Doubtings dovvnfall first, prouing the communitie of the Saints assurance. Secondly, disprouing Bellarmines and his fellowes false allegations and friuolous exceptions against that truth. By Edvvard Dalton, preacher of the Word, &c.
Dalton, Edward.
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The Contents.

  • POpish Doctors of all haue least reason to interpret the Text of a Coniecturall perswasion, page 9.
  • The Doctrine, is, To be assured of euery grace simply ne∣cessary to saluation, is common to euery Saint, not Pauls peculiar. page 10.
    • And it is first proued from the Text, not withstanding Pauls
      • Speciall Reue∣lation pa. 13.
      • Gift of discer∣ning page 15.
    • Secondly, Context from the manner of the Apostles arguing page 26.
      • Marke whereat he aimeth, i. the Saints comfort page 28.
      • Grounds of those comforts hee here laies downe p. 31.
    • Thirdly, from the confession of the Ad∣uersaries, where
      • 1. The Gospell aswell as the Law is particularly to be applyed. p. 32.
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      • 2. To apply generall propositions particularly is the practise of
        • the Spirit. p. 34.
        • the Aduersaries thēselues p. 36.
      • 3. The truth of Conuersion may be knowne p. 38.
      • 4. What heart it is which is decei∣ued p. 39.
      • 5. Wherein Peter was deceiued, where∣in he was not p. 43.
      • 6. It is absurd to alledge Pauls rage∣ings against the Church, to proue a Saint may be deceiued p. 43.
      • 7. According to the measure of faith is the measure of the Saints assurance p. 44.
    • And it is secondly applied, therefore
      • 1. They are reproued, who would haue all the Saints of God and members of Christ to doubt (and that out of duty) of their Saluation, of which to doubt Papists haue of all men least cause, seeing (if we will beleeue themselues) they onely are true beleeuers, and are able to keepe the Law p. 45.
      • 2. To hold doubting necessary is dan∣gerous, making Prayer fruitlesse p. 46.
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      • 3. It is no presumption to labour for assurance p. 48.
      • 4. The meanes to obtaine assurance p. 50.
      • 5. Signes of true assurance p. 50.
      • 6. Outward conditions should not puffe vp or exalt any Saint aboue his infe∣riour brethren p. 51.
      • 7. The meanest childe of God may in what estate soeuer he be, by reason of his interest in this assurance be comforted p. 52.
      • 8. How to be comforted in sinnes and sufferings by this assurance p. 52.