Instructions for the warres. Amply, learnedly, and politiquely, discoursing the method of militarie discipline. Originally written in French by that rare and worthy generall, Monsieur William de Bellay, Lord of Langey, Knight of the order of Fraunce, and the Kings lieutenant in Thurin. Translated by Paule Iue, Gent.
Fourquevaux, Raimond de Beccarie de Pavie, baron de, 1509-1574., Ive, Paul., Du Bellay, Guillaume, 1491-1543,
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THE PRACTISE of Fortification: Wherein is shewed the manner of fortifying in all sorts of scituations, with the considerations to be vsed in delining, and making of royal Frontiers, Skon∣ces, and renforcing of ould walled Townes.

Compiled in a most easie, and compendious method, by Paule Iue. Gent.

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Imprinted at London by Thomas Orwin, for Thomas Man, and Toby Cooke. 1589.