The reformed Catholicque, against the deformed Iesuite. Or A discovering of the trecherie of the Iesuites against the reformed churches of France, and other partes. Written by an inhabitant of Rochill, 1621.
Inhabitant of Rochill.
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THE REFORMED CATHOLICQVE, Against the Deformed Iesuite. OR A DISCOVERING Of the trecherie of the Iesuites Against the Reformed Churches of FRANCE, And other partes.

Marke 13.12.13.

The Brother shall betray the Brother to the death, and the Father the Sonne, and Children shal rise up against their Parents, and shall cause them to be put to death.

And you shalbe hated of all men for my names sake, but he that shall endure unto the ende, the same shalbe saved.

Written by an Inhabitant of Rochill / 1621.

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THE REFORMED CATHOLICQVE, Against the Deformed Iesuite. OR A DISCOVERING Of the trecherie of the Iesuites Against the Reformed Churches of FRANCE, And other partes.

YOu shalbe hated of Kings / and the grea∣test personages of the World / shall ab∣horre you. It is a Prophesie that is most true / and what this daye wee see and be∣hold to be common amongst us / wee are ab∣horred of the people / as the most abhominable per∣sons in the world / dispised both of great and litle / and Page  [unnumbered] gennerally exposed unto the opprobries / indignities / and indiscreet insolencies of mutinous Companions / and contemners of the Law of God / only for our Religion / bycause wee serve God in Spirit and truth and bycause wee wil not submit ourselves under the yoake of the beast. The Iew / the Turke / the Pa∣gan / and the Moore that know not God / are not ha∣ted of the World as wee are / and whie? bycause wee art of the Religion bycause wee serve God / and will not follow the sonne of perdition.

FRANCE at this tyme is full fraughted even in the furthest Provinces and partes thereof with our miseries Shadowes deplore and lament our af∣flictions in the midle of the Reformed churches that are furthest distant from the realme / pitie hath made knowne the desolation of our holy communetie / throughout all the World / are the good servants of God in all parts sight / deploring the pitiefull disor∣der / and sorrowfull abuse that is now practised in the church of God prophaning his holy Howse / destroy∣ing his Temple / spoyling his inheritance / exposing the flocke of God / to the rage of Wolves / and gi∣veing them for a pray to hongry Drons / who in dispight of God fell them selves and their cruell harts with the substance of his deare flocke / and which is more sensible / and the full accomplishement of our greefes / those that ought to help us / are they that committ most oppressions and extortions a∣gainst us / who most unjustly sustaine / maintaine / and entertaine those / that doe all these mischiefes unto us / inciting them to doe it / and under pretence of doing us Iustice / animate them against us / and Page  5 draw them to a plublicke rebellion / thereby to wrong and make us the authors of all these seditions. Wee are dumb / like sheep led to the slaughter. If wee make our complaintes / and implore the support and ayde of those that ought to maintaine us / wee are accused to be mutinous and seditious / wee are com∣mitted to prison / and our innocencie / without any ju∣stification is condemned criminall / and turbulent to the common peace. Oh most extreame Tyranie / and incomparable iniquitie. But alas! it is prophesied and forshowne by the Lord.

They are not content to have taken Bearn from no / to have polluted our Temples / to have forced our consciences / to have prohibited the exercise of the Re∣ligion unto us in those parts / to have taken our goods from us / to have violated our priviledges / to have compelled us to entertaine and maintaine our ennemyes with that smale portion that is left us. The Wolf takes the Sheep / and devoures it / the Theef takes a mans purse and his mony from him / and you take our goods and bodies both / but you can not hurt our soules. Wee must give the juyce of our travels unto perfidious hipocrytes / to secret Traitors / or to venimous serpents to nourishe them to make warre upon us / what saye I? To nourishe them / when they have as great revenewes as Kings alas! what impietie is? they rumate us / but not to enriche the Crowne of France / but rather to laye it open to an invasion. These Iesuiticall conspira∣tors without forraine ennemyes / will rule the regale Sceptre / if they attaine to the intents of their subtill and diabolicall inventions / which they have Page  6 allredy begon / and seing that they know that they can rule both the harts and bodyes of our Kings. They doubt not (I feare) to obtayne their scepters and crownes. They are for the forraine ennemy / and not for the upholding of France. Oh most dangerous Counsell / in so brave a Monarchie.

