The true ancient Roman Catholike Being an apology or counterproofe against Doctor Bishops Reproofe of the defence of the Reformed Catholike. The first part. Wherein the name of Catholikes is vindicated from popish abuse, and thence is shewed that the faith of the Church of Rome as now it is, is not the Catholike faith ... By Robert Abbot ...
Abbot, Robert, 1560-1618.
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The Contents of this Booke.

  • CHAP. I. THat the Church of Rome doth vainey and absurdly challenge to it selfe the name of the Catholike Church, and hath no priui∣ledge from God, either of superiority in gouerne∣ment or stability in faith.
  • CHAP. II. The comparison betwixt the Papists and the Do∣natists, is iustified and enlarged.
  • CHAP. III. That the name of Catholikes is abused by the Pa∣pists, and is in their abuse a Donatisticall and hatefull name, of faction and schisme: that being in that sort substantiuely and personally vnderstood, it was not vsed for three hundred yeares after Christ, and therefore being abused may bee left againe: that Po∣pery properly so called, is nothing but additions of latter time to our religion.
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  • CHAP. IIII. That the Church before Christ euen from the be∣ginning was a part of the Catholike Church, and that the faith and religion of the new Testament differeth not in substance from the old. M. Bishops proofes for Popery out of the old Testament are shewed to be ridiculous and vaine. In the end is a briefe defence of the Kings supremacy in causes Ecclesiasticall.
  • CHAP. V. That faith and religion cannot be safely grounded on the example of Fathers and fore-fathers, and that the Popish agents and factours doe in this pretence al∣so abuse the credulity of ignorant men.
  • CHAP. VI. That the reasons of Popery where there is not a minde preiudicate, are not vrgent or forcible, and that M. Bishop was iustly censured for that in repea∣ting a rule deliuered by the Kings Maiestie, for iudge∣ment of true religion, he left out some words thereof.
  • CHAP. VII. Of the flourishing and best estate of the Church of Rome, and of the testimony of Theodoret, concerning fulnesse of doctrine, contained in the Epistle to the Ro∣mans, and that the Apostle there condemneth Popery of idolatry, in worshipping Saints and Images.
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  • CHAP. VIII. That iustification before God consisteth not in pro∣ceeding from faith to workes, but in the continuation of faith to faith, and that this faith notwithstanding cannot be separated from charity and good workes.
  • CHAP. IX. That the iustification of man before God, is the im∣putation of righteousnesse without workes.
  • CHAP. X. That eternall life is meerly and wholly the gift of God, and cannot be purchased by merit or desert.
  • CHAP. XI. That concupiscence or lust is sinne, euen in the very habit and first motions of it.
  • CHAP. XII. Of the spirit of adoption, giuing witnesse to the faithfull, that they are the sonnes of God.
  • CHAP. XIII. That the good workes or sufferings of this life, are not meritorious, or worthy of the blisse of the life to come.
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  • CHAP. XIIII. That the Epistles of St. Paul are loosely and im∣pertinently alleaged by the Papists, for proofe of their Popery, as namely for Iustification before God by workes, for Free-will, against certainty of saluation and particular Faith, for the Merit of single life, for Monkish vowes, for Purgatory and pryer for the Dead, for Images and inuocation of Saints, for the Masse and Reall presence, for the Authority of th Church of Rome, for Pardons, for Traditions, for the perpetuall visibility of the Church, for Satisfactions and workes of supererogation, for seuen Sacra∣ments, &c.