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Author: Paradin, Claude, 16th century.
Title: The heroicall deuises of M. Claudius Paradin Canon of Beauieu. Whereunto are added the Lord Gabriel Symeons and others. Translated out of Latin into English by P.S.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The heroicall deuises of M. Claudius Paradin Canon of Beauieu. Whereunto are added the Lord Gabriel Symeons and others. Translated out of Latin into English by P.S.
Paradin, Claude, 16th century., P. S., fl. 1591,

London: Imprinted by William Kearney dwelling in Adlingstreete, 1591.
Alternate titles: Devises héroiques. English Devises héroiques. Heroical deuises. Heroical devises.
Running title reads: Heroical deuises.
Reproduction of the original in the the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign Campus). Library.
Subject terms:
Emblems -- Early works to 1800.

title page
TO THE RIGHT WORSHIPFVLL THE RENOWMED CAPTEINE Christopher Carleill Esquier, chiefe Com∣mander of her Maiesties forces in the Pro∣uince of Vlder in the Realme of Ireland, and Seneshall there of the Countries of Clande∣boy, the Rowte, the Glins, the Duffre, and Kylultaugh.
To the most worthie knight Theodot of Marze, Lord of Belle∣roche, Lassenaz, &c. Claudius Paradin sendeth greeting.
Nullis praesentior aether. God is more fauourable to none.
Manet insontem grauis exitus. Great calamitie or affliction abideth the godly in this life.
Secum feret omnia mortis. He carieth with him the signes of death.
Hic ratio tentandi aditus. This is the way to enter into glorie.
Pignora cara sui. The pledges of her remembrance.
Animis illabere nostris. How the wicked spirit entereth in∣to our mindes.
Fortuna mutata fidem nouanit. When Fortune frowneth, faith is chaunged.
Nutrisco, & extinguo. I nourish, and I extinguish.
Monstrant Regibus astra viam. The heuens declare to men the way to follow.
Donec totum impleat orbem. Till he replenish the whole world.
Immensi tremor Oceani. The trembling feare of the Ocean Sea.
Vltus ao He hath reuenged his quarrell, by the example of To).
Non sine causa. Not without cause.
Plus oultre. Hee conceiueth hope to pro∣ceed further.
Imperium sine fine dedi. I haue giuen him rule without end or measure.
Inextricabilis error. Error is inextricable.
Securitas altera. A second securitie or safetie.
Dederitne viam casùsue, Deusue. Whether Fortune or God doth giue the way.
Fortitudo eius Rhodum tenuit. His valiancie wan and possessed the Rhodes.
Non inferiora secutus. Following no meane things.
Antè ferit, quam flamma micet. The flint is sent before to yeeld fire.
Pretium non vile laborum. He reaped no small reward of his labors.
Flammescit vterque. Both of them do burne.
Sara à chi tocca. Whom it happeneth vnto.
Nil pennased vsus. The fethers are of no force, but vse-
Humentia siccis. Moist things and drie agree not togither.
Sola viteit in illo. She onely liued in him.
Restat ex victore Orientis. That onely resteth of all his victories in the East.
Autor ego audendi. I am the author of being bold.
Non quae super terram. Not those things which are vpon the earth.
Ab insomni non custodita Dracone. The golden apples were not kept of the vigilant Dragon.
Non quàm diu, sed quàm benè. It forceth not how long a thing be in doing but how well it be done.
Quà Proceres abiere pii. Which way our godly forefathers haue gone.
Hoc Latio restare canunt. Men say that this is yet extant in Rome
Arbitrii mihi iuramei. The raine of will is in my owne hands.
Mihi terra, lacúsque. Both the land and water is my owne.
ΦΩΣ ΦΕΡΟΙ ΗΔΕ ΤАΛΗΝΗΝ. The raine bow doth bring faire weather.
Vltorem vlciscitur vltor. The reuenge lighteth vpon the reuenger.
Colligauit nemo. Hitherto no man hath conquered me.
Latet anguis in herba. The adder lurketh priuilie in the grasse.
Labuntur nitidis, scabrisque tenatiùs haerent. Flies do fall downe from slipperie place, but stick fast vpon the hard and rough.
Testante, virebo. While thou standest I shall florish.
Inter eclipses exorior. I shine in the darke.
Fiducia concors. We trust or hope all one thing.
Scilicet is superis labor est. A high matter in a loe house.
Horrent conmtmoueri. Things that are fearce of nature are not to be prouoked.
Si sciens fallo. Euill come to me if I deceiue wittingly.
Inuitum fortuna fouet. Fortune when he fauneth, heapeth too much vpon a man.
Ecquis emat tanti sese dimittere? Will any man buy so deare, that which is so full of all kind of cares.
Comminus quo minus. How much the lesset, so much the neerer.
Transfundit pasta venenum. The Waspes after they haue fed of the serpent, powre out their poison.
Celsa potestatis species. A speciall marke or token of his authoritie and power.
Prostibuli eligantia. The coynesse of a whore.
Ardua deturbans vis animosa quatit. Bold force doth ouercome high things.