These good Fathers that outwardly seeme to be the true tipe and figure of Simplicitie / are inwardly stuffed with malice / and having ennemyes harts / can by no meanes procure the advancement of the state / nor the good of the common welth of France: Their pernicious deseigne is bent to the conspiration of the totale ruin of this happie Monarchie; They seeke by the motions and sterrings up of civill warres / which they goe about to make against us / by their pestilent Preachers / to make a brech for our common ennemy that he maye soddenly enter into the midle of the prease / and desireing nothing but his owne good dis∣possesse our King of his Realme / pull him downe from his throane / and with us / bring him to the white bague.

This is the end / this is the intēt / this is the deseigne and attempt of these trayterous hipocrytes / of these Divelishe doble harts / of these perfidious and dis∣loyall Iesuites / whose intents are not to set upon those of the religion / to support the Kings authoritie but to advance them selves / those parricides / who with murthering armes / bathed their hands in the sacred blood of our Kings / were they not either pen∣sioners / or schollers of the triple hornes / or were they not solicited and provoaked thereunto by their in∣ternall sophistries / teaching / that it is a goodly ac∣tion Page  7 to kill a King that is an hereticque / or that fa∣voreth heresie.

If wee might be permitted to search and looke into the registers of the depositions of the last des∣perate villaynes / wee shall finde that the last woordes of Ravaillac were these: saing / the Ie∣suites promised and assured me / that as sone as I had don the deed / the Angells and the Virgin Ma∣rie woulde carrie mee into Parradise / and in truth / those that were present at such a woofull and la∣mentable accident / report / that as sone as he hath stabd the King / he sought to run awaye / thinking that / that which the Trecherous murtherers had sayd would prove to be true / and wee shall not only know them by the last woords of that miserable wretch / nor by the sentence pronounced against them in their banishement / but by the catastrophall endes of all those wicked persons / which sheweth them openlie to be infamous to posteretie / and therefore they are so cruelly animated against us / bycause wee strive against / and allwayes accuse them of the death of our Kings; Therefore they seeke to rayse warre against us / thinking thereby to root us out / but that is the thing which wee least feare / protesting these that first begin may perchance to repent it.

Wee were promysed that nothing should be in∣novated in Bearn / to leave that busines in suspence and not to speake of the 7. monthes / never the lesse all those promises were withdrawne / that dewe pro∣ceedings from such persons might be broaken / and his Majestie was perswaded / and that by divers great personages / that it was a sinne / yea and a Page  8 great sinne to hold his woord therein / and to the con∣trarie that it is a worke of great pietie to violate his faith.

These whot spirits / these spotted and blacke con∣sciences / these disguised Divells / these perfidious in∣fernall Hogs / these Massacrers of Kings / publickely teach such pernicious precepts / whereof the death of Chastel serveth for a witnes / and an authentike seale unto us. They were not content to have done a thousand injuries unto us in Bearn / but since that tyme / (oh unspeakeable crueltie / and furious mad∣nes) they have taken our deade bodies out of the earth / troubled their rest / and used violence unto our carcases: seing it is a Huguenot / wee must pull him out of his grave / wee must tye a rope obout his necke and draw him through the streets like a dog. Oh most outragious beastlynes and Divelishe furie.

These Barbarous cruelties were done unto us in the citie of Tours, and worse then they / they brake downe our churche yeard / they defaced our Tem∣ple and burnt it / and the Bible / the holy scriptures / the Gospell and Testament of God. Whether doe these cruell vilaynes / suppose to triumphe against God / when they triumphe over his holy woord? and not content therewith / what have they not done? The repetition thereof is most lamentable.

