The character of vvarre, or The image of martiall discipline contayning many vsefull directions for musters & armes, and the very first principles in discipline, the ground postures, all the military motions now vsed ... By Edvvard Cooke.
Cooke, Edward, fl. 1626-1631.

CHAP. XV. What fights they are which Souldiers must be expert in.

THe fights necessary for all Souldiers to be expert in are Sixe.

First, to fight aduancing vpon an Enemie.

This is when the Enemie appeares in the vantgard,* and they by two rankes a peece march from the body ten paces, and giue fire at the place appoynted. Or when the first ranke giues fire (mar∣ching still on with the body,) and the nex ranke passes through by their right hand, giues fire standing still before them: And so still successiuely all the rest in order.

This is like the Lacedemonian Countermarch to gaine ground.

Secondly, To fight retyring from an Enemie.

This is when the last Ranke faces about to the right, giues fire,* mar∣ches vp to the Front and places themselues before their File leaders.

But if you will maintayne a set fight with the Enemie (to gayne a better ground) then it is requisite you teach them the Macedonian Countermarch, making your File leaders to face about and stand, the rest to passe through by the right hand, placing themselues be∣hind their leaders, and so meeting your Enemy in the Reare with your best men.

Thirdly, To fight Front and Reare with the Enemy.

This is when the middle men face about to the right,* and all the Muskettiers fall in the diuision betweene both.

Fourthly, To fight with both Flankes against an enemy standing.

This is when the outward File of each Flanke is commanded to face, hauing giuen fire:* each File deuideth it selfe into two parts, one halfe marches vp to the Front and places it selfe in a right line before the first File of Pikes. The other halfe mar∣ches Page  [unnumbered] to the Reare, and places it selfe in a right line behind the bringer vp of the same File of Pikes: the like doth all the rest on the contrary Flanke,* so continuing, halfe the shot will bee in the front, the other halfe in the Reare. Then doe but face them to the right and left by deuision, and each Flanke will be a battell for the Enemy.

Fiftly, To giue fire by Flankes vpon the Enemy marching.

This is when both their outward Files next to the Enemie makes readie,* faces to either hand, giues fire at command, stayes till the rest of all the Files bee cleare of them; Then marches vp by the Pikes, till all the rest doing the like, bringes them againe to their first place.

Or when they giue fire and stand, and being (as it were in two Files) the body of Pickes marching, an officer comes, and gathers vp the winges & ioynes them againe in equall front with the Pikes.

*Sixtly, To fight against horse in a set battell for that purpose.

This is when they countermarch their winges into the midst of the battell, and are impaled round with Pikes, and so drawne forth on either side vnder the shelter of them.

In these sixe fights your Souldiers must bee very expert, that they may auoyd all confusion. And thus much shall suffice for the Twelue Chapters before mentioned.

*The next two Chapters declare what qualities they are which befit Martiall men, and how requisite it is for them to bee wise and politicke to preserue the liues of their men, and how politicke wisedome may be attayned, with a briefe Summarie thereof.