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Author: I. T.
Title: The hauen of pleasure containing a freemans felicitie, and a true direction how to liue well : profitable and del[i]ghtfull to all, hurtfull and displeasing to none, except it bee to such pecuish dames as do either foolishlie reiect, or carelesly neglect the dutie of chast matron[e]s / gathered out of the best approued authors.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The hauen of pleasure containing a freemans felicitie, and a true direction how to liue well : profitable and del[i]ghtfull to all, hurtfull and displeasing to none, except it bee to such pecuish dames as do either foolishlie reiect, or carelesly neglect the dutie of chast matron[e]s / gathered out of the best approued authors.
I. T.

[London]: Printed by P.S. for Paule Linley, and Iohn Flasket, and are to be solde at their shop in Paules churchyard at the sign of the black Beare, 1597.
Dedications signed: I.T.
Signatures: A-X4.
Pages 153, 156-157, and 160 misnumbered as 145, 148-149, and 152 respectively.
Title in engraved illustrated border.
Reproduction of original in the Bodleian Library.
Subject terms:
Conduct of life -- Early works to 1800.

title page
To the right vvorshipfull the Go∣uernor, Deputies, Assistants, and gene∣ralitie of Marchants aduenturers: I. T. wisheth prosperous successe in all their affaires.
To al brawling wiues and male pert mistresses, I. T. wisheth a reformation of vndecent qualities.
The Hauen of pleasure, very pro∣fitable and pleasant for all sorts of People.
We must carefullie fixe our eies, and lift vp our mindes to God the Father, thorough our Lord Iesus Christ. Chapter. 1.
What great thinges God the Creator of all things, hath bestowed on man. Chapter. 2.
That there is nothing more deare vnto God then man, and that all thinges were made for his vse. Chap. 3.
What great thankfulnesse man oweth to Godward. Chap. 4.
What profite Baptisme bringeth to man, and what it warneth vs to doe. Chap. 5.
After God wee must bee charitable to our Neigh∣bour. Chap. 6.
What ought to bee the dutie of Chil∣dren towardes their Parentes. Chap. 7.
How euerie one ought to carie himselfe, towards them that are their instructors. Chap. 8.
Who aboue al others ought to be reuerenced in this life. Chap. 9.
What profit instruction bringeth to men, and of what sort it ought to be. Chap. 10.
Whence the soundnesse of manners and best precepts are to be sought. Chap. 11.
What Authors we may best vse to file the toung and in∣struct the mind, and what artes ought most especiallie to be learned. Chap. 12.
The Authors iudgement on Heathen writers. Chap. 13.
Of Poets, and what profit youth and age get by reading them. Chap. 14.
Of the vse and profit of Histories. Chap. 15.
Of Comedies. Chap. 16.
Of eloquence, and the art of speaking which is needeful and profitable for all men what Language soeuer hee speake. Chap. 17.
To what Artes the studies of humanitie do open vs the waie. Chap. 18.
That we must cleaue to some setled profession. Chap. 19.
What studies and exercises are most profitable and fruit∣ful, and what are hurtful and pernicious. Chap. 20.
We ought to haue no lesse regard to our mindes and soules, then vnto our bodies. Chap. 21
What meanes a man may vse to keepe his bodie in perfect health. Chap. 22.
We must take our meate at the liberal and bountiful hand of God, with grateful and thankeful harts. Chap. 23.
What regard we ought to haue of hospitalitie. Chap. 24.
Of the care and gouernment of a house. Chap. 25.
We must keepe a measure in sleeping and watching. Chap. 26.
What profit and disprofit comes by fulnesse and emptinesse and by binding and loosing the belly. Chap. 27.
That students and such as haue gouernment in a Common wealth, must purge the passages whereby the exere∣ments are auoided. Chap. 28.
Precepts no lesse profitable to the soule then to the bodie. Chap. 29.
All men must haue a diligent regard to keepe a good name. Chap. 30.
The pacisier of discords is to be praised. Chap. 31.
Let no man glorie in his wealth, or despaire in aduersitie, but let him strengthen himselfe with Gods prouidence. Chap. 32.
Beware of too much curiositte. Chap. 33.
Keepe a meane mattire. Chap. 34.
No man ought to despise his calling. Chap. 35.
Flie the company and fellowship of the wicked: Chap. 36.
We must bridle our tongues not onely from filthy, but also from idle words. Chap. 37.
Deceit and dissimulation in our wordes and whole course of life is to be detested. Chap. 38
Auoid selfe-loue and the perswasion of perfect learning. Chap. 39.
Mike choice and triall of thy familiars and friends. Chap. 40.
Be surety for no man without consideration. Chap. 41.
Beware of flatterers which the Dutch man cals Pluy m∣strijckers. Chap. 42.
Certaine precepts applied to good life. Chap. 43.
Of exercise, whereby the decayed strength both of bodie and mind is repaired. Chap. 44.
In al thy actions let reason be thy counseller. Chap. 45.
Do nothing thou doubtest of. Chap. 46.
That there are rewardes both for vice and vertue Chap. 47.
A lour actions must begin with praiers to God. Chap. 48.
The fittest time to frame our minds & lift vp our harts to God is early in the morning in the dawning of the day. Chap. 49.
Cal to mind at night the things thou didst in the day. Chap. 50.
Let no man flatter himselfe in his sinne, or any way seeke to extenuate his fault. Chap. 51.
Wee must acknowledge all good thinges to come from the Lord. Chap. 52.
Great consideration and difference must bee hadde in choosing that kinde of life which a man meanes to liue in. Chap. 53
Of the Lawful societie of Wedlocke. Chap. 54.
All societie that comes not within the com∣passe of Wedlocke is vicious, and alto∣gither vnlawful. Chap. 55.
By what meanes a man forseeing death by nature may not be afraid of it. Chap. 56.
Of the greatnesse of the name of Iesus Christ, his maiestie and power, wherewith we must only resist magicall in∣chantments, and ouercome the illusions of the Diuel or any other hurt that shall happen to body and mind. Chap. 57.
Whether hearbes and precious stones haue a power to cast out Deuils and expel noisome things. Chap. 58.
Of the maiestie and power of God, and howe many names the essence of one God diuided into three persons, hath; by thinking whereof mans minde receiueth peace and comfort and perfect faith towards God. Chap. 59.
Of the Nature, conditions, and manners of Women, and why that sex when they are angrie, are more fierce then Men, conceiue anger sooner, chide more vn∣measureablie, and are sooner ouercome with any af∣fection then men. And by the waie in what sence this saying of the Wise man it to be taken: The ini∣quitie of a man is better then the good deedes of a Woman. Chap. 60.