They animated sedicious persons in all places against us / they did us a thousād mischiefes / and yet (alas) wee durst not open our mouthes to complayne thereof / that by our teares and sightes wee might pacifie and asswge our greef. Some of our people were cast in prison / and some were glad to run away / Page  9 and to set a faire shew upon their crueltie / they put some of their side likewise into prison / that were shas∣sed awaye / and the matter winckt at. If wee had done the like / wee should have bin imprisoned / hangd / and without forme of processe wee should hav bin punished for an exemple unto others / (alas) will not a good counsell take order in so pitieful a distresse. My hart bleedes / but I dare not saye that which I know. Ne vati noceat esse locutum. A great tree in the ende is puld downe to the grownde / by pulling one peece this daye / an other that daye from it.

Whie should wee be blasmed for assembling in Rochell / by the Kings permission / they take this sub∣ject to animate themselves against us / to come the∣ther to over run us / and to put all to fyer and sword / wee are pressed and perswaded to separate our selves which wee will never do. / that weare a meanes to begin againe / and to reduce us into the like miserie. It must not be so / wee must either know the short or the long / we have bin sufficiently dalied withall / and in a manner afflicted / since the lamentable death of King Henrie the great of famous memorie / the more wee staye / the more wee are vexed / the more wee re∣mit / the lesse wee are eased.

If they threathen to put us to death / wee are ac∣customed thereunto / if they threaten to burn us / wee have past through that allredy. If they threaten to cut of our heads / wee have tryed that also. Is not the river of Seine yet red all over with the blood of our Fathers? Is not the River of Loire all bloody by the mesure of our Bretheren? Is not the River Page  10 of Rosne yet purple with the blood of our graund-Fathers? Are not the ashes of our predicessors that were burnt / still whot? are not the high wayes still full of the bones of our Kinsmen / that were trayte∣rously murthered? for the profession of the reformed Religion? and for refuseing to follow the footstepp of Antechrist? All this is nothing / let us make the ri∣vers shew of a ermilion color with the abondance of our blood / let us contemne fyer and fagot / swords and shot / gibet and wheel for Religion sake / for the service of God / and for professing Iesus Christ / for he himself saith: He that acknowledged me before men I will acknowledge him before my Father which is in Heaven / as to the contrarie / he saith to those whome tribulation and feare of death hath made to fall from their profession. He that shall denie me before Men / I will denie him before my Father which is in Heaven / he that is ashamed to acknow∣ledge me before men / I will be ashamed of him be∣fore my Father which is in Heaven: And againe / he that loveth his life more then me / is not worthy of me.

They thinke by spoyling one member by destroy∣ing one towne / by putting a thowsand Millions of people to death / that the whole body of Religion is thereby exterminated / wee spring up againe out of our ashes / our blood hatcheth us againe. Those great and cruell Massacres committed upon our Fa∣thers / have not deminished us. It is Gods cause / the Lord will undertake our defence / and withstand the rage of our ennemyes.

They make warre against us / which is manifest Page  11 and evident / but pietie is not the principal cause of their deseigne / for seeing that Athists and Iewes are suffered to live peaceablie / they may wel permit us to live in the Realme indifferently among the common people obediently / as they have hetherto done / but bycause wee have directly banded our selves against the wicked enterprises of the satanicall instructions of this sodometicall societie / and that wee disclose the subtilties / the craftines / the infernall practises / and the antitheticque or contrarie Doctrynes of this communaltie of mamon / and publishe and make them knowne to simple ignorant fellowes seducers of the people / they are stirred up against us feareing that their state will dekie and wax worse and worse / and that in the ende they shall no longer be able to subsist against the truth / and also having an apre∣hension / that at the last they shall see the Romishe glorie and profit overthrowne / which to maintaine they doe most audaciously strive against God / and bycause wee uphold his name and defend the truth / they seeke by a Divelishe counsell to destroy us / as the most strong and most puisant ennemyes of the apostolike seate.

These Dipers / these Basilickes / these Tigers / these furious Dragons / are the cause of all the mischief which wee see to be prepared generally to afflict all Frannce / specially aiming at our destruction / like greedy and ravening Lyons. Let us stand firme and fast by the tree of faith / and let us repose all our con∣fydence and hoape in Gsd / without looking or at∣tending for ayde / from man / for / If God be with us / who shalbe against us?

