit camphorated.
XXXVI. Spiritus Veneris, Spirit of Venus, or Cop∣per.
XXXVII. Spiritus Vini Scu∣cinatus, Spirit of Wine with Amber.
XXXVIII. Spiritus Vini Tar∣tarisatus, Spirit of Wine tartarised.
XXXIX. Spiritus Viperarum, Spirit of Vipers.
XL. Ros Vitrioli, Dew of Vi∣triol.
XLI. Spiritus Vitrioli, Spirit of Vitriol.
XLII. * Spiritus Vitrioli Coa∣gulatus, Spirit of Vitriol coagulated.
XLIII. Spiritus Vitrioli Dia∣phoreticus, Spirit of Vitriol Diaphoretick.
XLIV. Spiritus Vitrioli Essen∣tificatus, seu Clissus Vitrioli, Essentificated Spirit, or Pow∣ers of Vitriol.
XLV. Spiritus Vitrioli Mar∣tis, Spirit of the Vitriol of Mars or Iron.
XLVI. Spiritus Vitrioli Phi∣losophicus, Philosophick Spi∣rit of Vitriol.
XLVII. Spiritus Vitrioli Tar∣tarisatus, Spirit of Vitriol tartariz'd.
XLVIII. † Spiritus Anisi, Spi∣rit of Aniseeds.
XLIX. † Spiritus Asae Foetidae, Spirit of stinking Assa.
L. † Spiritus Aurantiarum Corticum, Spirit of Orange-peels.
LI. † Spiritus Cinamomi, Spirit of Cinamon.
LII. † Spiritus Foeniculi dul∣cis, Spirit of sweet Fennel-seeds.
LIII. Spiritus Guajaci, Spi∣rit of Guajacum, or Pock∣wood.
LIV. † Spiritus Lavendulae florum, Spirit of Lavender-flowers.
LV. † Spiritus Limomum, Spi∣rit of Lemon-peels.
LVI. † Spiritus Menthae, Spirit of Mint.
LVII. † Spiritus Nucis Mos∣chatae, Spirit of Nutmegs.
LVIII. † Spiritus Opii, Spirit of Opium.
LIX. † Spiritus papaveris er∣ratici Simplex, Spirit of the Wild Poppy, or Corn Rose.
LX. † Spiritus Papaveris al∣bi, Spirit of White Pop∣pies.
LXI. † Spiritus Papaveris ni∣gris, Spirit of Black Pop∣pies.
LXII. † Spiritus Raphani Compositus, Spirit of Ra∣dishes compound.
LXIII. † Spiritus Rutae, Spi∣rit of Rue.
LXIV. † Spiritus de Sassafras, Spirit of Sassafras.
LXV. † Spiritus Succini, Spi∣rit of Amber.
CHAP. III. Of OYLS Distilled.
I. Oleum Aloëticum, Oyl of Aloes.
II. Olium Antimonii Saccha∣ratum, Oyl of Antimony Sugared.
III. Oleum Balsamicum, The Balsamick Oyl.
IV. Oleum Camphorae, Oyl of Camphire.
V. * Oleum Chartoe, Oyl of Paper.
VI. Oleum Heracleinum, Oyl of Hazel-wood.
VII. * Oleum Linteorum, Oyl of Linnen-cloth.
VIII. Oleum Ludi, Oyl of the Gravelly Substance sticking to the bottoms of Cham∣ber-pots.
IX. Oleum Lumbricorum, Oyl of Earth-worms.
X. Oleum Martis, Oyl of Mars, or Iron.
XI. Oleum Polypodii, Oyl of Polipody.
XII. Oleum Sacchari Simplex; Oyl of Sugar simple.
XIII. * Oleum Sacchari Com∣positum, Oyl of Sugar com∣pound.
XIV. * Oleum Saponis, Oyl of Soap.
XV. Oleum Tabaci, Oyl of Tobacco.
XVI. * Oleum Vitrioli ulce, Sweet Oyl of Vitriol.
CHAP. IV. Of BALSAMS Distilled.
I. * Balsamum Apoplecticum, Apoplectick Balsam.
II. * Balsamum Magistrale, The Magistral Balsam.
III. Balsamum Martiale, Bal∣sam of Mars.
IV. Balsamum Paralyticum, The Palsie Balsam.
V. Balsamum Saturnium, Balsam of Saturn.
VI. * Balsamum Succini, Bal∣sam of Amber.
VII. Balsamum Sulphuris Anti∣monii, Balsam of the Sul∣phur of Antimony.
VIII. * Balsamum Sulphuris Anisatum, Balsam of Sul∣phur Anisated.
IX. Balsamum Sulphuris Ben∣zoïnatum, Benjamin Bal∣sam of Sulphur.
X. Balsamum Sulphuris Knoe∣phelii, Knephely his Bal∣sam of Sulphur.
XI. * Balsamum Sulphuris Suc∣cinatum, Balsam of Sulphur with Amber.
XII. * Balsamum Sulphuris Terebinthinatum, Balsam of Sulphur Terebinthinated.
XIII. Balsamum Tartari, Bal∣sam of Tartar.
XIV. Balsamum Veneris, Bal∣sam of Venus.
I. Essentia Absinthii, Powers of Wormwood.
II. Essentia Cardui Benedicti, Powers of Carduus Bene∣dictus.
III. Essentia Hyssopi, Powers of Hyssop.
IV. Essentia Martis, Essence of Mars.
V. Essentia Pulegii, Powers of Pennyroyal.
ESSENCES added by the Translator, out of Collectanea Chymica.
VI. ‡ Essentia Regia, The Royal Powers.
VII. ‡ Essentia Metallica ad Vermes, Metallick Powers against Worms.
VIII ‡ Essentia Asthmatica, An Essence against the Asth∣ma.
IX. ‡ Essentia Antihysterica, Powers against Fits of the Mother.
X. ‡ Essentia Alexipharmi∣ca, & Bezoartica, The A∣lexipharmick, and Bezo∣artick Powers.
1. Elixir Camphoratum, The Camphorated Elixir.
II. Elixir Proprietatis Dulce, Sweet Elixir Proprietatis.
III. Elixir Proprietatis Pesti∣lentiale, Elixir of Property against the Plague.
IV. Elixir Proprietatis Tar∣tarisatum, Elixir of Pro∣perty Tartarisated.
V. Elixir Salutis, The Elixir of Health.
VI. Elixir Vitae, Elixir of Life.
VII. Elixir Vitrioli, Elixir of Vitriol.
VIII. Elixir Vitae Maetsia∣num, Mates his Elixir of Life.
IX. Elixir Anodynum Le Mo∣tianum, Le Mort's Elixir Anodyne.
X. Elixir Menstruale Le Mor∣tianum, Le Mort's Ure∣rine Elixir.
XI. Elixir Juniperinum Rol∣fincii, Elixir of Juniper.
I. * Tinctura Absinthii, Tin∣cture of Wormwood.
II. * Tinctura Amygdaloides, The Almond-like Tin∣cture.
III. * Tinctura Antimonii E∣metica, Vomiting Tincture of Antimony.
IV. Tinctura Antimonii Pur∣gans, Purging Tincture of Antimony.
V. Tinctura Armoniaci, Tin∣cture of Sal Armoni∣ack.
VI. Tinctura Asae fetida, Tin∣cture of stinking Assa.
VII. * Tinctura Asthmatica, A Tincture against the Asthma.
VIII. * Tinctura Aurea, The Golden Tincture.
IX. Tinctura Bezoartica, The Bezoartick Tincture.
X. * Tinctura Cardamomi, Tincture of Cardamoms.
XI. * Tinctura Carui, Tincture of Caraways.
XII. Tinctura Cathartica Ridg∣lei, The Purging Tincture of Dr. Ridgley.
XIII. * Tinctura Cerussae, Tin∣cture of Ceruse.
XIV. * Tinctura Chamaemeli, Tincture of Camomil.
XV. * Tinctura Cochleariae composite, Tincture of Scur∣vy-grass compound.
XVI. Tinctura Corallii, Tin∣cture of Coral.
XVII. * Tinctura Ferri, Tin∣cture of Iron.
XVIII. Tinctura Guajaci, Tin∣cture of Guajacum, or Pock∣wood.
XIX. Tinctura Galbaneti, Tin∣cture Galbanated.
XX. Tincturae Haematitae, Tincture of the Stone Hae∣matite.
XXI. * Tinctura Hierae, The Holy Tincture, commonly called Tinctura Sacra.
XXII. Tinctura Juniperi, Tincture of Juniper-Ber∣ries.
XXIII. Tinctura Lunae, Tin∣cture of Luna, or Silver.
XXIV. Tinctura Martis, Tin∣cture of Mars or Iron.
XXV, Tinctura Martis Au∣rea, The Golden coloured Tincture of Mars.
