The character of vvarre, or The image of martiall discipline contayning many vsefull directions for musters & armes, and the very first principles in discipline, the ground postures, all the military motions now vsed ... By Edvvard Cooke.
Cooke, Edward, fl. 1626-1631.

CHAP. V. What exercises Souldiers should vse at idle Times, when they want imployment.

BEcause Souldiers may want imployment, and want of imploy∣ment may breede idlenesse, and idlenesse procure a stiffenesse in the ioynts: therefore they must vse at idle times such exercises as may put life into them, which may make them strong and health∣full,* for exercise is more auaileable then Physitions.

The bodie by idlenesse ingendereth many grose and cold hu∣mors which will be very painefull to lazie Souldiers, but moderate exercise taken in time, will not onely preuent it, but when they are come, expelle them soone and giue them ease.

Therefore let Souldiers vse exercise, and such exercises as haue in them the tokens of courage, and feates of actiuity.

As Running, Leaping, Valting, and Swiming.

The vse of them followeth in the 6. 7. 8. and 9. Chapters.