Page  12Wee make profession of the Reformed religion / let not / torments / martiring / rackes / nor horror of death make us at any time to waver / nor change our Reli∣gion: let us not feare the World / Emperors / Kings / Monarckes / Princes / nor whole realmes nor Na∣tions sediciously animated against us / let us freely and boldly confesse that wee are Christians / and that wee will rather endure the crueltie of death / then denie Iesus Christ. Neverthelesse let us flie and shun the occasion / as much as wee can / and if wee can by no meanes avoyde the perill / and not hinder the blow / let us rather burst then obay Antechrist / let us rather embrase condemnation then mercy / and shew our selves constant in death / for the Gospell of Christ. God died for us / then are not wee bownd to die for him? Shall wee bowing downe our heades shamefuly without hoape / retire / esteming our selves happie to have that favor and that libertie / after wee have bin proclaimed traitors to his Majestie?

It is a follie / it must not be so / either wee will be punished / or wee will be Iustified / wee will have all or nothing. Wee have set the crowne upon King Henry the fourth / deceased / of glorious memorie: (Fraunce knowes it well) and wee will give the Scep∣ter to King Lowis the 13. God will give that grace / being able to do more / and being stronger then wee are thought to be: awaye with favour / awaye with the mignions of fortune / and those unmaried cour∣tiers / awaye with those tapucine consciences / they have sufficientlie and to much / to our great greef / troubled the sēces of our Atlas / by their bewitching sorceries / possessing the noblest parts of his under∣standing.

Page  13Wee will not rebell against the King / and much lesse will wee contradict the will of God / nor endure that men should anihilate our auncient Priveledge / wee will not indure it / and let it not be thought to be strange / if wee oppose the same withall our forces / for wee will never endure / that men should put a knife to our throates / without putting their hands to it.

If wee take Armes in hand / it shalbe to redsta∣blishe the King upon his throane / to commaund ab∣solutely over his people / and to prevent that mis∣chief / that is intended towards us / and if wee fight / to defend our selves / it shall bee to maintaine the faith of the Gospell / and preserve the Kings autho∣retie / although they cover themselves with vaile of Regall authoritie / to assayle us / but al proceeds from wicked counsell. Wee feare God / and honor the King.

What pitie is it? all the World is animatted sore against us / and there are some amongst us / that would betraie us / patience / let God be praysed / and doe all for his glorie.

At this daye it is a crime to be one of the Refor∣med Religion / but that crime is pleasing unto God: There is neither Emperor / King / Monarche / Prince nor Lord / to be short there is none / that wee ought to obaye before God. If they kill our bodyes / they can not kill our sowles. They have a quarrell against us long since / all that formerly past / was but subtiletyes to intrap us / wee are put from publicque offices wee are prohibited common commerce / our Elections are transported / our Priviledges are eclip∣sed Page  14 / and if they durst they would constraine us / to play banckcrupt with God / and religion / but wee will soner die then to doe wrong to our sowles / wee will never doe it / yea rather die a thousand deathes / then violate the Faith wee have vowed unto God. The three children contēned of Nabuchodonoser and his fyer. The Prophet Daniel did not feare the rage of the Lyons / let us rather be kild / then bow our knies to Baal / let us rather be throwne into the mouthes of burning fyrie furnases then to breake our Law / and denie our God / and let us not lose cou∣rage / nor be afrayd / for ••ll the traytors. Luke warne / and wicked men that m••e ••wnd among us / though they he never so great principall persons / and puisant / yea though they were our Fathers / Bretheren / Sisters / or our neerest kinsmen. Iesus Christ found a Iudas among his Apostles let us die / let us die couragiously to maintaine Gods quarrell / that at the ende of our course / after wee shall have fought a good fight he maye receave / and crowne us in Paradice / with the incorruptible crowne of glorie / perpetually to sing to his honor and glorie with the Angels and the blessed for ever and ever / Amen.

Veritas odium parit, & Supplicium.
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