XXVI. Tinctura Martis Tar∣tarisata, Tartarised Tin∣cture of Mars.
XXVII. * Tinctura Melam∣podii, Tincture of Black Hellebor.
XXVIII. * Tinctura Melissae, Tincture of Bawm.
XXIX. * Tinctura Mellis, Tincture of Honey.
XXX. Tinctura a Myrrhae, Tin∣cture of Myrrh.
XXXI. Tinctura Oculorum Cancrorum, Tincture of Crabs Eyes.
XXXII. Tinctura Odontalgi∣ca, A Tincture for the Tooth-ache.
XXXIII. * Tinctura Para∣lytica, The Palsie Tin∣cture.
XXXIV. Tinctura Perlarum, Tincture of Pearls.
XXXV. * Tinctura Piperis, Tincture of Pepper.
XXXVI. Tinctura Proprie∣tatis, Tincture of Proper∣ty.
XXXVII. * Tinctura Ra∣barbari, Tincture of Rhu∣barb.
XXXVIII. *Tinctura Rosa∣rum, Tincture of Roses.
XXXIX. * Tinctura Sassa∣fras, Tincture of Sassa∣fras.
XL. Tinctura Saturni, Tin∣cture of Saturn or Lead.
XLI. * Tinctura Scorbutica, Tincture against the Scur∣vy.
XLII. * Tinctura Serpylli, Tincture of Wild Time, or Mother of Time.
XLIII. * Tinctura Stomachi∣ca, Stomach-Tincture.
XLIV. * Tinctura Succini, Tincture of Amber.
XLV. Tinctura Sulphuris, Tin∣cture of Sulphur.
XLVI. Tinctura Veneris, Tin∣cture of Venus.
XLVII. * Tinctura Virginia∣na, Tincture of Virginian Snake-root.
XLVIII. Mars Potabilis, Po∣table Mars.
XLIX. † Tinctura Absinthii, Tincture of Wormwood.
L. † Tinctura Amara Compo∣sita, The Bitter Tincture compound.
LI. † Tinctura Ambraegriseae, Tincture of Ambergrise.
LII. † Tinctura Ammoniaci, Tincture of Gum Ammo∣niacum.
LIII. † Tinctura Seminum An∣gelicae, i. Celestis, Tincture of Angelica-Seeds, or the Heavenly Tincture.
LIV. Tinctura Antiemetica, vel Menthae, Tincture a∣gainst Vomiting, or Tin∣cture of Mint.
LV. † Tinctura Antepileptica, i. Lavendulae florum, Ante∣pileptick Tincture, or Tin∣cture of Lavender Flo∣wers.
LVI. † Tinctura Anticolica, i. Baccarum Juniperi; the Anticolick Tincture, or Tincture of Juniper-Ber∣ries.
LVII. † Tinctura Antihy∣dropica, i. Jalapii; Tin∣cture against the Dropsie, or Tincture of Jalap.
LVIII. † Tinctura Antime∣lancholica, i. Ellebori utri∣usque: Tincture against Melancholly, or of both Hellebors.
LIX. † Tinctura Antiscor∣butica, i. Winterani; Tin∣cture against the Scurvy; or Tincture of Capt. Win∣ter's Cinnamon.
LX. † Tinctura Asae foetidae, Tincture of stinking Assa.
LXI. † Tinctura Balsami Capivii, Tincture of the natural Balsam of Co∣payba.
LXII. † Tinctura Balsami Tolutani, Tincture of the Balsam de Tolu.
LXIII. † Tinctura Benzoini, Tincture of Benjamin.
LXIV. † Tinctura Callefa∣ciens, i. Caryophylorum, Tin∣cture heating, or Tincture of Cloves.
LXV. † Tinctura calida major, i. Cardamomi, The greater hot Tincture, or Tincture of Cardamoms.
LXVI. † Tinctura Calida minor, i. Cubebarum; The lesser hot Tincture, or Tincture of Cubebs.
LXVII. † Tinctura Caran∣nae, Tincture of Gum Ca∣ranna.
LXVIII. † Tinctura Cardia∣ca, i. Croci, The Cordial Tincture, or Tincture of Saffron.
LXIX. † Tinctura Cardiaca restringens, i. Cinnamomi; The strengthening Cordial Tincture; or Tincture of Cinnamon.
LXX † Tinctura Castorei; Tincture of Castor.
LXXI. † Tinctura Cephali∣ca, i. Salviae; Tincture for the Head, or Tincture of Sage.
LXXII. † Tinctura Cepha∣lica Cordialis, i. Nucis Mo∣schatae; The Cephalick Cordial Tincture, or Tin∣cture of Nutmegs.
LXXIII. † Tinctura contra Iliacum, i. Chamaemeli flo∣rum; Tincture against the Iliack Passion, or of Camo∣mil Flowers.
LXXIV. † Tinctura Cor∣dialis, The Cordial Tin∣cture.
LXXV. † Tinctura Cordia∣lis antepidemica, i. Contra-yervae; A Cordial Plague-Tincture, or Tincture of Contra-yerva.
LXXVI. † Tinctura Corro∣borans, i. Limonum Corti∣cum; The Strengthening Tincture, or Tincture of Limon-peels.
LXXVII. † Tinctura Exo∣nerans, i. Scammonii; The Purging Tincture, or Tin∣cture of Scammony.
LXXVIII. † Tinctura Fe∣brifuga, i. Schaenanthi; Tincture against Feavers, or Tincture of Camels Hay.
LXXIX. † Tinctura Galba∣ni, Tincture of Galba∣num.
LXXX. † Tinctura Cam∣bogiae, Tincture of Cam∣boge.
LXXXI. † Trinctura Gua∣jaci, Tincture of the Wood Guajacum.
LXXXII. † Tinctura Hy∣pnotica, i. Opii; Tincture procuring Sleep, or Tin∣cture of Opium.
LXXXIII. † Tinctura Ma∣stiches, Tincture of Ma∣stick.
LXXXIV. † Tinctura Mo∣schi, Tincture of Musk.
LXXXV. † Tinctura Myr∣rhae, Tincture of Myrrh.
LXXXVI. † Tinctura Nu∣tritiva, i. Chinae; a nou∣rishing or restoring Tin∣cture, or Tincture of Chi∣na.
LXXXVII. † Tinctura Oli∣bani; Tincture of Oliba∣num.
LXXXVIII. † Tinctura O∣pii Composita; seu, Lau∣danum Liquidum, Tincture of Opium Compound.
LXXXIX. † Tinctura Pe∣ctoralis, i. Glycyrrhizae; a Pectoral Tincture, or Tin∣cture of Liquorice.
XC. † Tinctura Quartana∣ria, i. Peruviana; Tincture for Quartans, or Tincture of the Jesuite's Bark.
XCI. † Tinctura Rhabarba∣ri Absinthiata; Worm∣wood Tincture of Rhu∣barb.
XCII. † Tinctura Rubra, i. Papaveris erratici; The Red Tincture, or Tincture of Corn-Poppies.
XCIII. † Tinctura Rutae; Tincture of Rue.
XCIV. † Tinctura Salviae absinthiata; Wormwood-Tincture of Sage.
XCV. † Tinctura Senae ab∣sinthiata; Wormwood-Tincture of Sena.
XCVI. † Tinctura Stoma∣chica Cordialis, i. Aurantia∣rum Corticum; The Cor∣dial Stomach Tincture.
XCVII. † Tinctura Styracis, Tincture of Styrax.
XCVIII. † Tinctura Sudo∣rifica, i. Serpentariae Vir∣ginianae; The Sudorifick Tincture, or Tincture of Virginia Snakeroot.
