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Author: More, George, Esquire.
Title: Principles for yong princes. Collected out of sundry authors, by George More, Esquire.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Principles for yong princes. Collected out of sundry authors, by George More, Esquire.
More, George, Esquire., More, George, 1553?-1632,

Printed at London: S.n., 1629.
George More = Sir George More?.
Another issue, with cancel title page of STC 18068.5.
Imperfect; some leaves torn or cropped, affecting text.
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Education of princes -- Early works to 1800.

title page
To the Reader.
The Table of the Chapters contained in this Booke.
CHAP. 1. The Regall and Politicke Gouernment:
CHAP. 2. Who, fittest to gouerne.
CHAP. 3. A Prince to be iust in his sentence.
CHAP. 4. A Prince to be true of his word.
CHAP. 5. A Prince to be constant in his Act.
CHAP. 6 A Prince to be secret.
CHAP. 7. A Prince to be Liberall.
CHAP. 8. A Prince not to be couetous.
CHAP. 9. A Prince to be learned.
CHAP. 10. A Prince to be religious.
CHAP. 11. A Prince not to shed innocent blood.
CHAP. 12. A Prince to be circumspect in giuing credit to reports.
CHAP. 13. A Prince to be mercifull.
CHAP. 14. A Prince not to be proud.
CHAP. 15. A Prince to be humble.
CHAP. 16. A Prince not to exceed in anger.
CHAP. 17. A Prince to be moderate in his dyet.
CHAP. 18. A Prince to be continent of life.
CHAP. 19. A Prince to beware of Parasites.
CHAP. 20. What kind of persons to be of a Princes Counsell.
CHAP. 21. Not good to commit the charge of the Common wealth to one Counsellor onely.
CHAP. 22. A Prince not to place a Stanger in Authority.
CHAP. 23. Dangerous for a Prince to take ayde of a Stranger.
CHAP. 24. A Prince to get and keepe the loue of his Subiects.
CHAP. 25. Who to haue the charge in Warre.
CHAP. 26. A Prince to be well aduised before hee begin Warre, and carefull in his fight.