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Author: Pasquier, Etienne, 1529-1615.
Title: The Iesuites catechisme. Or Examination of their doctrine. Published in French this present yeere 1602. and nowe translated into English. VVith a table at the end, of all the maine poynts that are disputed and handled therein.
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Print source: The Iesuites catechisme. Or Examination of their doctrine. Published in French this present yeere 1602. and nowe translated into English. VVith a table at the end, of all the maine poynts that are disputed and handled therein.
Pasquier, Etienne, 1529-1615., W.W. 1559?-1603,

[London]: Printed [by James Roberts], anno Domini. 1602.
Alternate titles: Catechisme des Jesuites. English Le catechisme des Jesuites. Examination of their doctrine. Jesuites catechisme. Or Examination of their doctrine.
A translation by William Watson of: Pasquier, Etienne. Le catechisme des Jesuites.
Printer's name from STC.
With two final contents leaves.
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.

title page
TO ALL ENGLISH Catholicks, that are faithfull sub∣iects to Queene ELIZABETH, our most dread Soueraigne: The Secular Priests that are diuersly afflicted, doe wish all prosperitie, iustice, peace, ioy, and happines in our Lord Iesus Christ.
THE FIRST BOOKE of the Iesuites Cate∣chisme.
CHAP. 1.
CHAP. 2. ¶ What the foundation is of the societie of Iesus, which the common-people call Iesuits.
CHAP. 3. ¶ The censure giuen of the Iesuits sect, by the Diuines of Paris, in the yeere, 1554.
CHAP. 4. ¶ How, at what time, and by what sleights the Iesuites crept into Fraunce.
CHAP. 5. ¶ The decree of the French-Church against the Iesuits, in the assembly had at Poissy. 1561.
CHAP. 6. ¶ Of the request preferd by the Iesuits to the Parliament, the yeere 1564. to bee incorporated into the Ʋni∣uersitie of Paris: and howe many sides made head against them.
CHAP. 7. How the Iesuits were refused at Rome, and by what cunning they were afterward receiued.
CHAP. 8. ¶ Of the insolent title of the societie of Iesus vsurped by the Iesuits, and how many sundrie fashions they haue vsed to authorize it.
CHAP. 9. ¶ That the Iesuits are called Apostles in Portugall, & in the Indies, and with what deceits they haue wrought it.
CHAP. 10. ¶ The impieties of William Postell a Iesuits.
CHAP. II. ¶ The studies of great Ignace.
CHAP. 12. ¶ That when Ignace and his companions came before Pope Paul the third, they were plain Mounte-banks, and that the titles they gaue thēselues were false.
CHAP. 13. ¶ That we haue great likelihood to proue, that the approba∣tion of the Iesuits sect made by Paule the third, is nothing worth.
CHAP. 14. ¶ That the Oeconomie of our Church consistes, first, in suc∣cession of Bishops: secondly, in the ancient orders of religion: thirdly, in the Ʋniuersities: and that the Ie∣suits Sect is built vpon the igno∣rance of all these.
CHAP. 15. ¶ That no man can tell, where to place the Iesuits among all the three auncient orders of our Church: and that this is the true cause, for which they neuer yet durst set in theyr foote into Pro∣cessions.
CHAP. 16. ¶ That without wrong to the authoritie of the holy Sea, you may call the Iesuits Papelardes, and theyr sect, Pape∣lardie, that is, hypocrits, and theyr order hypocrisie.
CHAP. 17. ¶ Of the fabulous visions of Ignace, and the miraculous fables of Xauier.
CHAP. 18. ¶ Of Ignace his Machiauelismes, vsed to set his Sect a floate.
CHAP. 19. ¶ The conclusion of the first booke.
The second Booke of the Iesuits Catechisme.
CHAP. 1. ¶ That our Church of Fraunce, and the Sect of the Iusuits, cannot stand together.
CHAP. 2. ¶ That the Popes authorizing the Iesuit, at his first comming, neuer had any perswasion, that ey∣ther he could, or ought to inhabit in Frannce.
CHAP. 3. ¶ That it is against the first institution of the Iesuits, for them to teach all sorts of Schollers, humaine learning, Phi∣losophy, and Diuinitie: and by what proceedings & deuises they haue seazed vppon this new tyrannie, to the preiu∣dice of the auncient discipline of the Ʋniuersities.
