The character of vvarre, or The image of martiall discipline contayning many vsefull directions for musters & armes, and the very first principles in discipline, the ground postures, all the military motions now vsed ... By Edvvard Cooke.
Cooke, Edward, fl. 1626-1631.

CHAP. VII. Why Souldiers must vse Leaping.

SOuldiers must vse Leaping, for passing of deepe places, that when such kind of dificulties happen, they may goe ouer with∣out all manner of trouble.

Pompey the great excelled herein, touching whom Salust in this wise seemeth to make mention.

With the lightest in Leaping, with the swiftest in running, with the stron∣gest he stroue in casting the Barre.

Our gratious Soueraigne (King Charles) as a second Pompey excel∣leth in this.

Thus much of Running, and Leaping, now of Valting and the vse.