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Author: Puccini, Vincenzio.
Title: The life of the holy and venerable mother Suor Maria Maddalena De Patsi a Florentine lady, & religious of the Order of the Carmelites. Written in Italian by the Reuerend Priest Sigr. Vincentio Puccini, who was sometymes her ghostly father. And now translated into English.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The life of the holy and venerable mother Suor Maria Maddalena De Patsi a Florentine lady, & religious of the Order of the Carmelites. Written in Italian by the Reuerend Priest Sigr. Vincentio Puccini, who was sometymes her ghostly father. And now translated into English.
Puccini, Vincenzio., Matthew, Tobie, 1577-1655,

[Saint-Omer: English College Press] Published by allowance of superiours, Anno M.DC.XIX. [1619]
Alternate titles: Vita di Santa Maria Maddalena de Pazzi. English La vita di Santa Maria Maddalena de Pazzi.
A translation, by Sir Tobie Matthew, of: Puccini, Vincenzio. La vita di Santa Maria Maddalena de Pazzi.
Place and date of publication from STC.
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Ecclesiastical law -- Great Britain -- Early works to 1800.

title page
Faults escaped in the printing.
Of the Birth, Descendence, and Education of Suor Maria Maddalena, till she came to the age of seauen yeares. CHAP. I.
Of her Charity towards poore folkes: and the Mentall Prayer which she vsed. CHAP. 2.
Of the great desire which she had to receaue the B. Sacrament: and of the pennances which she vsed. CHAP. 2.
How she was left in the Monastery of S. Gio∣uannino: and of the inspirations which she had to become Religious in the Mo∣nastery of S. Maria de li Angeli. CHAP. 4.
In the yeare of her Nouiship she makes great proof of many vertues: of the much desire she had to be Professed, which was ac∣corded by her Superiours by reason of her great sicknes, from which she was freed in miraculous manner. CHAP. 5.
When she had recouered her health, she retur∣ned to the Nouiciate: and considering the many Rapts which were graunted to her by her Lord, she was constreyned by Obedi∣ence to relate to two of the Mothers, such thinges as were communicated to her by Almighty God. CHAP. 6.
She seeth the soule of Madre Suor Maria Bagnese, a Florentine, rich with the glory of Heauen. CHAP. 7.
Three times our Lord made her know his will was, that she should liue vpon bread and water: Triall was taken of that motion by her Superiours, and with their permission she began to execute the will of God. CHAP. 8.
The Eternall Father putteth her in mind of some spirituall exercises that she was to performe; he foretelleth the probation that he would make of her for fiue yeares, promising first to infuse the holy Ghost into her soule. CHAP. 9.
How she was called three tymes by God: and by him were giuen twenty Rules to be obserued by her. CHAP. 10.
The great excesses of loue which she had in the contemplation of Christ Iesus. CHAP. 11.
Other amorous Excesses towardes Christ Iesus, whereof she discharged her hart. CHAP. 12.
Of an Examination of her conscience that she made in Rapt, whereby the great pu∣rity of her soule may be seene. CHAP. 13.
She remayned in Extasis eight dayes, and eight nights, speaking of highest Myste∣ryes: and euery morning at the houre of Tertia, she receaued the holy Ghost in se∣uerall formes. CHAP. 14.
She entreth into the lake of Lyons (that is to say, into the battaile against the Diuells) and vnderstandeth that she is to suffer for the good of soules. CHAP. 15.
Of fiue tentations which for fiue years did af∣flict her. She had a signe from God tha she was not deluded. And how for the space of fiue houres she was beaten by Diuells. CHAP. 16.
She deliuereth a child possessed by a Diuell. CHAP. 17.
She speaketh in a Rapt to the Cardinall Archbishop of Florence, who was after∣wardes Pope Leo the eleuenth, and by whome she was found to be sound in spirit. CHAP. 18.
She foretelleth vnto the Cardinall Archbi∣shop of Florence, that he should be Pope: and at another tyme forseeth, that he should hold that place but few dayes. CHAP. 19.
How she was perfectly resigned to God. How Iesus shewed himselfe thrice to her with a troubled countenance, and afterwards well pleased: and of the three offers which she made to the Eternall Father, with an I∣mage of Iesus in her hand. CHAP. 20.
She vnderstood from God, how his pleasure was, that she should go barefoot, and ba∣sely clad; she performeth it all, and in the bosome of an image of the B. Virgin, she promiseth to obserue it: she is proued by her Superiours. CHAP. 21.
In Rapt she cureth a lay Sister, who then lay sicke in the Monastery. CHAP. 22.
The Diuell afflicteth her much exteriourly, & afterwards appeareth to her in the forme of a most horrible beast. CHAP. 23.
After she had beene againe proued by her Su∣periours, they knowing the will of God by a miraculous signe, she obteyned leaue to go bare foot. CHAP. 24.
Of the tentations that she had against Fayth, and of many other aridityes of spirit. CHAP. 25.
The Diuell afflctth her with impure tempta∣tions. The remedyes which she vsed a∣gainst them. The B. Virgin couereth her with a white veile, so as she was no more troubled. The Diuell procureth to delude her, in the forme of a Religious woman. CHAP. 26.
She seeth Iesus in such sort, as he was shewed by Pilate to the Iewes. A little bundle of the myrrh of his Passion was graunted to her, and Iesus was put into her armes, as he was new borne. CHAP. 27.
Of the sight which God gaue her of her owne defects: and of the great comfort which she receaued by a certaine act of Humility. CHAP. 28.
