A martial conference pleasantly discoursed betweene two souldiers, the one Captaine Skil, trained vp in the French and Low Country seruices, the other Captaine Pill, only practised in Finsburie fields in the modern warres of the renowmed Duke of Shordich and the mightie Prince Arthur
Rich, Barnabe, 1540?-1617.
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To the most honorable and renow∣med Lord Sir George Carie, of the no∣ble order of the Garter knight, Baron of Huns∣don, Gouernour and Captaine of the Isle of Wight, Captaine of her Maiesties Gentlemen Pensioners, Lord Chamberlaine to her Maistie, and of her Highnesse most honorable priuie Counsell.

IT hath pleased your Honor in fauourable sort to accept of a first croppe of my vnsauourie fruits: vnsauorie I may well call them that come from so barren a soile, too colde and drie, to nourish dainties, or to affoord a pleasing plant, that may be sauourie to your Lordshippes taste: but the field is yours, your Lordship hath purchased it, and tied it by band; for euer bound vnto you by so many noble fauours, it hath plea∣sed your Honor to vouchsafe vnto me: the fruits therefore both of my labours and of my leisures are due vnto your Lordship, and doe appertaine vnto your Honor all by proper right, and euerie man is inclined to accept of his owne, and fauou∣rably to regard them, be they neuer so simple. I Page  [unnumbered]haue therefore presumed to present you with a second croppe, not so seasonable as they shoulde be, by reason of mine owne ill husbandry, that can not obserue that Decorum looked after by Schollers and maisters of Art and method: yet I hope my errors shal passe for the easier payment, and be the better borne withall, my selfe being a martiall Professor; and continually armed to the proofe, with a seruiceable and duetifull heart to your Honor, and to that most noble and virtuous Ladie, your Lordships bedfellow, of whose fa∣uors I haue tasted, and of whole worthinesse the lesse I write, the lesse I wrong her, and therefore as a subiect too high for my conceit to reach vn∣to, I will leaue her to the praise of more happie pennes than mine owne, and may cease to write, but neuer to wish vnto you both, all honor and happinesse, that is not preiudiciall to true hap∣pinesse, and thus will rest

Your L. in all humble and dutifull affection Barnabe Rich.