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Author: Sym, John.
Title: Lifes preservative against self-killing. Or, An useful treatise concerning life and self-murder shewing the kindes, and meanes of them both: the excellency and preservation of the former: the evill, and prevention of the latter. Containing the resolution of manifold cases, and questions concerning that subject; with plentifull variety of necessary and usefull observations, and practicall directions, needfull for all Christians. By John Sym minister of Leigh in Essex.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Lifes preservative against self-killing. Or, An useful treatise concerning life and self-murder shewing the kindes, and meanes of them both: the excellency and preservation of the former: the evill, and prevention of the latter. Containing the resolution of manifold cases, and questions concerning that subject; with plentifull variety of necessary and usefull observations, and practicall directions, needfull for all Christians. By John Sym minister of Leigh in Essex.
Sym, John.

London: Printed by M. Flesher, for R. Dawlman, and L. Fawne, at the Brazen Serpent in Pauls-Churchyard, 1637.
Alternate titles: Lifes preservative against self-killing Useful treatise concerning life and self-murder.
The words "The kindes .. latter." are enclosed in brackets on the title page.
Includes index.
Reproduction of the original in the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign Campus). Library.
Subject terms:
Suicide -- Religious aspects -- Christianity -- Early works to 1800.

title page
TO THE RIGHT HONORABLE AND MOST NOBLE LORD, ROBERT EARLE OF WARWICK, Lord RICH, Baron of LEEZE, &c. My very good LORD, and most noble PATRON: Increase of Grace; Honor and Happinesse.
THE PREFACE TO THE READERS OF THIS TREATISE: AND To my Auditors in my Ministery; specially my ever much respected loving Friends, and respective Parishioners, the Inhabitants of Leigh in Essex: Grace and Peace be multiplyed.
To the Christian Reader.
IN DOCTISSIMVM, ET ELABORATVM HVNC TRACTATƲM, Technas Diaboli homines ad horrendum scelus provocantis, mirâ arte & pietate denudantem.
A deare Friend to the Author.
A TABLE OF THE Chapters and severall Sections, with their Contents.
CHAP. 1. The generall description of Self-murder.
§. 1. Concerning life and death.
§. 2. Self-murder described.
§. 3. Self-murder is knowne by life.
CHAP. 2. Of the kindes of the life of man.
CHAP. 3. Of naturall life in generall.
§. 1. of divers sorts of life.
§. 2. Man only is subject to self-murder.
§. 3. How naturall life is knowne by man in whom it is.
§. 4. The soules double act of life in man.
CHAP. 4. Of mans naturall life more specially.
§. 1. Wherein the naturall life of man consists.
§. 2. The sweetnesse of naturall life.
§. 3. The losse of naturall life is horrible and painefull.
§. 4. How life is deare and precious.
§. 5. Of the meanes of lifes preservation.
§. 6. How to use Physick.
§. 7. Of deadly things to be resisted.
§. 8. Of spending our lives well.
CHAP. 5. Of mans spirituall life.
§. 1. What spirituall life is.
§. 2. The acts of spirituall life.
§. 3. The degrees of spirituall life.
§. 4. Who may have spirituall life, and by whose fault doe any misse of it.
§. 5. Of the excellency of spirituall life.
§. 6. How to obtaine spirituall life.
§. 7. How the Gospell workes life.
§. 8. Why God uses meanes.
§. 9. How the Spirits power is manifested and seene.
§. 10. Of the degrees of the Spirits worke of holi∣nesse in us.
§. 11. Of the signes of spirituall life.
§. 12. How spirituall life may be preserved.
§. 13. Of mans care of spirituall life.
CHAP. 6. Of lifes destruction, and of murder in generall.
§. 1. How mans life may be lost.
§. 2. Of the meanes of losing life naturall.
§. 3. Of the meanes of the destruction of spiri∣tuall life.
§. 4. Of murder in self-killing.
§. 5. How murder is vile.
§. 6. Of the originall of murder.
CHAP. 7. Of murder, as it is of ones selfe.
§. 1. Of the specificall difference of self-murder.
§. 2. Of the evill and greatnesse of self-murder.
§. 3. Of lawfull self-killing.
§. 4. Diverse observations from the generall con∣sideration of self-murder.