XCIX. † Tinctura Sudorifi∣ca minor, i. Valerianae; The lesser Sweating Tin∣cture, or Tincture of Va∣lerian.
C. † Tinctura Taccamahac∣cae; Tincture of Tacca∣mahac.
CI. † Tinctura Terebinthinae è Chio; Tincture of Chio Turpentine.
CII. † Tinctura Thymi Ci∣trini; Tincture of Ci∣tron, or Limon-Time.
CIII. Laudanum liquidum Cydoniatum; Liquid Lau∣danum with Juice of Quin∣ces.
CIV. Laudanum Liquidum Tartarisatum; Liquid Lau∣danum tartariz'd.
I. Laudanum sine Opio; Landanum without Opi∣um.
II. * Extractum Absinthii; Extract of Wormwood.
III. Extractum Alhandal; Extract of Coloquintida.
IV. * Exeractum Antiscor∣buti••m: Extract against the Scurvy.
V. * Extractum Chalybis; Extract of Steel.
VI. * Extractum Diatessa∣ron; An Extract of the Species of Diatessaron.
VII. * Extractum Drasti∣cum; The active or wor∣king Extract.
VIII. * Extractum Ecphra∣cticum; The opening Ex∣tract.
IX. * Extractum Febrifu∣gum; The Ague Ex∣tract.
X. Extractum Fellis; Ex∣tract of Galls.
XI. * Extractum Ictericum; The Extract against the yellow Jaundice.
XII. Extractum Maltae com∣positum; Extract of Malt Compound.
XIII. * Extractum Melam∣podii; Extract of black Hellebor.
XIV. Extractum Paregor∣gicum; The Extract ea∣sing Pain.
XV. * Extractum Pecto∣rale; The Pectoral Ex∣tract.
XVI. * Extracticum Peti∣cum; Extract of To∣bacco.
XVII. * Extractum Sarfae; Extract of Sarsaparilla.
XVIII. † Extractum Ca∣tarrahale; An Extract a∣gainst Catarrhs.
XIX. † Extractum Hypno∣ticum, seu Laudanum; The sleeping Extract.
XX. † Extractum Leniti∣vum; The Lenitive Ex∣tract.
XXI. † Extractum Pan∣chymagogon; The univer∣sal purging Extract; or Extract purging all Hu∣mors.
XXII. Phosphorus; An Ex∣tract out of Urine.
1. Magist••ium Antimonii Diaph••etici; The Magi∣stery of Antimony Diapho∣retick.
II. * Magisterium Benzoïni; Magistery of Benjamin.
III. Magisterium Bismuthi; Magistery of Marcasite or Tin-Glass; or, Spanish White.
IV. * Magisterium Gittae; Magistery of Cambogia.
V. * Magisterium Jovis, Magistery of Jupiter or Tin.
VI. Magisterium Saturni; Magistery of Saturn or Lead.
VII. Magisterium Sulphuris, i. Lac Sulphuris; Magi∣stery or Milk of Sulphur.
VIII. Magisterium Tartari; Magistery of Tartar.
IX. Magisterium Turpethi; The Magistery of Turbith Mineral.
X. Alumen Dulce; Sugar of Alum.
XI. Alumen Febrifugum; A Febrifuge Alum, or Alu∣minous Fever-frighter.
XII. Arcanum Aluminis; The Arcanum of Alum.
XIII. * Arcanum Corallinum; The Coralline Secret.
XIV. Arcanum Corallinum Paracelsi; Paracelsus his Coralline Secret.
XV. Arcanum Cosmeticum; The beautifying Secret.
XVI. Arcanum Duplex, seu Sal Duplex; The Dupli∣cate Secret, or Salt.
XVII. Arcanum Joviale; The Jovial Arcanum, or Secret of Tin.
XVIII. Arcanum Scriptorium, A Secret for Writing, or The Sympathetical Ink.
XIX. Aurum Fulminans; Lightning or Thundering Gold.
XX. Aurum Vitae; Living or Vital Gold.
XXI. Aethiops Minerale; The Mineral Black.
XXII. Antifebrile Concha∣rum; The Antifebritick of Muscle-shells.
XXIII. * Antihecticum Po∣terij; The Antihectick of Poterius.
XXIV. * Antimonium Dia∣phoreticum; Diaphoretick or Sweating Antimony.
XXV. Antimonium Diapho∣reticum fixum; Fixed Sweating Antimony.
XXVI. Antimonium Medi∣camentosum; Medicinal Antimony.
XXVII. Antimonium Resu∣scitatum; Antimony revi∣ved.
XXVIII. Aurum Mosaicum; Mosaick Gold.
XXIX. Bezoar Animale; Animal. Bezoar.
XXX. * Bezoarticum Jo∣viale; The Bezoartick of Tin.
XXXI. Bezoarticum Lunare' The Lunar Bezoar, or Sil∣ver Bezoartick.
XXXII. Bezoarticum Mar∣tiale; The Martial Be∣zoartick.
XXXIII, * Bezoarticum Mi∣nerale; The Mineral Be∣zoar.
XXXIV. Bezoarticum Mer∣curiale; Mercurial Be∣zoar.
XXXV. Bezoarticum Satur∣ni; Saturnine Bezoar.
XXXVI. * Bezoarticum So∣lare; Solar or Golden Be∣zoar.
XXXVII. Bezarticum Ve∣neris; The Bezoar of Ve∣nus.
XXXVIII. Calx Lunae; Calx of Silver.
XXXIX. Calx Jovis, Calx of Tin.
XL. * Cerussa Antimonij; Ceruse of Antimony.
XLI. Cerussa Martis; The Ceruse of Mars or Iron.
XLII. Chalcanthum Rube∣factum; Rubified Vi∣triol.
XLIII. * Chalybs Sine Acido; Chalybs prepared without an Acid.
XLIV. * Chalybs Tartarisa∣tus; Steel tartarised.
XLV. Cinnabaris Antimonii, Cinnabar of Antimony.
XLVI. Coleothar Vitrioli; Caput Mortuum of Vi∣triol.
XLVII. Corpus sine Anima; A Body without a Soul.
XLVIII. Corvus Epilepticus; The Antepileptick Crow or Raven.
XLIX. Crocus Jovis; Saf∣fron of Tin, or Jovial Cro∣cus.
L. Crocus Veneris; Saf∣fron of Venus or Cop∣per.
LI. Diacreta; Pouder of Chalk Compound.
LII. Diatartarum; Pouder of Tartar Compound.
LIII. * Diatrachia; Pouder of Wind-pipes Compound.
LIV. * Elleborus albus prepa∣ratus; White Hellebor prepared.
LV. * Ens Veneris, The Ens or being of Venus.
LVI. Febrifugum Riverij, Riverius his Fever-fright∣er.
LVII. Flores Antimonii; Flowers of Antimony.
LVIII. Flores Antimonii Dia∣phoretici; Sweating Flow∣ers of Antimony.
LIX. Flores Benzoini, Flow∣ers of Benjamin.
LX. Flores Bismuthi, Flow∣ers of Bismuth, Marcasite, or Tin-Glass
LXI. Flores Joviales, Flow∣ers of Tin.
LXII. Flores Sulphuris albi, white Flowers of Sul∣phur.
LXIII. Flores Viridis aeris, Flowers of Verdigrise.
LXIV. Flores Zinci, Flow∣ers of Zinck, or Spelter, called also Tin-glass.
LXV. Gilla Theophrasti, the Vomiting Vitriol.
LXVI. Jupiter Diaphoreticus, Diaphoretick or Sweating Tin.
LXVII. Magnes Praeparatus, Loadstone prepared.
LXVIII. Mars Diaphoreti∣cus, Sweating Mars.
LXIX. Mars Fulminans, Thundering Mars.
LXX. Mercurij Purgatio, The Cleansing or Purifica∣tion of Mercury.
LXXI. Mercurius Sublima∣tus ruber & Flavus, Mer∣cury Sublimate red and yellow.
LXXII. Mercurius praecipi∣tatus albus, white Precipi∣tate.
LXXIII. Mercurius Precipi∣tatus correctus; Mercury precipitate corrected.
LXXIV. Mercurius praecipi∣tatus fixus; Precipitate fix'd.
LXXV. Mercurius Precipi∣tatus Flavus; i. e. Turpe∣thum Minerale; Yellow Precipitate.
LXXVI. Mercurius Praecipi∣tatus griseus; Grey Preci∣pitate.
LXXVII. Mercurius Praeci∣pitatus Incarnatus; Flesh∣colour'd Precipitate.
LXXVIII. Mercurius Praeci∣pitatus Laxativus; Laxa∣tive Precipitate.
LXXIX. Mercurius Praeci∣pitatus per se; Mercury precipitated by it self.
LXXX. Mercurius Praecipi∣tatus ruber; Red Precipi∣tate.
LXXXI. Mercurius praeci∣pitatus Solaris per se: Gol∣den Precipitate, or Preci∣pitate with Gold.
LXXXII. Mercurius Praeci∣pitatus Viridis, green Pre∣cipitate.
LXXXIII. Mercurius Vitae Correctus, Mercurius Vite corrected.
LXXXIV. Mercurius Vitae purgans, Mercurius Vite, Or Laxative Mineral.
LXXXV, Panacea Aurea; The Golden Panacea, or All-heal.
