The character of vvarre, or The image of martiall discipline contayning many vsefull directions for musters & armes, and the very first principles in discipline, the ground postures, all the military motions now vsed ... By Edvvard Cooke.
Cooke, Edward, fl. 1626-1631.

CHAP. VIII. Why Souldiers must vse Ʋaulting.

SOuldiers must vse Vaulting to make them ready, nimble, and quicke on horsebacke.

The ancient Romans (sayth Vegetius) had horses of wood,* which Page  [unnumbered] in winter was set in a house, in somer in the open field: Vpon these the young Souldiers were compelled to mount, at the first without Armour, afterwards with Armour; when being perfect, they could with swords and long poles in their hands get vp vpon any side.

Let Souldiers then vse vaulting to make them ready, nymble and quicke on horsebacke, that if it should so chance that they were vnhorsed in battell, they might with ease mount themselues vp againe and renew the fight.

Thus much of Running, Leaping, and Vaulting: Now of Swym∣ming, and the vse.