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Author: Aneau, Barthélemy, d. 1561.
Title: Alektor = The cock. Containing the first part, of the most excellent, and mytheologicall historie, of the valorous Squire Alector; sonne to the renowned Prince Macrobius Franc-Gal; and to the peerelesse Princesse Priscaraxe, Queene of high Tartary.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Alektor = The cock. Containing the first part, of the most excellent, and mytheologicall historie, of the valorous Squire Alector; sonne to the renowned Prince Macrobius Franc-Gal; and to the peerelesse Princesse Priscaraxe, Queene of high Tartary.
Aneau, Barthélemy, d. 1561., Hammon, J.,

Imprinted at London: By Thomas Orwin, and are to bee solde by Edward White, dwelling by the little north-doore of S. Paules at the signe of the Gun, 1590.
Alternate titles: Alector. English Alector. Cock. First part of Alector.
Translation by J. Hammon of: Aneau, Barthélemy. Alector.
First word of title in Greek characters.
No more published.
Running title reads: The first part of Alector.
Reproduction of the original in the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery.

title page
Amici cuiusdam Carmina in laudem operis.
Ia: Smith in praise of Alector.
A Dizain in praise of the Booke.
Of the taking of Alector in the chamber of the faire Damo∣sell Noëmia Gratian, his inuasion and merucilous de∣fence, of her slaughter in his armes, with her taking, accu∣sation, and imprisonment, and of her sepulcher & Epitaph. CAP. I.
Of the accusation and processe against Alector, and of his defence. CAP. 2.
A Narration of the Rauishment of Noëmia carried away by the sauage Centaure; of her recouerie by Alector; the beginning of their secret loue in the den: and the contin∣nuance thereof till her death. CAP. 3.
Consultation vpon the criminall processe of Alector. The commaundement of the Oracle by the Archter. The slaughter of the Prophet Calliste, which was cause of the deuouring Serpent in the Theatre. Capitall sentence pre∣nounced vpon Alector, that he should be deliuered to the Serpent. CAP. 4.
The reuelation by night to Croniel Archier. The arri∣uall of Franc-Gal. The foretelling of the blacke Bird The mortall perrill of the Archier by a Lion∣nesse, slaine by Franc-Gall. The reincountrie and assemblie of the Archier and Franc-Gall, with their deplorations. CAP. 5.
The deuise of the two olde men Croniel and Franc-Gall, held vpon the waie going towards the Citie of Orbe. CAP. 6.
A narration of the ancient Tower of the three fatall Sisters, and of their olde Mother Lady Anange. CAP. 7.
Of the loue of Mammon towards the saire Ladie Thanais, of her ensircement, poysoning, and death. CAP. 8.
Of the generation and birth of the fatall Infant of lea∣sing. CAP. 9.
Of the first institution of Desalethes vnder Doctour Pseudomanthanon, of the artes which he insigned him, and how his disciple profited: what paiment he gaue his Master, and in what manner he pra∣ctised his science. CAP. 10.
Of the flying head, and abymed bodie, with their re∣turne, and reuelations of the things by them seene, of their death and buriall, and of the reclosed depth. CAP. 11.
Of the auncient Ladie Anange, of her great authoritie and puissance: of the offices of the three fatall Sisters Cleronome, Zodore, and Termaine, and of the cierges which they administer to the Pilgrimes com∣ming to the Soueraigne Temple. CAP. 12.
Of the Macrobians, their vertue and great age, of the long lift of Franc-Gal, and causes thereof. CAP. 13.
Of the preuision of the Cataclysme, of Durat Hippopota∣me the sea horse, whereon Franc-Gal surmounted the wa∣ters, whereby he was sirnamed Cocke, and of his encoun∣trie with Priscaraxe a my-serpentlike woman. CAP. 14.
Of the leaue taken by Franc-Gal of Priscaraxe, elect∣ed and constituted Queene in high Tartarie, of the homages and fealties taken of the people assembled, and of the creation of the order of her Knights. CAP. 15.
The apparition and foresaying of Proteus, the returne of the Queene Priscaraxe, her childbearing, & the double birth of Alector, his crowning, nourishing, and manners. CAP. XVI.
Of the perigrination of Franc-Gal, through the world: of the newes receiued from Priscaraxe, his letters and presents sent back to her, to Alector, and to the foure and twentie Knights, and what issued thereof. CAP. XVII.
The processe of the peregrination of Franc-Gal through the World, with the discouerie of the Seas, Isles and land. CAP. XVIII.
The Ʋoyage of Alector seeking his Father, the newes which hee had of him after hee had been rauished at the Riuer of Tygre, where hee slew the rauening Woolues. Of the taking of the shield at the Trophie, of his fall, and of the inuisible laugher. CAP. XIX.
The apparition by night of the great black Knight challenging his shield of Alector, what the Knight was, and of the talke passed betweene them: and how this black Knight carried Alector away in the ayre towards his Father at Tangut, and let him fall laughing. CAP. XX.
The sad Augure that happened to Franc-Gal, his encoun∣terie with his Sonne sleeping: the mutuall knowledge and talke held betweene them. The killing of Trol∣uat the Sea monster. Their departure from Tan∣gut, and the losse of Alector carried away by the wind, and the lamentacion of his Father: and there∣upon the arriuall of the two old men at Orbe. CAP. XXI.
The mornings Adoration of the Orbitans, the discrip∣tion of the temple, and the manner of prayer and sa∣crifice. The Sermon of the Archier and chiefe Priest, and the common prayer of all in Musick. CAP. XXII.
The vision of the Archier in the Temple, signifying the death of Franc-Gal. The assembly of the Magi∣strates and people in the Pretorian Basilique. The o∣racle of the Charites found written in their hands: with the iudgement and preparation of Alector a∣gainst the serpent. CAP. XXIII.
A description of the Citie of Orbe, of the Basilique, Hyppodrome, Prytan Theatre, Sands and other places. CAP. XXIIII.
Of the Combat and Ʋictorie of Alector against the Serpent. Of the arrowe throwne vp into the ayre with imprecation, of the fall thereof in flaming wise vpon Coracton, and of his horrible death. CAP. XXV.
Of the thanks giuing in the Temple, the publique praise, the prize of honour assigned; with the ciuill crowne giuen to Alector. Of the death of Franc-Gal, the lamentation for him, his ele∣nation and translation, of the losse of Hippopotame; and of the bird sent away as a messenger. CAP. Vlt.