LXXXVI. Panacea Cathar∣tica, The Purging Pana∣cea, or All-heal.
LXXXVII. Panacea Hart∣manni, Hartman's Pana∣cea, or All-heal.
LXXXVIII. Regulus Jovia∣lis, Regulus of Tin.
LXXXIX. Regulus Lunaris, Regulus, or Metal of Sil∣ver.
XC. Cauterium Lunare▪ The Silver Caustick.
XCI. Regulus Martis, Metal or settling of Iron, i. e. Martial Mettal of Anti∣mony.
XCII. Regulus Solari, Solar Metal of Antimony.
XCIII. Regulus Veneris, Me∣tal or Settlings of Venus i. e. Venerial Metal of Antimony.
XCIV. Secundinae Preparatae, The Secundines or After∣birth prepared.
XCV. Sedativum Archaei, A Quieter of the Archaeus, or chief Vital and Animal Powers.
XCVI. Silices Preparati, Flints prepared.
XCVII. Sulphur Antimonii, Sulphur of Antimony.
XCVIII. Sulphur Antimonii Combustibile, The Com∣bustible Sulphur of Anti∣mony.
XCIX. Sulphur Auratum, The Golden Sulphur of Anti∣mony.
C. Sulphur Vitrioli, The Sul∣phur of Vitriol.
CI. Sulphur Vitrioli Mar∣tiale, Martial Sulphur of Vitriol.
CII. Sulphur Vitrioli Narco∣ticum, The Narcotick or Anodyn Sulphur of Vi∣triol.
CIII. Sulphur Auri, seu Au∣rum potabile; The Sulphur of Gold, or Potable Gold.
CIV. Terra Vitrioli dulcis, sweet Earth of Vitriol.
CV. Hepar Sulphuris, Liver of Sulphur.
CVI. Lac Aluminis, Milk of Alum.
CVII. Lac Benzoini, Milk of Benjamin.
CVIII. Lac Mercurij, Milk of Mercury.
CX. Lapis Medicamentosus, The Medicinal Stone.
CXI. Lapis Salutis, The Stone of Health, or Heal∣ing-stone.
CXII. Liquamen Silicum, Oil or Liquor of Flints.
CXIII. Liquamen Sulphuris, Liquor of Sulphur.
CXIV. Liquor Cephalalgicus, Liquor against the Head-Ach.
CXV. Liquor Limacum, Li∣quor of Snails.
CXVI. Oleum Talchi per De∣liquium, Oil of Talck by melting or dissolving.
CXVII. Oleum Viridis Aeris, Oil of Verdigrise.
CXVIII. Plumbum album, & Cerussa, White Lead, and Ceruse.
CXIX. Pilulae Vomitoriae, Vo∣miting Pills.
CXX. Sapo Tartareus, Tar∣tarean Soap, or Soap of Salt of Tartar.
I. Crystallum Minerale, Cry∣stal Mineral.
II. Flores Salis, Flowers of Salt.
III. Flores Salis Armoniaci, Flowers of Sal-Armoni∣ack.
IV. Flores Salis Armoniaci Martiati, Flowers of Sal-Armoniack martiated.
V. Flores Vitrioli; Flowers of Vitriol.
VI. Nitrum Antimoniatum, antimoniated Nitre.
VII. Nitrum Cachecticum, The Cachectick Nitre, or Salt against Cachexies.
VIII. Nitrum Catharticum, Cathartick or purging Ni∣tre.
IX. Nitrum Corallatum, Co∣rallated Nitre.
X. Nitrum Fixatum, Fixed Nitre.
XI. Nitrum Hermaphroditi∣cum, The Hermaphrodi∣tick, or Duplicated Nitre.
XII. Nitrum Joviatum, i. e. Jupiter Nitratus. Nitre with Tin, or Jupiter ni∣trated.
XIII. Nitrum Nitratum, Sal-Nitre impregnated with Spirit of Nitre.
XIV. Nitrum Perlatum, Ni∣tre pearled.
XV. Nitrum Saturnisatum, Nitre Saturnised, or with Lead.
XVI. Nitrum Sulphuratum, Sulphurated Nitre.
XVII. Nitrum Vitriolatum, Nitre vitriolated.
XVIII. Sal Absinthij Crystal∣linum, Crystallized Salt of Wormwood.
XIX. Sal Aceti Essentiale, Essential Salt of Vinegar.
XX. Sal Aceti fixum, The fixed Salt of Vinegar.
XXI. Sal Alcali, Sweet or Alcalious Salt.
XXII. Sal-Aluminis, Salt of Alum.
XXIII. Sal-Armoniacum fixa∣tum, Fixed Sal-Armoni∣ack.
XXIV. Sal Armoniacum Vo∣latile, i. e. Febrifugum Sa∣lis, Volatile Sal-Armoni∣ack, or Febrifuge of Salt.
XXV. Sal-Armoniacum Vo∣latile Oleosum; Volatile Oily Sal-Armoniack.
XXVI. Sal Chalybis, Salt of Steel.
XXVII. Sal Coralliorum, Salt of Coral.
XXVIII. Sal Margaritarum, Salt of Pearls.
XXIX. Sal Oculorum Can∣cri; Salt of Crabs Eyes.
XXX. Sal Corte Cervi Suc∣cinatum, Ambred Salt of Harts-horn.
XXXI. Sal Decripitatum, De∣cripitated or calcin'd Salt.
XXXII. Sal Diureticum, A Diuretick Salt▪ Or Sale pro∣voking Urine.
XXXIII. Sal Febrifugum, The febrifuge Salt, or Salt against Fevers.
XXXIV. Sal Jovis, Salt of Jupiter or Tin.
XXXV. Sal Lithargyrites, Salt of Litharge.
XXXVI. Sal Martis Ca∣tharticus, Purging Salt of Mars.
XXXVII. Sal Philosophorum, The Philosopher Salt, or Salt of the Wise.
XXXVIII. Sal Polychrestum, Salt of many Vertues.
XXXIX. Sal seu Saccharum Saturni; Salt or Sugar of Saturn.
XL. Sal Spongiae Volatile, Vo∣latile Salt of Sponges.
XLI. Sal Sulphnris, Salt of Sulphur or Brimstone.
XLII. Sal Tartari; Salt of Tartar.
XLIII. Sal Tartari Volatile, Volatile Salt of Tartar.
XLIV. Sal Viperarum Volatilis, Volatile Salt of Vipers.
XLV. Sal Ʋrine Volatile, Volatile Salt of Urine.
XLVI. Tartarum Antimo∣niatum, Tartar antimo∣niated, or Tartar prepared with Antimony,
XLVII. Tartarum Chalybia∣tum, Chalyblated Tar∣tar.
XLVIII. Tartarum Emei∣cum, Emetick, or Vomit∣ing Tartar.
XLIX. Tartarum Laxati∣vum, Laxative or Loosen∣ing Tartar.
L. Tartarum Vitriolatum Antimoniale, Antimonial Vitriolated Tartar.
LI. Tartarum Vitriolum E∣metico-purgans, A Vomit∣ing purging Vitriolated Tartar.
LII. Vitriolum Camphora∣tum, Camphorated Vi∣triol.
LIII. Vitriolum Lunae, Vi∣triol of Silver.
LIV. Vitriolum Martis, Vi∣triol of Mars or Iron.
LV. Sal Antimonij, Zwelferi, Salt of Antimony from Zwelfer.
LVI. Sal Vitrioli Compositum, Compound Salt of Vitriol.
I. Caudela Amygdalina, The Almond Caudle.
II. Caudela Nenupharina, The Water-Lilly Caudle.
III. Emulsio de Avellanis, E∣mulsion of Hasle-Nuts, or Filberts.
IV. Emulsio Cathartica, A Purging Emulsion.
V. Emulsio Expulsiva, An expulsive Emulsion.
VI. Emulsio Creatacea, Emul∣sion of white Chalk.
VII. Emulsio Dactylorum, E∣mulsion of Dates.
VIII. Emulsio Peoniata, E∣mulsion of Peony-seeds.
IX. Jusculum Galli, Cock-Broth.
X. Lac Ammoniaci, Milk of Gum Ammoniacum.
XI. Mixtura Anticolica, A Mixture against the Cho∣lick.
XII, Potio Alba, The white Potion.