CHAP. 4. ¶ That the foundation of the deceits of the Iesuits, proceeds from the instruction of the youth: and why our aun∣cesters would not that the young folke should be taught in houses of Religion.
CHAP. 5. ¶ With what cunning the Iesuits enrich themselues with the spoyle of theyr Nouices.
CHAP. 6. ¶ That the craftie liberalitie of the Iesuit, in teaching the youth, hath brought the Ʋniuersitie of Paris to ruine.
¶ A Poëm of Adrian Turnebus, vpon the liberalitie of the Iesuits.
¶ Against Sotericus, that will needs read without stipend.
CHAP. 7. ¶ That the sect of the Iesuits, agrees in many things with the heresie of Peter Abelard.
CHAP. 8. ¶ That the Iesuit giues himselfe licence to bring into his Colledge children, out of the bosoms of their Fathers and Mothers, without theyr leaue.
CHAP. 9. ¶ Of the vow of the Iesuits, which they call the simple vow.
CHAP. 10. That it cannot be excused, but that there is heresie and Macchiauelisme in the Iesuits sim∣ple vow.
CHAP. 11. ¶ Of the Iesuits engaging the aut horitie of the holy Sea, to excuse the heresie of their simple vow.
CHAP. 12. ¶ That besides the heresie which is in the Iesuits simple vow, there is also in it a manifest cooznage.
CHAP. 13. ¶ That the Iesuits Prouincials, take vpon them to dis∣charge their inferiours of the simple vow, in the same sort that their Gene∣rall doth.
CHAP. 14. ¶ How the Fathers Iesuits, voning pouertie, by their great and third vow, make a mocke of God.
CHAP. 15. ¶ That the Iesuits vow of Chastitie, containes a newe here∣sie: and withall, a briefe discourse of the title of Fa∣ther, which the Iesuits of the graund vow giue themselues.
CHAP. 16. ¶ Of the vow of Mission, and that by it the Iesuits mocke vs all, and especially our holy Fa∣ther the Pope.
CHAP. 17. ¶ Of the blindfold obedience which the Iesuits owe the Pope, which at this day they impudently denie by theyr new bookes.
CHAP. 18. ¶ What shifts the Iesuits vse, to couer the impieties of theyr blindfold obedience.
CHAP. 19. ¶ Of the wisedome of Ignace, and the sottishnes of the newe Iesuits. A Dialogue betwixt the Iesuit, and the author of this discourse.
The third Booke of the Iesuits Catechisme.
CHAP. 1. ¶ Touching the Anabaptistrie which is found in the vowe that the Iesuits make, concerning their blinde obedience to theyr Superiors: also, that by the meanes thereof, there is not any King or Prince that can defend himselfe from theyr stings.
CHAP. 2. ¶ Touching an extraordinarie processe and course, that was held in the Low-countries, against Robert Bruse, Gentle∣man of Scotland, vpon the accusation and information of Fa∣ther William Chrichton, Iesuit, because he would me cause the Chauncellour of Scotland to be murthered.
CHAP. 3. ¶ Concerning the murther, which William Pa••y aman (thrust the by the Iesuits) against Elizabeth. Queene of England in the yeere 84.
CHAP. 4. ¶ Of an other assault and murther, procured in the yeere 1597. by the Iesuits against the Queene of England.
CAAP. 5. ¶ That the Iesuits doe at this day make shew to condemne their wicked doctrine, in all things concerning eyther the murthering of Princes, or rebellion against their States.
CHAP. 6. ¶ A prodigious historie of the detestable paricide attemp∣ted against King Henry the fourth of that name, the most Christian King of Fraunce and Nauarre, by Peter Barriere, for the raysing vp of Iesuits.
CHAP. 7. ¶ How the heathenish impietie of the Iesuits, had been pre∣iudiciall in our Church, if their execrable counsell had come to an effect.
CHAP. 8. ¶ Of the murther which Iohn Chastell (brought vp at Paris, in the Iesuits Schoole,) sought to at∣tempt against the King, in the yeere 1594.