CHAP. 8. Of spirituall self-murder in speciall.
§. 1. All perishing soules are self-murdered.
§. 2. Spirituall self-murder defined.
§. 3. Of soul-murder, by deprivation of life.
§. 4. Of mans deficiency to be saved.
§. 5. Of mans neglect of the power of the meanes.
§. 6. Of mans defect in obedience.
§. 7. Of the reasons of defect of obedience.
§. 8. Of grace dying by mans neglect.
§. 9. The harme of omission of duty.
§. 10. Of indeavour after spirituall life, and of the lets thereof.
§. 11. Of spirituall self-murder by subjection to death, through commission of evill.
§. 12. Of the meanes of destruction, by breaking the Law.
§. 13. Of the causes of mens adventure upon sinfull courses.
§. 14. Of spirituall self-murder, by sinning against the Gospell.
§. 15. Of Infidelity.
§. 16. Of Impenitency.
§. 17. Of the sinne against the Holy Ghost.
§. 18. Of Apostacy.
§. 19. Of the malignity of the sinnes against the Gospell, above those committed against the Law.
§. 20. The improvement of the knowledge of spirituall self-murder.
CHAP. 9. Of bodily self-murder in speciall.
§. 1. How bodily self-murder is defined and dif∣ferenced.
§. 2. Of Mans body and its works.
§. 3. Of the degrees of self-murder and prone∣nesse of men to it.
CHAP. 10. Of the kindes of bodily self-murder.
§. 1. Direct and indirect self-murder defined.
§. 2. Of the differences between direct and indi∣rect self-murder.
§. 3. How indirect self-murder is greater, in some respects, than direct.
§. 4. How absolutly direct self-murder is the greatest.
§. 5. Of the degrees of sinne, and how to escape the greatest, and its end.
CHAP. II. Of Indirect self-murder of the body.
§. 1. Why Indirect self-murder is first treated of.
§. 2. Of Indirect self-murder by omission.
§. 3. Of indirect self-murder, by omission physically wrought.
§. 4. Of indirect self-murder by omission moral∣ly wrought.
§. 5. A question resolved about standers mute at tryall.
§. 6. About malefactors arraigned for crimes; how they are to answer to the question Guil∣ty or not guilty.
§. 7. Of indirect self-murder by commission.
§. 8. Of Indirect self-murder of commission by unwarrantable practise of Physick, &c.
§. 9. Of indirect self-murder by unthrifti∣nesse, &c.
§. 10. Of indirect self-murder of commission wrought by desperate hazard in 6. Cases.
The first Case, of Braves and Gallants.
Concerning purchase and rescue.
Concerning some souldiers.
Concerning Mariners.
Concerning Duells.
Concerning desperate attempts upon daring and wagering.
§. 11. Of indirect self-murder committed by cove∣nant and society with persons destinate to de∣struction.
§. 12. Of indirect self-murder by doing that, which naturally procures that which kills the doer.
§. 13. Of indirect self-murder by doing of capi∣tall crimes against humane Lawes and authority.
§. 14. Of indirect self-murder by wilfull trans∣gression of Gods Lawes.
§. 15. Of certaine exempt Cases.
§. 16. A particular question about souldiers flying, resolved.
§. 17. The second exempt case about venturing of life, which is upon urgent necessity.
§. 18. Of the second point, which is concerning certaine death for certaine more publike good.
§. 19. Of certaine questions resolved.
§. 20. About a man under deadly displeasure of Superiours.
§. 21. Touching the voluntary appearance of Fe∣lons at liberty upon baile, to free their baile.
§. 22. What a guilty person ought to do to free the innocent.
§. 23. About a mans voluntary revealing to the Magistrate, his own secret capitall crimes.
§. 24. A sixt question, about burning or sinking of a Ship in sea fight.
§. 25. Of adventuring about saving of soules.
§. 26. Of adventuring for salvation and reli∣gion.
§. 27. Of the first case or point, which is about defence of religion.
§. 28. About the publike confession, or profes∣sion of the truth.
§. 29. Touching not omission of necessary duties commanded of God in any perill of life for the same.
§. 30. Against commission of evill upon any humane command, or threats.
§. 31. Of the kindes of sinnes of commission to be avoyded.
§. 32. Of indifferent things, how they become sinfull.