XIII. Potio Febrifuga, A Po∣tion against Fevers.
XIV. Potio Hydropica, A Potion against the Drop∣sie.
XV. Potia Pleuritica, A Po∣tion against the Pleuri∣sie.
XVI. Ptisana Cathartica, A Cathartick or Purging Ptisan.
XVII. Serum Aluminatum. Whey made with Alum, or Alumed Whey.
XVIII. Serum Hepaticum, A Whey for the Li∣ver.
XIX. Serum Scorbuticum. A Whey against the Scurvy.
XX. Serum de Sedo, Whey of Housleek.
XXI. Serum Sinapinum, Mu∣stard-seed Whey.
I. Succi Scorbutici, Wine of the Antiscorbutick Juices.
II. Vinum Arthriticum, A Wine against the Gout.
III. Vinum Arthriticum pur∣gans, A Purging Gout-wine.
IV. Vinum Chalybeatum, Steel∣ed Wine.
V. Vinum Ephracticum, A Wine opening Obstructi∣ons.
VI. Vinum Hippocraticum; Artificial Wine, or Hippo∣cras.
VII. Vinum Hydropicum, A Wine against the Drop∣sie.
VIII. Vinum Scelotyrbicum, Wine against the Scurvy.
IX. Vinum Viperinum, Vi∣per Wine.
I. Acetum Mellis; Vinegar of Honey.
II. Acetum Pestilentiale, Vine∣gar against the Plague.
III. Oxysaccharum Emeti∣cum. A sugared Vomiting Vinegar.
IV. Acetum Terebinthinatum, vel Radicatum Crollij, Ra∣dicate Vinegar of Crol∣lius.
V. Acetum Radicatum Hart∣manni Harman's Radi∣cate Vinegar.
I. Rosa Solis, The Infusion of Ros Solis.
II. Infusio Aperiens, The o∣pening Infusion.
III. Infusio Arthritica, The Gout Infusion.
IV. Infusio Benedicta, The blessed Infusion.
V. Infusio Cachectica, An In∣fusion against the Cachexia, or evil Habit of Body.
VI. Infusio Icterica, An In∣fusion against the Yellow Jaundice.
VII. Infusio Ireata, Infusion of Flower-de-luce Roots.
VIII. Infusio Sancta, An In∣fusion of Guajacum.
IX. Cerevisia Butleri, Dr. But∣ler's Ale.
X. Cerevisia Catapsoras, Drink against Scabs, Itch, and Breakings out in the the Skin.
XI. Cerevisia Embryonum A drink to strengthen the Child in the Womb, and prevent Abortion.
XII. Cerevisia Hydropica. A Drink against the Drop∣sie.
XIII. Cerevisia Jovialis, Drink with Filings of Jupiter, or Tin.
XIV. Cerevisia Oxydorica, A Drink to quicken the Eye-sight.
XV. Cerevisia Scorbutica, A Drink against the Scur∣vy.
XVI. Cerevisia Scrophularia, A Drink against the King's Evil.
XVII. Cerevisia Vernalis, A Drink for the Spring time.
I. Apozema potenter Expecto∣rans; An Apozem or De∣coction compound power∣fully expectorating.
II. Decoctum album, The white Decoction.
III. Decoctum Amarum, The bitter Potion or Drink.
IV. Decoctum Amarum alte∣rans, The bitter Potion only alterative.
V. Decoctum Ambrosianum, The Syrup or Decoction of Ambrose.
VI. Decoctum Analepticum▪ The restorative Decocti∣on.
VII. Decoctum Antimoniale, An Antimonial Decocti∣on.
VIII. Decoctum Antiphthisi∣cum, Decoction against an Ulcer of the Lungs.
IX. Decoctum Astacorum, De∣coction of Crevises, or Craw-fish.
X. Decoctum Digitalis, De∣coction of Fox-glove.
XI. Decoctum Diureticum, Augenij, A Diuretick De∣coction.
XII. Decoctum Dysentericum, A Decoction against the Bloody-flux.
XIII. Decoctum Ictericum, A Decoction against the Yel∣low Jaundice.
XIV. Decoctum Limacum, Decoction of Snails.
XV. Decoctum ad morsum Canis rabidi, A Decoction a∣gainst the Biting of a Mad Dog.
XVI. Decoctum Pacificum, A Decoction easing Pain.
XVII. Decoctio Polychresta, A Decoction of many Ver∣tues.
XVIII. Decoctum Preservato∣rium, A preservative De∣coction.
XIX. Decoctum ad Rachti∣dem, A Decoction for the Rickets in Children.
XX. Decoctum Rubiae Tin∣ctorum, Decoction of Mad∣der.
XXI. Decoctum Rubicundum, The Red Decoction.
XXII. * Decoctum Reguli, A Decoction of the Metal of Antimony.
XXIII. * Decoctum Rhabar∣bari, Decoction of Rhu∣barb.
XXIV. * Decoctum Scorbuti∣cum, A Decoction against the Scurvy.
XXV. * Decoctum ad Sitim, A Decoction to quench Thirst.
XVI. Decoctum ad Strumas, A Decoction against the King's Evil.
XXVII. Decoctum Trauma∣ticum, A Wound Drink, or Drink for wounded People.
XXVIII. *Decoctum ad Tussim, A Decoction against a Cough.
XXIX. * Decoctum Ʋlmi, A Decoction of Elm-bark.
I. * Diatessaron Potabile, The Julep of four Things.
II. Julapium Antiscorbuticum, A Julep against the Scur∣vy.
III. Julapium Asthmaticum, A Julep against the Asth∣ma.
IV. * Julapium Cretaceum, The White or Chalky Julep.
V. * Julapium Fragorum. Julep of Straw-berries.
VI. * Julapium Hystericum Camphoratum, A Campho∣rated Julep against Fits of the Mother.
XVII. * Julapium Hystericum Farinaceum, The Meally Julep against Fits of the Mother.
VIII. * Julapium Hystericum Faetidum, The Faetide Ju∣lep against Fits of the Mother.
IX. * Julapium Hystericum Mi∣thridaticum, The Mithri∣date Julep against Fits of the Mother.
X. * Julapium Hystericum Mos∣chatum, The Musked Ju∣lep against Fits of the Mother.
XI. * Julapium Idaeum, Julep of Rasp-berries.
XII. * Julapium Perlatum, The Pearled Julep.
XIII. * Julapium Purpureum, The Purple Julep.
XIV. * Julapium ad Rachiti∣dem, A Julep against the Rickets.
XV. * Julapium Tartarisatum, A Tartarised Julep.
XVI. * Julapium Vitae, The Vital Julep, or Julep of Life.
XVII. Syrupus Allelujae, Sy∣rup of Wood-Sorrel.
XVIII. Syrupus Antiscorbuti∣cus, Syrup against the Scurvy.
XIX. * Syrupus Balsamicus, The Balsamick Syrup.
XX. * Syrupus Benedictus, The Blessed Syrup.
XXI. * Syrupus Cardiacus Au∣ratus, The Golden Cordial Syrup.
XXII. * Syrupus Chalybeatus, The Chalybeat or Steeled Syrup.
XXIII. * Syrupus Chalybeatus alius, Another Chalybeat∣ed or Steeled Syrup.
XXIV. * Syrupus Chalybeatus Corallatus, The Corallate Syrup of Steel.
XXV. * Syrupus de Croco, Sy∣rup of Saffron.
XXVI. Syrupus ad Fissuras, A Syrup against Clefts or Chaps of the Skin.
XXVII. Syrupus Haemoptoi∣cus, Syrup against Spitting of Blood.
XXVIII. * Syrupus Jovialis, Syrup made with Tin.
XXIX. * Syrupus Limacum, Syrup of Snails.
XXX. * Syrupus Lumbricorum, Syrup of Earth-worms.
XXXI. * Syrupus de Myrrha, Syrup of Myrrh.
XXXII. Syrupus Peponicus, Syrup of Pepons, Pompi∣ons, or Melons.
XXXIII. * Syrupus de Peto, Syrup of Tobacco.
XXXIV. * Syrupus de Rapis, Syrup of Turneps.
XXXV. Syrupus Sambucinus Compositus, Syrup of Elder Compound.
XXXVI. * Syrupus de Scam∣monio, Syrup of Scam∣mony.
XXXVII. Syrupus Syde∣reus, Syrup of Mars or Iron.
XXXVIII Syrupus de Sul∣phure, Syrup of Sulphur.
XXXIX. Syrupus Tolutanus Magistralis, A Magistral Syrup of Balsam of To∣lu.
XL. Syrupus Vermifugus, A Syrup to kill Worms.
XLI † Julapium aperiens mi∣nus Compositum, The o∣pening Julep, the less Com∣position.
XLII. † Julapium Aperiens magis Compositum, The o∣pening Julep the greater Composition.
XLIII. † Syrupus Antepidemi∣cus, A Syrup against Epi∣demical Diseases.
XLIV. † Syrupus Antihydro∣picus, i. e. Jalapii, Syrup against the Dropsie, or Syrup of Jallap.
XLV. † Syrupus Aurantiorum, Syrup of Oranges.
XLVI † Syrupus Benzoini, Sy∣rup of Benjamine.
XLVII. † Syruput Capivij, vel de Tolu, Syrup of the Balsam Copayba, or Bal∣sam of Tolu.
XLVIII. † Syrupus Contempe∣rans, i. e. Mastiches, Sy∣rup contemperating, or Syrup of Mastich.
XLIX. † Syrupus Exonerans, i. e. Scammonij, The pur∣ging Syrup, or Syrup of Scammony.
L. † Syrupus Faetidus, i.e. Asae Faetidae, The ill-scented Syrup, or Syrup of Asa fetida.
LI. † Syrupus Guajaci composi∣tus, Syrup of Guajacum compound.
LII. † Syrupus Hystericus, i.e. Galbani, The hysterick Sy∣rup, or Syrup of Galba∣num.
LIII. † Syrupus Hypnoticus Pe∣ctoralis, A sleeping Pecto∣ral Syrup.
LIV. † Syrupus Hypnoticus Bal∣samicus, A Balsamick sleep∣ing Syrup.
LV. † Syrupus Jovis, i. e. Ammoniaci, Syrup of Tin, or Syrup of Gum Ammo∣niacum.
LVI. † Syrupus Martis, Sy∣rup of Mars.
LVII. † Syrupus Odoratus mi∣nor, i. e. Benzoini & Sty∣racis, The lesser sweet∣scented Syrup, or Syrup of Benjamine and Storax.