CHAP. 9. ¶ That it is an heresie to approoue the killing of Prin∣ces, though they be heretiques.
CHAP. 10. ¶ A memorable act of Ignace, whereupon the Iesuits haue learnt to kill, or cause to be killed, all such as stand not to their opinions.
CHAP. 11. ¶ Of the holy League, brought by the Iesuits the yere 1585. into Fraunce: and that they are the cause of the Hugonots new-footing a∣mong vs.
CHAP. 12. ¶ That Auriculer confession hath beene vsed by the Iesuits, as a chiefe weapon for the rebellion, and in what sort they are wont to manage it.
CHAP. 13. ¶ Of a generall assemblie of the Iesuits, holden in Rome in the yeere 1593. wherein they are prohibited to entermedle in matters of state.
CHAP. 14. ¶ Whether the Iesuits haue Spanish harts, as their enemies charge them to haue, or if they be, for Who giues most.
CHAP. 15. ¶ That the Iesuits were the cause of the death of Mary the Queene of Scots, together with a briefe dis∣course, what mischiefes they haue wrought in England.
CHAP. 16. ¶ That the Iesuits entermedling in matters of State, af∣ter they haue troubled whole Realmes, yet doe all things fall out quite contrarie to their expectation.
CHAP. 17. ¶ That the Pope hath not power to translate the Crowne of Fraunce from one to another, against the dangerous position of the Iesuits: and some other discourse ten∣ding to the same effect.
CHAP. 18. ¶ The Decree of the Parliament of Paris, against the Iesuits, in the yeere 1594. and a Chapter taken out of the third booke des Recerches de la Farunce, by Stephen Pasquier.
¶ Another sentence against Iohn Guignard, Priest: Re∣gent in the Colledge of the Iesuits, in the Cittie of Paris.
¶ Another sentence against Peter Chastel, Father of Iohn Chastell, and Iohn Gueret Priest, naming himselfe of the Companie and Societie of the Name of Iesus.
CHAP. 19. ¶ The Iesuits vnder couert termes, chalenge the sentence giuen against Iohn Chastell, of iniustice: and how GOD suffered him to be punished, to make the punishment of the Iesuits more notorious to all posteritie.
CHAP. 20. ¶ Of the Pyramis, which is raysed before the Pallace of Paris, and of the sentence giuen in Rome, by the re∣nowmed Pasquill, concerning the restau∣ration of the Iesuits, sued for by themselues.
CHAP. 21. ¶ Of the diuision which seemes to be in the Parlia∣ments, or iurisdictions of Fraunce, as concerning the Iesuits, and what may be the cause thereof.
CHAP. 22. ¶ How the Order of Humiliatj was suppressed by Decree of the Consistorie of Rome: and that there is greater cause to suppresse the Iesuits, then the Humiliatj.
CHAP. 23. ¶ The impudencie of the Iesuits, to saue themselues from the processe of the Consistorie of Rome, gran∣ted out against the order of the Humiliati.
papal bull
PIVS EPISCOPVS SERVVS seruorum Dei, ad perpetuam rei memoriam.
POPE PIVS, SERVANT of the Seruants of GOD, in perpetuall memorie of this matter.
CHAP. 24. ¶ That the Sect of the Iesuits, is no lesse dangerous to our Church then the Lutherans.
CHAP. 25. ¶ Of the notorious enterprize or vsurpation, of the Ge∣nerall of the Iesuits ouer the holy Sea, and that there is no new Sect which in time may bee more pre∣iudiciall to it then this.
CHAP. 26. ¶ That there is no credit to be giuen to the promises and protestations of Iesuits, for that they haue no o∣ther faith, but such as maketh for the effecting of their purposes.
CHAP. 27. The conclusion of the third Booke, containing the restoring of the Iesuits, by them procured.
To Captaine Ignatius, Father and chiefe Generall ouer the Company of the Iesuits.
That Iesuits are right Preachers, and therefore to be re∣stored to their former place in Paris, a scoffing Epigram, written to Father Iames Com∣molet the Iesuite.
To Henrie the fourth, the most Christian King of Fraunce and Nauarre.
A Table or short collection of things contayned in all the Chapters of the three Bookes of the Iesuits Catechisme.