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Author: Dedekind, Friedrich, d. 1598.
Title: The schoole of slovenrie: or, Cato turnd wrong side outward. Translated out of Latine into English verse, to the vse of all English Christendome, except court and cittie. By R.F. Gent.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The schoole of slovenrie: or, Cato turnd wrong side outward. Translated out of Latine into English verse, to the vse of all English Christendome, except court and cittie. By R.F. Gent.
Dedekind, Friedrich, d. 1598., R. F.,

London: Printed by Valentine Simmes dwelling on Adling hill neere Bainards castle at the signe of the white Swanne
Alternate titles: Grobianus. English Grobianus.
The name of the author, Friedrich Dedekind, appears on [fleuron]4v.
A translation of: Grobianus.
Verse satire.
First word of the title is xylographic.
The first leaf is blank except for signature-mark "[fleuron]".
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Manners and customs -- Early works to 1800.

title page
¶ To all that can write and reade and cast accompt, the Translator.
¶ The Preface of Frederike Dedekind to maister Simon Bing Secretarie of Hassia.
❧ A Table of the contents of every Chapter in this Booke.
The second Booke.
The third Booke.
¶ The Author to such as love Civilitie, health:
THE FIRST BOOKE OF antient Simplicitie of Behavi∣our. Written by M. Fredericke Dedekinde.
What modestie is to be observed each morning in the apparell, and making the haire, the face, and the teeth cleane. Chapter. I.
The breakefast, the modestie of the eyes, the forehead and the nosthrills: also of pratling, sneezing, bawdinesse, belching and going, and behaviour in the streetes. Chapter II.
The setting on, and taking off the meate, and waiting at the Table. Chap. III.
Concerning the behaviour at the Table, before meate be set on. Chap. IIII.
Your behaviour all the while you eate. Chapter V.
Behaviour fit to be observed after dinner, and when you are walking. Chapter VI.
The adorning the Table before supper, and other such like duties. Chap. VII.
Waiting at the Table all supper time. Chapter VIII.
The manner how to serve the guests with drinke after supper, and how to prevent them with craftie trickes. Chapter IX.
The talke, debating, and wrangling of the guests after supper. Chapter X.
The manner how to send away the guests after supper, and what is to be done before you go to bed, and the con∣clusion of this first booke. Chapter XI.
THE SECOND BOOKE of auntient Simplicitie of Behaviour.
How to behave your selfe, being invited by another, with what behavior to come to supper, and how to sit downe at the Table. Chap. I.
What manners and gestures the guest ought to observe in eating. Chapter II.
What behaviour is to be observed at the Table, after the first course. Chap. III.
Modestie in eating and drinking. Chapter IIII.
Of devouring, laughing, vomiting, and others civilities at the Table. Chap V.
Of the washing of the hands after supper, the second tables, and what is fittest to be done among the maides. Chap. VI.
Cries and tumults after supper, going out, and bargai∣ning for next nightes supper. Chap. VII.
How to go home after supper being drunke, what tumults to raise in the way, and at home before you go to bed, and how to behave your selfe the next day. Chapter VIII.
How to entertaine, vse, and send away those guests which you have invited. Chapter IX.
THE THIRD BOOKE of auntient Simplicitie of Behaviour.
The order of this Booke, and behaviour at an honest feast, in eating brewesse and crab-fish. Chap. I.
Notable waies of drinking, and such behaviour as must be observed at your departure. Chapter II.
How to spread and suffer scoffes and ieasts, farting, spitting, answering to questions, and looking into other mens letters. Chap. III.
Behaviour when you enter into other mens houses, going into hot-houses, or baths, divers coloured parted coates, the adorning of the beard, the vse of papers and bookes, entertaining your friends, and other such like civilities. Chapter IIII.
Sundrie sorts of civilities at the Table. Chapter V.
Other civilities in emptying the bladder, vomiting, and other eleganties of behaviour. Chap. VI.
Farting and belching of Orators, holding your water, and other such like clownishnes. Chap. VII.
Grobiana, or concerning fitting virgins, both at home and abroad, in banquets, and divers other places. Chapter VIII.
The Authors conclusion to Master Simon Bing, wherein he sheweth all the intent and practise of this present worke.