LVIII. † Syrupus Pectoralis Balsamicus, The Balsamick Pectoral. Syrup.
LIX. † Syrupus Pectoralis sim∣plex, The simple Pectoral Syrup.
LX. † Syrupus Rosarum Da∣mascenarum, Syrup of Da∣mask Roses.
LXI. † Syrupus Rosarum ru∣brarum, Syrup of Red Roses.
LXII. † Syrupus Rosarum O∣doratus, Sweet or Per∣fumed Syrup of Roses.
LXIII. † Syrupus Sambuci florum, Syrup of Elder-flowers.
LXIV. † Syrupus Sapientum, i. e. Myrrhae, The Wise-Man's Syrup, or Syrup of Myrrh.
LXV. † Syrupus Terebinthinae compositus, Syrup of Tur∣pentine compound.
LXVI. † Syrupus ad Tussim, i. e. Olibani, Syrup against Coughs, or Syrup of Oli∣banum.
LXVII. † Syrupus Ʋterinus, i.e. Carannae, The Womb Sy∣rup, or Syrup of Gum Ca∣ranna.
I. * Clissus Portulacae, Quid∣donie of Purslane.
II. Clissus Argentinae, Quid∣dony of wild Tansie.
III. Clissus Betonicae, Quid∣dony of Betony.
IV. Clissus Farfarae, Quid∣dony of Colts-foot.
V. Clissus Hederae terrestris, Quiddony of Ale-hoof or Ground-Ivy.
VI. Clissus Prunellae, Quid∣dony of Self-heal.
VII. Clissus Agrimoniae, Quid∣dony of Agrimony.
VIII. * Gelatina Corun Cervi, Gelly of Harts-horn.
IX. * Gelatina Corroborans, The strengthning.
X. * Gelatina Ichthyocollae, Gelly of Ising-glass.
XI. * Miva Borraginis, Pulp of Borrage.
XII. * Miva Consolidae, Pulp of Comfrey.
XIII. * Miva Dialthaeae, Pulp of Marshmallow-roots.
XIV. * Miva Satyrij, Pulp of Satyrion.
XV. * Mucilago Nephritica, A Mucilage or Gelly for the Reins.
I. * Linctus Benedictus, The Blessed Lambative, or that made with Vinum Benedictum.
II. * Linctus Expectorans, The Expectorating Lambative, or Throat Medicine.
III. Linctus Haemoptoïcus, A Lambative against Spitting of Blood.
IV. * Linctus Synanchicus, A Lambative for the Quinsey.
V. * Lohoch Album, The white Lohoch.
VI. * Lohoch Domesticum, The Family Lohoch.
I. * Alkakengi Conditum, Preserved Winter Cher∣ries.
II. * Allium Conditum, Pre∣served Garlick.
III. * Conserva Aurantiorum, Conserve of Oranges.
IV. * Conserva Hepatica Co∣rallitana, The Coral like Hepatick Conserve.
V. Conserva Nicotianae, Con∣serve of Tobacco.
VI. * Juniperi Baccae Cande∣factae, Juniper-berry Com∣fits.
VII. * Passulae Laxativae, La∣xative or purging Raisons.
VIII. Pruna Laxativa, La∣xativ or purging Prunes.
I. * Cardiacum Coeleste, The heavenly Cordial or Car∣diack.
II. * Elaeosaccharum Cardia∣cum, The sugared Oily Cardiack.
III. * Elaeosaccharum Carmi∣nativum, The Sugared Oily Carminative, or Wind breaker.
IV. * Elaeosaccharum Foeni∣culi, The sugared Oil of Fennel.
V. * Elaeosaccharum Nucistae, The sugared Oil of Nut∣megs.
VI. * Elaeosaccharum Sassa∣fras, The sugared Oil of Sassafras.
VII. * Saccharum Ambara∣tum, Sugar with Ambar∣grise.
VIII. * Saccharum Caryophyl∣latum, Sugar cloved.
IX. * Saccharum Eboratum, Sugar with Ivory.
X. Saccharum Persicorum, Sugar of Peach-flowers.
XI. * Saccharum Sambuci∣num, Sugar of Elder-flowers.
XII. * Saccharum Tormen∣tillae, Sugar of Tormen∣til.
I. * Pulvis Aethiopicus, The black Pouder.
II. * Pulvis albus, The white Pouder.
III. * Pulvis Anticardialgicus, A Pouder against a Pain at Stomach, and swooning Fits.
IV. Pulvis Anticolicus, A Pou∣der against the Cholick.
V. Pulvis Antipyreticus, i. e. Tertianarius, A Pouder a∣gainst Feavers, chiefly Ter∣tians.
VI. Pulvis Arthriticus Tur∣neri, Turner's Gout Pou∣der.
VII. * Pulvis Asthmaticus, A Pouder against the Asth∣ma, or Difficulty of Breath∣ing.
VIII. * Pulvis Basilicus, The Royal Pouder.
IX. Pulvis ad Calculum, A Pouder against the Stone.
X. * Pulvis Cantianus, The Countess of Kent's Pou∣der.
XI. * Pulvis Cardiacus Co∣rallatus, The corallated Cordial Pouder.
XII. * Pulvis Cardiacus E∣boratus, The Ivory Cor∣dial Pouder.
XIII. * Pulvis Cardiacus Perlatus, The Pearled Cordial.
XIV. Pulvis Cardiacus Ru∣beus, The red Cordial Pouder.
XV. * Pulvis ad Casum, A Pouder against inward bruises by falls.
XVI. * Pulvis Cibarius, A Pouder for the Table.
XVII. * Pulvis Cinnabaris Compositus, Pouder of Cinnabar compound.
XVIII. * Pulvis Cornachini, The Warwick Pouder.
XIX. * Pulvis Coronatus, The much to be esteemed Pouder.
XX. * Pulvis Crinalis, The Hair Pouder.
XXI. * Pulvis Cucuphalis, The Pouder for a Cap, or Quilt for the Head.
XXII. Pulvis Epidemicus aureus, The Golden An∣tidote or Epidemick Pou∣der.
XXIII. * Pulvis Epilepticus, A Pouder against the Fal∣ling-sickness.
XXIV. * Pulvis Febrifugus certus; A sure Pouder a∣gainst Agues.
XXV. * Pulvis Griseus, The grey Pouder.
XXVI. * Pulvis Hemoptoicus, A Pouder against Spitting of Blood.
XXVII. Pulvis Hermodacty∣lorum compositus, Pouder of Hermodacts compound.
XXVIII. * Pulvis Hystericus, A Pouder against Fits of the Mother.
XXIV. * Pulvis Ictericus, A Pouder against the Yellow Jaundice.
XXX. * Pulvis Lateralis, A Pouder for a Pain in the Side.
XXXI. * Pulvis Liliaceus, The Lilly Pouder.
XXXII. Pulvis Martialis compositus, Pouder of Mars compound.
XXXIII. Pulvis Odoratus, The sweet Pouder.
XXXIV. * Pulvis Ophthal∣micus, The Eye Pou∣der.
XXXV. * Pulvis Oxytocius, The Birth Pouder.
XXXVI. * Pulvis Pannoni∣cus rubeus, The Red Hun∣garian Pouder.
XXXVII. * Pulvis Pectora∣lis, The Pectoral Pouder.
XXXIX. Pulvis Pleres-Ar∣chonticon, The great Resto∣rative Pouder.
XL. * Pulvis Pleuriticus, A Pouder against the Pleu∣risie.
XLIII. Pulvis sine Pari, A Pouder without Equal.
XLIV. * Pulvis Solearis, A Pouder for the Feet.
XLV. * Pulvis Sternutato∣rius, A Sneezing Pouder.
XLVL. * Pulvis Stomachicus, A Stomach Pouder.
XLVII. * Pulvis ad Strumas, A Pouder against the King's Evil.
XLVIII. Pulvis Sympatheti∣cus, The Sympathetick Pouder of Sir Kenelm Digby.
XLIX. * Pulvis Vermifugue, A Pouder killing Worms.
LI. * Ranarum Hepata, Li∣vers of Frogs.
LII. * Testes Equi preparati, Testicles of a Horse pre∣pared.
LIII. * Testes Apri preparati, Testicles of a Boar pre∣pared.
LIV. * Tragea Granorum Actes, Pouder of Elder-berries.
LV. Pulvis & Sulphur Anti∣monii, Pouder and Sul∣phur of Antimony, com∣monly called Russel's Pou∣der.
I. Catharticum Caesareum, The Royal Cathartick.
II. * Electuarium Album, The white Electuary.
III, * Electuarium Asthma∣ticum, An Electuary a∣gainst Difficulty of Breath∣ing.
IV. * Electuarium Caryophylla∣tum, Electuary of Clove-Gilliflowers.
V. * Electuarium Castitatis, An Electuary to cause Chastity.
VI. * Electuarium Chalybea∣tum, Electuary of Mars prepared.
VII. * Electuarium Diar∣rhodi, Electuary of the Species Diarrhodon ab∣batis.
VIII. Electuarium Ducis Sa∣baudiae, Electuary of the Duke of Savoy.
IX. * Electuarium Epilepti∣cum, An Electuary against the Falling-sickness.
X. * Electuarium Juniperi∣num, Electuary of Juniper-berries.
XI. * Electuarium Lithon∣tripticon, An Electuary a∣gainst the Stone.
XII. Electuarium Macis, E∣lectuary of Mace.
XIII. Electuarium Orvieta∣num, The Antidote against Poyson.
XIV. Electuarium Oxydori∣cum, An Electuary to sharpen the Eye-sight.
XV. * Electuarium Paraly∣tecum, An Electuary a∣gainst the Palsie.
XVI. * Electuarium Pecto∣rale, A Pectoral Electu∣ary.
XVII. * Electuarium Pipe∣rinum, Electuary of Pep∣per.
XVIII. Electuarium Vermi∣fugum, An Electuary for the Worms.
XIX. † Electuarium Ante∣pidemicum, An Electuary against the Plague.
1. * Ciceri Tartara, Pills of Tartar.
