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Title: All the French Psalm tunes with English words. Being a collection of Psalms accorded to the verses and tunes generally vsed in the Reformed churches of France and Germany. Perused and approved by judicious divines, both English and French.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: All the French Psalm tunes with English words. Being a collection of Psalms accorded to the verses and tunes generally vsed in the Reformed churches of France and Germany. Perused and approved by judicious divines, both English and French.
Standish, John, fl. 1632,

London: Printed by Thomas Harper, with permission of the Company of Stationers, 1632.
Bible. O.T. Psalms. English. Miscellaneous metrical versions.
Compiled by John Standish.
Reproduction of the original in the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery.

title page
CONSECRATED to the glory of GOD, DEDICATED to the pious Benefactors and Patrons of this well inten∣ded and laborious work,
The Preface.
metrical Psalter
Psalme j Doctrine.
Psalme 2. Prophecy.
Psalme 3. Doctrine.
Psalme iiij. Prayer.
Psalme v. Prayer.
Psalme vj. Prayer.
Psalme 7. Prayer.
Psalme 8. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 9. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme x. Of prayer, and comfort.
Psalme 11. Comfort.
Psalme 12. Prayer.
Psalme 13. Prayer
Psalme 14. Doctrine.
Psalme 15. Doctrin.
Psalme 16. Thanksgiuing & prophecy.
Psalme 17. Prayer.
Psalme 18. Thanksgiuing & prophecy.
Psalme 19. Doctrin.
Psalme 20. Prayer.
Psalme 21. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 22. Prayer and prophecy.
Psalme 23. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme xxv. Alphabeticall Prayer.
Psalme 26. Prayer.
Psalme 27. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme xxvlij. Prayer.
Psalme 29. Doctrine.
Psalme 30. Thanksgiuing.
Psalmē xxxj. Prayer.
Psalme xxxij. Prophecy,
Psalme 33. Doctrine.
Psalme 34. Alphabeticall. Doctrin.
Psalme 35. Prayer.
Psalme 36. Doctrin.
Psalme xxxvij. Alphabeticall. Doctrin.
Psalme xxxviij. Prayer.
Psalme 39. Consolation.
Psalme 40. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 41. Prayer and prophecy.
Psalme 42. Consolation.
Psalme 44. Prayer.
Psalme xlv. Doctrin.
Psalme 46, Victory.
Psalme 47. Reioycing.
Psalme 48. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 49. Doctrin.
Psalme l. Doctrin▪
Psalme 51. Prayer.
Psalme 52. Consolation.
Psalme 53. Doctrin.
Psalme 54. Prayer.
Psalme 55. Prayer.
Psalme lvj. Prayer.
Psalme 57. Prayer.
Psalme 58. Consolation.
Psalme lix. Prayer.
Psalme 60. Prayer.
Psalme Lxj. Prayer.
Psalme Lxij. Consolation.
Psalme 63. Prayer.
Psalme Lxiiij. Prayer.
Psalme 65. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 66 Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 67. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 68. Of praise publique.
Psalme 69. Prayer & prophecy.
Psalme Lxx. Prayer.
Psalme 71. Prayer.
Psalme 72 Doctrin of politique gouernment.
Psalme Lxxiij. Doctrin.
Psalme 74. Prayer.
Psalme 75. Thanksgiuing and Doctrin.
Psalme 76. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 77. Doctrin.
Psalme. Lxxviij Exhortation.
Psalme Lxxix. Prayer.
Psalme 80. Prayer.
Psalme 81. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 82. Doctrin.
Psalme 83. Prayer.
Psalme 84. Prayer.
Psalme 85. Doctrin.
Psalme 86. Prayer.
Psalme 87. Prayer and prophecy.
Psalme 88. Prayer.
Psalme 89. Prayer.
Psalme 90. Prayer of Moses.
Psalme 91. Doctrin.
Psalme XCij. Consolation.
Psalme 93. Consolation.
Psalme 94. Consolation.
Psalme 95. Doctrin.
Psalm 96
Psalme 97. Doctrin & prophecy.
Psalme 98. Doctrin & prophecy.
Psalme 99. Consolation.
Psalme 100. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 101. Doctrin of policy.
Psalme 102. Comfort.
Psalme Ciij.
Psalme 104. Praise.
Psalme 105. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 106. Comfort.
Psalme 107. Doctrin.
Psalme 108. Prayer.
Psalme 109. Prayer.
Psalme 110. Doctrin & prophecy.
Psalme 111. Praise & Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 112. Consolation.
Psalme 113. Praise.
Psalme 114. Thanksguing.
Psalme 115. Prayer.
Psalme 116. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme Cxvij.
Psalme 118. Thanksgiuing & prophecy.
Psalme 119.
1. Aleph, Consolation.
5 HE
8. HETH.
9. TETH.
10. IOD.
11 CAPH.
13 MEM
14. NVN.
16. AIN.
17. PE,
18. ZADE.
19. KOPH.
20. RESH:
21. SCHIN.
Psalme 120. Prayer & Complaint.
Psalme 121. Comfort.
Psalme 122. Consolation.
Psalme 123. Prayer.
Psalme 124. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 125. Doctrin.
Psalme 126. Praise.
Psalme 127. Doctrine.
Psalme 128. Doctrin.
Psalme 129. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 130. Prayer.
Psalme 131. Consolation.
Psalme 132. Prayer.
Psalme 133. Doctrin.
Psalme 134. Doctrin.
Psalme 135. Doctrin.
Psalme 136. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 137. Complaint.
Psalme 138. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 139. Consolation.
Psalme 140. Prayer.
Psal. 141. Prayr.
Psalme 142. Prayer.
Psalme 143. Prayer.
Psalme 144. Prayer.
Psalme Cxlv. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 146. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 147. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 148. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme Cxlix. Thanksgiuing.
Psalme 150. Praise.
The Song of Simeon, Luke 2.
Decalogue, Exod. 20.