Ʋias tuas domme demonstra mibi. Lord teach me thy pathes.
Ʋnica semper auis. But alwayes one Phenix in the world at once.
ΑΠΑΑΝΩΣ. Without all falshood or deceipt.
Riens ne ́ est plus, Plus ne ́ est riens. I haue no more ioy, no more comfort remaineth to me.
Pour vn aultre non. To none other.
Fata viam inuenient. Fortune shall shew the way.
Quid non mortalia pectora cogis? Filthy loue constraineth men to commit all wickednesse.
In sibilo aurae tenuis. In the muttering of the gentle aire.
Finem transcendit habendi. He passed the ordinarie meanes of getting and possessing riches.
Heu cadit in quemquam tantum scelus. Did euer like punishment light vpon any.
Pressa est insignis gloria facti. The glorie of his noble deede is recorded in writing.
Cedo nulli. I giue place to none.
Insperatum auxilium. Helpe vnlooked for.
Tutum telittore sistam. I will set thee safe vpon the shore.
Quò tendis? Whether goest thou?
Putrescet Iugum. The yoke of bondage shall rot away.
Nec fas est, nec posse reor. It is neither law nor can be I suppose.
Semine ab aethereo. From the heauenly seede.
Ventura desuper vrbi. To fall vpon the crue.
In vtrumque paratus. Readie to both.
Vindice fato. Destenie being reuenger.
Nil solidum. Nothing is firme or continuall in this life.
Vtrum lubet. Whether pleaseth him.
Agere & pati fortiae. To do and suffer great things.
Lex exlex. The law, or ou law.
Tutus ab igne sacer. Being holy I was safe from the violence of the fire.
Parce Imperator. Pardon me most noble Emperor.
Euertit & aequat. It breaketh in peeces and maketh euen or smooth things that be rough.
Ʋlteriùs tentare veto. I forbid to attempt anie further.
Seruitus libera. Free seruice.
Sic terras turbine perflat. So he troubleth the earth with whirlewindes.
Vel in ara. And that on the holie altar.
Caelitùs impendet. The sword of Gods wrath hanging ouer our heads.
Satis. Enough.
Vis est ardentior intùs. The fire that burneth inwardly is more to be feared.
Premitur, non opprimitur. Pressed, not oppressed.
Magnum vecligal. A great reuenue.
Ingenij largitor. Necessitie the minister of pollicie
Ʋindictae trabit exitium. Reuenge draweth with it destruction to him that seeketh to reuenge.
Aequari pauet alta minor. The lower feareth the like lot.
Ecquis discernit vtrumque? Can any man discerne both?
Hac illac perfluo. I runne out on euery side.
Ʋirtutis Fortuna comes. Fortune a companion of vertue.
Prohibere nefas. It is not lawfull to restraine her
Tu decus omne tuis. Thou art a renowne to all thy kinred.
Vsque recurrit. It runneth togither againe.
Cocumque ferar. Which way so euer I be carried.
Spe illectat inani. The world delighteth vs with vaine hope.
Vlterius ne tende obijs. Go no further for feare of Gods wrath.
Haec conscia numinis aetas. This age knoweth God aright.
Haud sidit inane. An egge being emptie swimmeth aloft.
Infringit solido. He breaketh the rocke.
Sans autre guide. Without any guide.
Fata obstant. Destenies do withstand.
Terit & teritur. It weares and is worne.
Sic praedae patet esca sui. So her meat lyeth open to her own destruction.
Candor illaesus. Brightnes that cannot be annoied.
Prosper vterque mari. Both appearing together vpon the sea, is a a signe of good lucke.
Sic spectanda fides. So is faith to be tried.
Sic violenta. So violent.
Terror & error. Feare and terror.
Poco àpoco. By little and little.
Aemula naturae. And enuious imitator of nature.
Renouata iuuentus. Youth is to be renued.
Praepete penna. With a speedie wing.
Attendite vobis. Take heed to your selues.
Viuit ad extremum. The notch burneth to the last peece thereof.
Captiue libertè. A captiue or seruile libertie.
Police souueraine. A perfect common wealth.
Superstitio religioni proxima. Superstition is next to religion.
Demal mepaists. I am nourished in him that is euill.
Fons inuocantis. The fountaine of inuocation.
Et l'vn, et l'autre. As well the one as the other.
Consultori pessimum. Iuill councell is worst to the councell giuer.
Vis nescia vinci. Force that cannot bee ouercome with force.
Quis contra nos? If God be with vs, who can be against vs.
Maturè. Speedily.
Lex publica Principis ignes. A publike law is the fire of the Prince.
In se contexta recurrit. Being platted togither it cleaueth fast.
Pythone peremto. The serpent being slaine.
Caelo imperium iouis extulit ales. The Egle hath lifted vp the gouernment of the Empire to the heauens.
Infestis tutamen aquis. A defence or safegard in the dangerous waters.
Antidoti salubris amaror. Holsome is the Antidotes bitternesse.
Cessit victoria victis. Victorie is happened to the ouercome.
Flauescent. In time they will become yellow or ripe.