II. * Pilulae Aethiopicae, The Black Pills.
III. * Pilulae de Ammoniaco Magistrales, Magistral Pills of Ammoniacum.
IV. * Pilulae Angelicae, The Angelick Pills.
V. * Pilulae Anticolicae, Pills against the Cholick.
VI. Pilulae Antimoniales, An∣timonial Pills.
IX. * Pilulae Costitatis, Pills inducing Chastity.
X. * Pilulae Catarrhales, Pills against Catarrhs.
XI. * Pilulae Crapulariae, Pills for a Surfeit.
XII. * Pilulae Cretaceae, Chalk Pills.
XIII. Pilulae de Creta Pal∣marij, Palmarius his Pills of Chalk.
XIV. * Pilulae Hydropicae, Pills for the Dropsie.
XV. * Pilulae Hystericae, Pill for the Womb, or Pills a∣gainst Fits of the Mo∣ther.
XVI. Pilulae Lithrontripticae, Pills against the Stone, or Stone-breaking Pills.
XVII. * Pilulae Marocostinae, Pills of Herb Mastich and Costus.
XVIII. * Pilulae Masticatoriae, Spitting Pills.
XIX. * Pilulae Matthaei, alias Starkii, Matthews his Pills, but more truly Starkies Pills.
XX. * Pilulae Melanagogae, Pills Purging Melancholy.
XXI. * Pilulae Pacificae, Pills making easie.
XXII. Pilulae Pavii, Pavy his Pills.
XXIII. * Pilulae de Pice, Pills of Pitch, or Tar.
XXIV. * Pilulae Restringen∣tes, Astringent or binding Pills.
XXV. * Pilulae de sagapeno, Pills of Sagapenum.
XXVI. * Pilulae Sinapinae, Pills of Mustard-seed.
XXVII. Pilulae Styracinae, Pills of Storax.
XXVIII. Pilulae Tartareae Bontii, Bontius his Pills of Tartar.
XXIX. Pilulae Vaticanae, The Vatican Pills.
XXX. Pilulae Vermifugae, Pills killing Worms.
XXXI. * Scammonium Cy∣doniatum, Scammony pre∣pared with Juice of Quin∣ces.
XXXII. * Scammonium Li∣moniatum, Scammony pre∣pared with the Juice of Limons.
XXXIII. * Scammonium Ro∣satum, Scammony prepa∣red with the Juice of Ro∣ses.
I. * Bolus Alexiteria, seu Car∣diaca, A Cordial Bole, or Troches resisting Poyson.
II. * Tabulae Absinthiacae, Ta∣blets of Wormwood.
III. * Tabulae Amygdaloides, Tablets of the Almond∣like parts of Benjamin.
IV. * Tabulae de Angelica, Ta∣blets of Angelica.
V. * Tabulae Antimoniales, An∣timonial Tablets.
VI. * Tabulae Antisynanchicae, Tablets against the Quin∣sey.
VII. * Tabulae de Aurantiis, Orange Tablets.
VIII. * Tabulae Burgesianae, Burgess his Tablets.
IX. * Tabulae Cardialgicae, Tablets against Pain of the Stomach.
X. * Tabulae Carminativae, Tablets breaking Wind.
XI. Tabulae Catharticae, Pur∣ging Tablets.
XII. * Tabulae Dialthaeae, Ta∣blets of Marsh-mallows.
XIII. * Tabulae Diambrae, Ta∣blets of Ambergrise.
XIV. * Tabulae Diatragacan∣thi, Tablets of Gum Tra∣gacanth.
XV. * Tabulae Divinae, Ta∣blets of a most Excellent Vertue.
XVI. * Tabulae Embryonum, Tablets to strengthen the Foetus in the Womb.
XVII. Tabulae Emeticae, Vo∣miting Tablets.
XVIII. Tabulae Farfareae, Tablets of Coltsfoot.
XIX. * Tabulae Foeniculinae, Tablets of Oil of Fennel-seed.
XX. * Tabulae Griseae, Ta∣blets of Ambergrise.
XXI. * Tabulae Haemoptoicae, Tablets against spitting Blood.
XXII. * Tabulae Helenii, Ta∣blets of Elecampane.
XXIII. * Tabulae Infantum, Tablets for Infants or Children.
XXIV. * Tabulae Lenthales.
XXV. * Tabulae de Pipere, Tablets of Pepper.
XXVI. * Tabulae Prunellae, Tablets of Sal Prunellae.
XXVII. * Tabulae Rosaceae, Rose Tablets.
XXVIII. * Tabulae Saponaceae, Soapy Tablets.
XXIX. * Tabulae de Styrace, Tablets of Styrax.
XXX, * Tabulae Tartareae, Tablets of Tartar.
XXXI. * Tabulae Vermifugae, Tablets for killing Worms.
XXXII. * Trochisci Pecto∣rales. Pectoral Troches or Tablets.
CHAP. I. Of Lotions or Washes.
I. Acetum Lithargyrites; A Lotion of Litharge.
II. * Aluminatum, A Pre∣paration or Lotion with Alum.
III. * Dentilavium Scorbu∣ticum, A Wash against the Scurvy in the Teeth.
IV. * Fotus Arthriticus, A Fomentation for the Gout.
V. * Fotus Scorbuticus, A Fomentation for the Scur∣vy.
VI. * Gargarisma Album, The white Gargarism.
VII. * Gargarisma Apoplecti∣cum, A Gargarism against Apoplexies.
VIII. * Gargarisma Scorbuti∣cian, A Gargarism against the Scurvy.
IX. * Gargarisma Synanchi∣cum, A Gargarism for a Quinse.
X. * Pedilavium Emmena∣gogum, A Wash to pro∣voke the Terms.
XI. * Pedilavium Hypnoti∣cum, A Wash inducing Sleep.
XII. * Pedilavium Podagri∣cum, A Wash for the Gout.
XIII. * Pedilavium Scorbu∣ticum, A Wash against the Scurvy.
I. Galbanetum Hartmanni, Hartman's Oil of Galba∣num.
II. Galbanetum Sennerti, Sen∣nertus his Oil of Galba∣num.
III. * Oleum Bufonum, Oil of Toads.
IV. * Oleum Cosmeticum, A beautifying Oil.
V. * Oleum Cremoris, Oil of Cream.
VI. * Oleum Milvinum, Oil of Kites.
VII. * Oleum Paralyticum, An Oil against the Pal∣sie.
VIII. * Oleum Pomosum, Oil of Thorn Apple Leaves.
IX. Oleum Ranarum, Oil of Frogs.
X. * Oleum Scorbuticum, The Oil against the Scurvy.
XI. OleumTri∣chophues, An Oil for re∣storing Hair fallen.
XII. * Oleum Tritici, Oil of Wheat.
XIII. Oleum Viperarum, Oil of Vipers.
I. Balsamum Anodynum, A Balsam easing Pain.
II. * Balsamum Faeminarum, The Balsam for Women∣kind.
III. * Balsamum Lucatelli, Lucatellus his Balsam.
IV. Balsamum Momordicae, Balsam of the Balm-Apple.
V. Balsamum Nucistae, Bal∣sam of Nutmegs.
VI. Balsamum Sclopetarium, A Balsam for Gun-shot Wounds.
VII. Balsamum Spinale, A Balsam for the Back.
VIII. Balsamum Spleneticum, A Balsam for the Spleen.
IX. * Balsamum Sulphuris Bateanum, Dr. Bate's Bal∣sam of Sulphur.
x.* Balsamum Sulphuris Mi∣nerale, Mineral Balsam of Sulphur.
