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Author: Weston, Edward, 1566-1635.
Title: A triple cure of a triple malady that is of [brace] vanity in apparell, excesse in drinking, impiety in swearing [brace] / by E.W., Doctor, and Professor of Diuinity.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A triple cure of a triple malady that is of [brace] vanity in apparell, excesse in drinking, impiety in swearing [brace] / by E.W., Doctor, and Professor of Diuinity.
Weston, Edward, 1566-1635.

[St.-Omer: English College Press], M. DC. XVI. [1616]
Place of publication suggested by STC (2nd ed.).
Signatures: A-T8, V4.
Contains marginal notes.
Numerous errors in paging.
"Permissu superiorum."
Reproduction of original in the Harvard University Library.
Subject terms:
Christian life -- Catholic authors.

title page
TO THE CHRISTIAN Iudicious Reader.
THE FIRST CVRE: WHICH IS, Of Vanity in Apparell.
CHAP. I. What is the Naturall, and Ciuill vse of Apparell.
What may be the generall purpose of Nature; in that all nations endeauour to adorne their bodyes. CHAP. II.
How in the vse of Apparell, Nature and Art, may make a conuenient tempe∣rature: and what generall ob∣seruations, are necessary in this kind. CHAP. III.
That Pride, Effeminacy, and Impiety, be three Head-springs of Folly, in the abuse of Apparell. CHAP. IIII.
How Modesty, and Prudence condemne excesse in Apparell, and the like; as signes discou-ring Pride and Arrogancy in the mind. CHAP. V.
Seeing that the curious, and disorderly vse of Apparell is aspectacle, and prouo∣kement of wantonnesse; by all sound iudgements, it is to be reproued: and for this respect also holden as culpable, and dispraisable. CHAP. VI.
Christian Piety directed by Faith, doth very much disallow, and condemne the vaine, and curious excesse of Cloathing. CHAP. VII.
THE SECOND CVRE: WHICH IS, Of Excesse in Drinking.
What charge Nature hath giuen to eue∣ry man, in regard of his being, and actions of a man, to auoyd Drunkennesse. CHAP. I.
Whosoeuer shall consider mans estate ac∣cording to the rules of Faith, as com∣posed of body & soule: shall find iust cause to hate and detest the vice of Drnkenesse. CHAP. II.
Whatsoeuer duety belongeth to a Chri∣stians charge, either to God or Man, is only violated by this vice of Drunkennesse. CHAP. III.
THE THIRD CVRE: WHICH IS, Of Impiety in Swearing.
Wherin cōsisteth the nature of an Oath: and how the vse therof is lawfull and Religious. CHAP. I.
What submission, and reuerence is to be wished in all those who sweare a truth, inuocating the Excellency of God Almighty. CHAP. II.
What a grieuous trespasse it is to sweare falsly. CHAP. III.
That the vngodlinesse of vaine and ir∣reuerent Swearing, is an enormous trespasse against the sacred Maie∣sty of Almighty God. CHAP. IIII.
Vincent. Spec. historial. l. 24. c. 24.
Ex Autographo excuso Attrebati, anno 1601. cum approbatione D. Gulieli Gazeti Pastorts S. Magdalenae, & Canonici Ariensis.
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The Conclusion to the Reader. CHAP. V.
A TABLE Of the Contents of this Booke.