Vt lapsu grauiore ruant. That they may fall with the greater ruine.
Ʋictrix casta fides. Pure faith is a conqueror.
Ipsa suae testis victoria cladis. Victorie it selfe is a witnesse of his owne destruction.
Mala vndique clades. Destructiō waiteth for ye wicked in euery place
Grandeur, per grand heur. Authoritie and dignitie commeth of Fortune.
Improbitas subigit rectum. Wickednesse oppresseth the good.
Pacis & armorum vigiles. The watchers of peace and warre.
De paruis grandis aceruus erit. Great heapes come of small beginnings.
Là, le danger. In warres is all mischiefe and danger.
Nodos Virtute resoluo. I resolue all doubts onely by vertue.
Turpibus exitium. Destruction hangeth ouer the heads of the wicked and vncleane.
Etiam fortunam. Yea, fortune too.
Sic sopor irrepat. So sleepe came vpon him.
Caecus amor prolis. Loue of parents to their children is blind or voide of reason.
Supplicio laus tuta semel. Hee that was worthie of praise was one free from punishment.
Omnis caro foenum. All flesh is grasse.
Tolle vpluptatum stimulos. Take awaie the prickes of pleasures.
Paix outragée se rend vengée. Foolish peace is wont alwaies to render vengeance.
Rerum Sapientia custos. Wisdome the preseruer of all things.
Discite iustitiam moniti. Learne iustice by admonition.
Concussus surgo. Being smaller, I mount aloft.
Hâc virtutis iter. This is the waie to vertue.
Hoc Caesar me donauit. Caesar hath rewarded me with this chaine.
Victo seculo. Christ his victorie ouer the world.
Terriculum noxae. The feare of hurt.
Hic terminus haerit. Here is the end of all things.
Mihi pondera luxus. Excesse is burdenous to me.
Nil amplius optat. The contented man wisheth for no more.
Num flatus telluris honor. Is not honor a blast of winde?
Me pompae prouexit apex. The desire of renowne hath promoted me, or set me forward.
Merces sublimis honorum. The reward of honor is great.
Seruati gratia Ciuis. The reward of him that had deliuered a cittie out of danger,
Excidij turribus honos. The honor done to him had scaled the walles of his enimies.
Hoc valli insigne recepti. This was the reward of him that tooke the valley of his enimie.
Classis monumenta subactae. The reward of him that boorded his enimies shippe.
In hunc intuens. Looke vpon this image.
Ʋictoria limes. Victorie is the end.
Spes alter a vitae. Hope of another life.
THE PVRTRATVRES OR Emblemes of Gabriel Simeon a Florentine.
Huc cursus fuit. This was the marke he shot at.
Quis dicere laudes? Who can expresse his praises.
Festina lentè. Make hast but flowly.
Festina lentè. Make flowe hast.
Pacatum ipsa regam auitis vertutibus orbem. I will rule the world thorow the vertue of my ancestors.
Fato prudentia maior. Wisedome is of greater force then destonie.
Mirandum natura opus. Nature is wonderfull in her worker.
Simul & semper. Togither and for euer.
Perimit & tuetur. He flayeth and defendeth.
Consequitur quodcumque petit. She obtaineth whatsoeuer she desireth.
Ex vtroque Caefar. By both these Caesar.
Solatur conscientia & finis. The conscience and the end doe com∣fort a man.
Scribit in marmore laesus. The wounded man writeth in marble.
Cosi viuo piacer conduce à morte. So doth pleasant delights leade to destruction.
Amico ficto nulla fit iniuria. No wrong to a fained friend.
Ignis gladio non fodiendus. The fire is not to be stirred with a sword.
Statêre aerdo non transiliendus. The ballance is not to be ouerladen with waight.
Sic vos non vobis. You haue the paines, but others haue the profite.
Solus promeritus. One deserueth the praise alone.
Aut Caesar aut nihil. Either Casar or nothing.
Sola facta solum Deum sequor. Being a lone woman, I will followe God alone.
Pas à pas. Foote by foote.
Ditat seruata fides. Fidelitie inricheth.
Ʋirescit vulnere virtus. Veritie increaseth when it is oppressed.
Esto tienne su remedio, y non yo. The Hart hath his remedie, but scue hath none.
Ingenium superat vires. Wit or pollicie excelleth strength.
Qui me alit, me extinguit. He that nourisheth me, killeth me.
Furor fit laesa sepiùs patientia. Patience being moued is turned into anger.
Frons hominem praefert. The face sheweth a mans disposition.
Bis dat qui tempestiuè donat. He giueth twise that giueth in time.
Improbus à nullo flectitur obsequio. The wicked is moued to mercie with no entretie.
Sic maiora cedunt. Thus the greater giueth place.
Malè parta, malè dilabuntur. Things euill got, are as euill spent.
Expetendae opes vt dignis largiamur. Riches are to be desired, that wee may giue to those that deserue.
Mor sceptra ligonibus aequans. Death maketh King Scepers equall to poore mens mattocks.
Ingratis seruire nefas. It is an euill thing to serue an vn∣gratefull person.