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Author: Bradford, John, 1510?-1555.
Title: A godlye medytacyon composed by the faithfull ... I.B. latlye burnte in Smytfelde. ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A godlye medytacyon composed by the faithfull ... I.B. latlye burnte in Smytfelde. ...
Bradford, John, 1510?-1555., Vives, Juan Luis, 1492-1540., Pownall, Robert, 1520-1571.

[Imprinted at London: In Saint Martins parishe in the vinetre, vpon the three Crane warfe, by wyllyam Coplande, Anno. Do. M.D.LIX. The vx. daye of Marche. [1559]]
Alternate titles: Most fruitful prayer for the dispersed church of Christ. Of Iohn Bradforth. A godly meditacion. Of John Bradforth. A godly meditacion.
I.B. = Iohn Bradford.
Imprint from colophon.
Largely translated from: Vives, Juan Luis. Excitationes animi in Deum.
Running title reads: of Iohn Bradforth. A godly meditacion.
Signatures: A-E F2.
Title page mutilated with partial loss of print; considerable print show-through; leaves marked and stained.
Reproduction of the original in the Bodleian Library.
Subject terms:
Prayers -- Early works to 1800.

❧ A Godlye Medytacyon composed by the faithfull and constant seruant of God I. B. lastlye was burnte in for the testimonie of Iesus Christe, by the tyrannye of Ante∣christe in his fyl¦ mem∣bers.
¶When you awake out of your slepe pray thus.
¶Occasions to meditate.
❧ So soone as you beholde the daye lyght pray.
¶Occasions to meditate.
¶When you arise pray.
¶ Occasions to meditate.
¶When you Apparell yourselfe Praye.
❧ Occasions to meditate.
¶ When you ar made redy, to begyn the day wythall praye.
¶ Cogitations mete to begyn the daye with.
❧ When you goe foorth of the doers praye.
☞ When you are goynge any Iorney Pray.
¶ Or Pray thus.
¶ Whē you ar aboute to receaue your meat praye.
¶ In the meale time pray.
¶After your meate pray thus.
¶ Cogytations for about the midday tyme.
¶ When you cum home agayne. Praye.
¶ At the son goyng downe pray.
¶When ye candles be light pray.
¶ When you make your self vnredy Praye.
¶Whē you enter in to your bed Praye.
¶When you feele slepe to be cō∣mynge praye.
¶ A mooste frutfull Prayer for the dispersed Church of Christ very necessary to be vsed of the godly in these dayes of affliction compiled by. R. P.
i. Timoth. ii. Praye in euery place lyfting vp pure hādes.
¶An other godly prayer to be sayde at al tymes.