The second part of the Defence of the Reformed Catholicke VVherein the religion established in our Church of England (for the points here handled) is apparently iustified by authoritie of Scripture, and testimonie of the auncient Church, against the vaine cauillations collected by Doctor Bishop seminary priest, as out of other popish writers, so especially out of Bellarmine, and published vnder the name of The marrow and pith of many large volumes, for the oppugning thereof. By Robert Abbot Doctor of Diuinitie.
Abbot, Robert, 1560-1618.
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The speciall Contents of this Booke.

  • THat the Church of Rome maketh Christ in effect no Christ. pag. 14. &c.
  • That Rome is Babylon, and the Pope Antichrist. pag. 39.
  • Of Free-will. Chap. 1. pag. 86.
  • Of originall sinne after Baptisme. Chap. 2. pag. 163.
  • Of the certaintie of Saluation. Chap. 3. pag. 255.
  • Of Iustification. Chap. 4. pa. 379. in which are handled these points:
    • 1. That righteousnesse before God is imputed, not inherent. pag 387.
    • 2. What manner of faith it is whereby we are iustified. p. 434.
    • 3. That Faith onely doth iustifie. pag. 468.
    • 4. How we affirme it vnpossible to keepe Gods commaunde∣ments. pag. 550.
    • 5. That our good works are not free from staine of sin. p. 573.
    • 6. That true faith cannot be without charitie & good works. pag. 605.
  • Of Merits. Chap. 5. pag. 629.
  • Of Satisfaction. Chap. 6. pag. 729.
  • Of Traditions. Chap. 7. pag. 839.
  • Of Vowes, and namely of the Monkish vowes of chastitie, pouertie and obe∣dience. Chap. 8. pag. 992.
  • Of Images. Chap. 9. pag. 1105.