XI. Balsamum Sulphuris Ru∣landi, Rulandus his Bal∣sam of Sulphur.
XII. Balsamum Verum, A True Balsam.
XIII. † Balsamum Magis com∣positum, Balsam the great∣er Composition.
XIV. † Balsamum minus Cem∣positum, Balsam the lesser Composition.
I. Butyrum Amygdalinum, Al∣mond Butter.
II. Butyrum Cerae, Butter of Wax.
III. * Linimentum Mellumi∣natum, The Honied Li∣niment.
IV. * Linimentum Simplex, The simple Linniment.
V. Mel Saponis, Ointment of Honey and Soap.
VI. * Savanetta Cosmetica, A beautifying Soap or Ointment.
VII. * Ʋnguentum Albumi∣num, Ointment of the Whites of Eggs.
VIII. * Ʋnguentum Antipy∣reticum, An Ointment a∣gainst Burnings.
IX. * Ʋnguentum de Auran∣tiis, Ointment of O∣ranges.
X. * Ʋnguentum de Betonica Aquatica, Ointment of Water Betony.
XI. * Ʋnguentum Cephalal∣gicum, An Ointment for the Head.
XII. * Ʋnguentum Crinifi∣cum, An Ointment cau∣sing Hair to grow.
XIII. Ʋnguentum Depilato∣rium, An Ointment taking away Hair.
XIV. * Ʋnguentum Digita∣lis, Ointment of Fox Gloves.
XV. * Ʋnguentum Faciale, An Ointment for the Face.
XVI. * Ʋnguentum Fami∣liare, The Familiar, or Family Ointment.
XVII. * Ʋnguentum ad Fis∣suras, An Ointment against Chaps.
XVIII. * Ʋnguentum ad Fo∣veas, An Ointment against the Marks of the Small-Pox.
XIX. Ʋnguentum Fuscum, The brown Ointment.
XX. * Ʋnguentum Haemor∣rhoidale, An Ointment a∣gainst the Piles.
XXI. * Ʋnguentum Herpeti∣cum, An Ointment against the Herpes.
XXII. * Ʋnguentum ad Lum∣bricos, An Ointment a∣gainst Worms.
XXIII. Ʋnguentum Ophthal∣micum, Eye-Salve, or an Ointment for the Eyes.
XXIV. * Ʋnguentum Pare∣gorgicum, A mollifying or discussive Ointment.
XXV. * Ʋnguentum Pipe∣rinum, Ointment of Pep∣per.
XXVI. * Ʋnguentum So∣leare, An Ointment for the Feet.
XXVII. Ʋnguentum Sym∣patheticum, The Sympa∣thetick Ointment.
XXVIII. * Ʋnguentum Vi∣rilitatis, An Ointment a∣gainst Impotency.
XXIX. † Ʋnguentum Hae∣morrhoidale, An Oint∣ment against the Piles.
I. * Ceratum Album, The White Cerate, or Cere∣cloth.
II. ‡ Ceratum Cephalicum, A head Cerate, or Cere∣cloth.
III. ‡ Ceratum Stomachicum, A Cerate for the Stomach.
IV. ‡ Ceratim Vulnerarium, A Cerate for Wounds.
I. * Diachylon Odoratum, Perfumed Diachylon.
II. * Diapalma Odorata, Per∣fumed Diapalma.
III. * Emplastrum Adhaesi∣vum, A sticking Empla∣ster.
IV. * Emplastrum Burgun∣dicum. Of Burgundy Pitch Emplaster.
V. Emplastrum Camphora∣tum, The Camphorated Emplaster.
VI. Emplastrum Catarrhalt, An Emplaster against Catarrhs.
VII. * Emplastrum Diagal∣bani, Emplaster of Galba∣banum.
VIII. Emplastrum Diasul∣phuris Rulandi, Rulandus his Diasulpher Empla∣ster.
IX. Emplastrum Epispasticum, A Blistering Emplaster.
X. * Emplastrum Febrifu∣gum, An Emplaster a∣gainst Fevers or Agues.
XI. Emplastrum Haemorrhoi∣dale, An Emplaster against the Piles.
XII. * Emplastrum Laterale, An Emplaster for the Side.
XIII. * Emplastrum Mammil∣lare, An Emplaster for Womens Breasts.
XIV. * Emplastrum Nuchale, An Emplaster for the Nape of the Neck.
XV. Emplastrum Opiatum, An Opiate Emplaster.
XVI. * Emplastrum Paraly∣ticum. An Emplaster a∣gainst the Palsie.
XVII. Emplastrum Podagri∣cum, An Emplaster against the Gout.
XVIII. Emplastrum Saturni∣num, An Emplaster of Saturn, or White Lead.
XIX. * Emplastrum Scorbu∣ticum, An Emplaster a∣gainst the Scurvy.
XX. * Emplastrum Smecti∣cum, The Cleansing Em∣plaster.
XXI. * Emplastrum Solare, An Emplaster for the Feet.
XXII. Emplastrum Spasma∣ticum, An Emplaster a∣gainst Cramps and Con∣vulsions.
XXIII. * Emplastrum ad Strumas, An Emplaster a∣gainst the King's-Evil.
XXIV. * Emplastrum Synan∣chicum, An Emplaster a∣gainst the Quinsey.
XXV. Emplastrum Tibiale, An Emplaster for the Shin-bones.
XXVI. * Emplastrum Ver∣mifugum, An Emplaster to kill Worms.
XXVII. † Emplastrum de Minio Compositum, An Emplaster of Red-Lead Compound.
XXVIII. † Emplastrum de Minio Compositum aliud: Another Emplaster of Red Lead compound.
XXIX. Emplastrum Febri∣fugum alterum, Another Febrifuge Emplaister.
1. * Cataplasma Apoplecticum, A Pultice against the Apo∣plexy.
II. Cataplasma Cephalicum, a Pultice for the Head.
III. * Cataplasma Synanchicum, A Pultice for a Quinsey.
IV. Cataplasma ad Parony∣chiam, A Pultice against Whitlo's and Felons.
VII. * Cataplasma Solare, A Pultice for the Feet.
VIII. * Epicarpia Febrifuga, The febrifuge Wrist-Pul∣tice.
I. * Enema Alexiterium, A Clyster resisting Poyson.
II. * Enema Colicum, A Cly∣ster against the Colick.
III. Enema Balsamicum, A Balsamick Clyster.
IV. * Enema Dysentericum, A Clyster against the Bloody-flux.
V. Enema Hystericum, A Cly∣ster against Fits of the Mo∣ther.
VI. Enema Oleosum, An Oily Clyster.
VII. Enema Terebinthinatum, A Turpentine Clyster.
VIII. Enema Vinosum, A Cly∣ster of Wine.
IX. Enema Ʋrinosum, A Cly∣ster of Urine.
X. Enema Spirituosum, A Spi∣rituous Clyster.
An APPENDIX containing Interjections and Suppositories.
XI. * Injectio Alba, An Inje∣ction of the White Tro∣ches.
XII. Injectio Auricularis, The Ear-Injection.
XIII. * Injectio Benedicta, An Injection made of the In∣fusion of Crocus Metallo∣rum.
XIV. * Suppositoria Alumi∣nosa, Suppositories made with Alum.
XV. * Suppesitorium Hemor∣rhoidale, A Suppository for the Piles.
CHAP. IX. Of Medicaments ANOMALOƲS.
I. * Acetarium Scorbuticum, An Antiscorbutick Sauce.
II. Amuleta Pestilentialia, A Pestilential Amulet or Pre∣servative.
III. * Caryophylli Odorati, Per∣fumed Cloves.
IV. * Cashew, seu Catechu, Rouls of Catechu.
V. * Cremor Hordei, Bar∣ley Cream.
VI. * Dentifricium Domi∣narum, A Dentrifice for Ladies.
VII. * Dentifricium Infan∣tum, A Dentrifice for Children.
VIII. * Dentifricium Scorbuti∣cum, A Dentrifice against the Scurvy in the Teeth.
IX. * Frontale Cephalalgi∣cum, A Cephalick Appli∣cation to the Forehead.
X. * Lapis Contrayerva, The Stone against Poyson.
XI. Lapis de Goa, The Goa∣stone.
XII. * Linteum Crocatum, Saffron Cloth, or Stay.
XIII. * Masticatoria, Spitting Balls.
XIV. * Mixtura Tubularis, A Mixture for the Pipe.
XV. Nodulus Facialis, A No∣dulus for the Face.
XVI. * Nodulus Hystericus, A Nodule against Fits of the Mother.
XVII. * Panis Diasarsae, Bread of Sarsaparilla.
XVIII. * Panis de Vipera, Viper Bread.
XIX. Pasta Halieuica, A Paste or Bait for Fishes.
XX. Pasta Hippiatri, A Paste or Horse-Medicine for Farriers.
XXI. * Pasta Hypoglottida, A Paste to take away the Asperity of the Larynx.
XXII. Pasta Regalis pro E∣mulsionibus, The Royal Paste for Emulsions.
XXIII. * Pisa Lutea, Yel∣low Pease.
XXIV. * Pisa rubra, Red Pease.
XXV. * Pisa Viridia, Green Pease.
XXVI. Pomum Ambrae, Pome-Ambers, or Sweet-Balls.
XXVII. Pilae Odoratae, Sweet Balls.
XXVIII. Suffimentum Hy∣stericum, An Hysterick Fume.
XXIX. * Torquis Infantum, A Necklace for Chil∣dren.
XXX. * Turundae Acousticae, Ear Tents to help the Hearing.
An APPENDIX to the former Book.
CHAP. XI. Orthotonia Verborum Medicinalium.
Two General RULES.
Libri Medici, Anatomici, Chirurgici, & Plantarum Historiae, qui prostant Venales apud Sam Smith & Benj. Walford, Londini. 1694.
In Folio.
Libri Medici Quarto.