God sheweth her the glory of S. Augustine, and he helpeth her to say her Office. CHAP. 29.
She is tempted, that for the benefit of soules she would leaue that Religious state. And afterwards she was tempted with Pride, & proper Estimation, and of the remedyes which she vsed, that she might not be o∣uercome. CHAP. 30.
For hauing ouercome the tentations of lea∣uing her Religious habit, she was by Iesus apparelled interiourly with the same habit, and by him she was communicated. CHAP. 31.
She bringeth backe a But of wine, which was vtterly spoyled, to the perfection which be∣fore it had, by making a signe of the Crosse vpon it: and one of the Religious who was then sicke by drinking thereof was cured. CHAP. 32.
She seeth the soule of one of the Religious of that Monastery depart out of Purga∣tory into Heauen. CHAP. 33.
She is much troubled by the temptations of Gluttony. CHAP. 34.
She is tempted with desperation of those suc∣cours which God by his Saints doth graunt her: and of the remedyes which she found. CHAP. 35.
Of the seuerall mortifications and humble acts which she performed for the ouer∣comming of her tentations. CHAP. 36.
She resisteth other tentations of the Diuells, and sends them often away. CHAP. 37.
She freeth one of the Religious from a con∣tagious disease, and cureth a lay Sister of whome the one halfe was senseles, from the head to the feet. CHAP. 38.
She seeth the soule of one Religious ascend in∣to heauen, and of another who was suf∣fering in Purgatory, in a parti∣culer manner. CHAP. 39.
After the fiue yeares of Probation she is taken out of the lake of Lyons by her Patron-Saints: that is, she is freed from the as∣saults of Diuells, & rewarded by God with infinite graces. CHAP. 40.
For reward of the sight of Diuells which she had suffered in her Probation, Iesus shew∣ed himselfe to her in three manners; pro∣mising from thence forth, that she euer should enioy his presence. CHAP. 31.
By her Prayers she obteyneth from God, space of life for the Confessarius of the Monastery. CHAP. 42.
She seeth the soule of her Mother ascend vp to heauen; and she also seeth a good Priest who enioyeth eternall happines. CHAP. 43.
Of the manner of her life, from the tyme that she entred into her Probation, vntill her death. CHAP. 44.
She recouereth one of the Religious, who was neere to death, of an incurrable sore, and freeth another from Leprosy. CHAP. 48.
She foretells many thinges. CHAP. 31.
She desired so much to suffer, that she was contented, not to receaue any spiri∣tuall consolation. CHAP. 47.
She appeares in Vision to one of the Religi∣ous, curing her of a Fistula. The same woman afterwardes by remayning a while in the bed of Suor Maria Maddalena was cured of a dangerous sicknes. CHAP. 48.
She hath a Vision of a yong Mayd, who was to become Religious. CHAP. 49.
Of the zeale which she had towards the sauing of Soules. CHAP. 50.
She obteined of God by her prayers the con∣uersion of many sinnefull soules. CHAP. 51.
Of the Charity which she vsed towardes her Neighbours. CHAP. 52.
She seeth the soules of two sinners condemned to Hell at their death. CHAP. 53.
She was chosen Mistresse of the yong Reli∣gious, whome she did admirably help forward in the way of spirit. CHAP. 54.
Of the zeale, which she had to Gods honour, and the hatred which she bare to sinne. CHAP. 55.
Of her great Humility. CHAP. 56.
How in a Rapt she wrought with the needle and made pictures, and other things with∣out the help of any light. CHAP. 57.
Of the great purity of her Intention and Mind. CHAP. 58.
She was euer desirous to accomplish the will of God, and whilest she heard speach therof, was often abstracted from her senses. CHAP. 59.
Of the feruent zeale she had towards Religions obseruance. CHAP. 60.
How perfectly obserued the vow of holy Obedience. CHAP. 61.
With how great diligence she obserued the holy vow of Pouerty. CHAP. 62.
How she admirably kept the vow of Chastity. CHAP. 63.
She seeth the glory which a Religious woman of that Monastery enioyed in heauen. CHAP. 64.
She was chosen Mother of the Nouices: The directions which she gaue them. CHAP. 65.
Other Aduertisements which she gaue to her Nouices. CHAP. 66.
Her only countenance caused griefe for sinne in the minds of others. CHAP. 67.
She sheweth in many thinges her Propheticall spirit. CHAP. 68.
She seeth in Rapt B. Luigi Gonzaga of the Society of Iesus, amongst the Saints of Heauen. CHAP. 69.
She reduceth a Butt of wine which was spoy∣led, to the former goodnes. She freeth one of the Religious from the paynes of the Stone, & two others from other dangerous sicknesses. CHAP. 70.
Being grieuously sike she did not at the first excuse her selfe from her rigorous manner of life; but growing to spit bloud in great quantity, she attended to the recou ry of her health. Being after curd, she returned to her office. CHAP. 71.
Our Lord telleth her in a Rapt, that she was to suffer much till her death. She is elected Subprioresse by the Religious, and soone after she is assaulted by her last sicknes. CHAP. 72.
She is violently handled by her sicknes, and she supporteth all with singular patience. CHAP. 73.
Of her great Patience in the paynes of her sicknes, and how she receaued the Sacra∣ment of Extreme Vnction. CHAP. 74.
Hauing prepared her selfe to death, she piously rendreth her soule into the hands of her beloued Iesus. CHAP. 75.
Much people concurred to the sight of her body and the funeralls; and she was after buryed with great deuotion. CHAP. 76.