The A, B, C, of armes, or, An introduction directorie whereby the order of militarie exercises may easily bee vnderstood, and readily practised, where, when, and howsoeuer occasion is offered
I. T.
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Ad Lectores prorsus indignos.

THere are some whom Nature be∣gun, but neuer finisht, whose heat∣lesse and heartlesse trunkes, like ouer-growne Thistles in a fertile soyle, heaue vp their vnprofitable heads, aboue the reach of better deseruing persons, and like Dogs in mangers, neither doe, nor suffer to be done. But squaring all other mens indeuours, by the crooked leuell of their pseudopoliticall conceits, condemne what is most commendable in others, yet neither doe nor say any thing themselues worthy cōmenditions: These Gallinaceus mushrumps, qui fungino genere se to∣tum caput tegunt: all head and no heart, lye snarling at Souldiers, and the profes∣sion militarie, and not hauing grace e∣nough to make a prologue to a reasonable breake-fast, nor heart enough to oppose a Ginny-Hen, if her feathers ruffle; doe most of all, being sensible in nothing but blowes, traduce as vnchyistiā, the practice Page  [unnumbered]of militarie discipline, and terme the Professors thereof bloudie and barbarous, such pusillanimous Plebeians, I bar by & mayne, procul hinc procul ite pro∣fani. Yet if any such meticulous Buffone chance to besmeare my well intended pre∣uention of idlenesse, with the slime of his calumny; let him be assured, that I rather pitty his want of wit, then feare his will or skill in rayling, or reasoning against the man or the matter, quod decuit tantos, cur mihi turpe putem? &c. I know the force of his circumstances can neuer infer the conclusion hee will labour for, but as he begins with A. he will get but the ad∣dition of double S. and so I leaue him, and rest