§. 33. Of the properties of an indirect selfe-murderer.
§. 34. Observations from indirect self-murder.
CHAP. 12. Of direct bodily self-murder.
§. 1. What it is.
§. 2. Of the imaginary good conceited to bee in self-murder.
§. 3. Concerning the wills object, and faultinesse.
§. 4. Observations from the knowledge of direct self-murder.
§. 5. Of certaine exempt cases.
CHAP. 13. Of direct self-murderers.
§. 1. Practise and habit gives denomination.
§. 2. How it is by Scripture apparent that many men doe murder themselves.
§. 3. Self-murderers are apparent by history.
§. 4. Self-murderers knowne by experience.
CHAP. 14. Of the usuall means and furtherances of self-murdering.
§. 1. Of the meanes of self-murdering.
§. 2. Of the application of the meanes of self-killing.
§. 3. Of the method of self-murderers.
CHAP. 15. The self-murderers motives to kill themselues.
§. 1. Men by abused reason sin worst.
§. 2. Of motives in generall to self-murder, there can be none warrantably sufficient.
§. 3. Concerning perverted Iudgement, by Laws and Custome.
§. 4. Of misunderstood Scripture perverting the Iudgement; and the remedy thereof.
§. 5. Of misconstrued decree and destiny, to the perverting of judgement.
§. 6. Of conceited good by self-murder, perver∣ting the judgement.
§. 7. Concerning afflictions upon the body, occa∣sioning self-murder.
§. 8. Of crosses upon mans outward estate, oc∣casioning self-murder.
§. 9. Of dishonour causing self-murder.
§. 10. Of disasters upon friends, occasioning self-murder.
§. 11. Of trouble of conscience, occasioning self-murder.
§. 12. Of discontentment of minde.
§. 13. Of shame and confusion.
§. 14. Of feare occasioning self-murder.
§. 15. Of the true causes of self-murder in af∣flictions.
§. 16. Of afflictions unwarrantablenesse to kill ones selfe.
§. 17. Of certaine uses about afflicted persons.
§. 18. Concerning anger and revenge.
§. 19. Concerning prevention of sin to come.
§. 20. Concerning ambition.
§. 21. Of the motions of the Devill, to self-murder.
§. 22. Of Phrensie occasioning self-killing.
§. 23. Of examples of self-murder.
CHAP. 16. The introducement and entrance into self-murderer.
§. 1. Of the persons subject to self-murder.
§. 2. Of the entrance into self-murder.
§. 3. Of the signes of self-murder.
CHAP. 17. Arguments against self-murder, proving the same to be utterly unlawfull.
§. 1. Self-murder is contrary to Religion.
§. 2. How self-murder is against God himselfe.
§. 3. How self-murder is against nature.
§. 4. How self-murder is injurious to mankinde.
§ 5. How self-murder wrongs mans selfe do∣ing it.
§. 6. How self-murder is most harmefull.
§. 7. How reason condemnes self-murder.
§. 8. Of certaine uses.
CHAP. 18. Whether all self-murderers bee damned everla∣stingly, with the Devill in hell.
§. 1. Of the extent of self-murder to the soules hurt.
§. 2. That all that kill themselves are not proper∣ly Self-murderers, nor in their estate of dam∣nation.
§. 3. That proper and direct self-murderers are all reprobates, and without the state of grace.
§. 4. Of the examples of self-murderers in Scripture.
§. 5. Self-murder is a sin transcendent beyond Law and mercy.
§. 6. Self-murderers want true repentance.
§. 7. The Churches Iudgement of self-murderers.
§. 8. Of certaine uses.
§. 9. Certaine objections answered; and first touching the nature of self-murder.
§. 10. Touching Examples of self-killers.
§. 11. About antecedent Prayer and repentance for pardon of sinnes to come.
CHAP. 19. Antidotes for prevention of self-murder.
§. 1. What we are to do of our selves, to prevent self-murder.
§. 2. Caveats and observations about confession.
§. 3. Of the meanes to be used with others against temptations to self-murder.
§. 4. Of the course that others without the tempted are to take to save him.
AN ALPHABETICALL Table of the materiall Contents of this Treatise, directing to the Page where the same is contained, or begun.
The faults of the Presse thus amend.