Instructions for the warres. Amply, learnedly, and politiquely, discoursing the method of militarie discipline. Originally written in French by that rare and worthy generall, Monsieur William de Bellay, Lord of Langey, Knight of the order of Fraunce, and the Kings lieutenant in Thurin. Translated by Paule Iue, Gent.
Fourquevaux, Raimond de Beccarie de Pavie, baron de, 1509-1574., Ive, Paul., Du Bellay, Guillaume, 1491-1543,

¶ The Contents of the Chapters conteined in this treatise, are these following.

    The Chapters of the first Booke.
  • HOw the King ought to make his Warres with the force of his owne subiects.
    Chapter. 1.
  • The number of Souldyers that might be leuied in Fraunce.
    Chapter. 2.
  • The manner how to leuy Souldyers, and to inrowle them, and the qualities that are requisite to be in a new Souldyer.
    Chapter. 3.
  • How Souldyers ought to be armed and weapened, both according vnto the manner that was vsed in the old time, and the manner that is vsed at this present.
    Chapter. 4.
  • The manner how to distribute a great number of Souldyers into many bands, and how to bring many bands into one principall.
    Chapter. 5.
  • How newe Souldyers ought to be exercised in diuers exercises, and the bands perticularly exercised before that the Legions should be assem∣bled.
    Chapter. 6.
  • How to raunge one Band alone in battaile, and the order that it ought to keepe in trauailing thorough the Countrey, and the manner how to lodge it in Campe, in his quarter apart, and a Legion together.
    Chap∣ter. 7.
  • How certaine number of Horssemen should be ioyned vnto euery Le∣gion.
    Chapter. 8.
  • How it is necessary to deuide euery Battaillon into three battailes, the one separated from the other.
    Chapter. 9.
  • How to raunge a Legion in battaile, and after what manner it must be prac∣tised.
    Chapter. 10.
  • How from point to point to raunge foure Legions in battaile, wherein, the Author doth giue the best order that may be obserued.
    Chapter. 11.
  • The Author sheweth by a fayned Battaile, how an army of foure Legions raunged after the manner that he teacheth, should vse their fight against theyr enemy vpon a day of battaile.
    Chapter. 12.
  • Page  [unnumbered]The Author yeeldeth a reason for euery thing that was done both before the battaile and after.
    Chapter. 13.
    The Chapters of the second Booke.
  • How a Generall may raunge his Battailes after diuers manners vnto his ad∣uantage, with certaine pollicies that may do him pleasure when as he shall be at the poynt to fight with his enemyes.
    Chapter. 1.
  • What a Lieutenant Generall ought to do after the winning and leesing of a Battaile, and what consideration he ought to haue before that he do enter into Battaile.
    Chapter. 2.
  • How a Captayne Generall ought to deferre to come vnto the combate with his enemyes as mutch as he may possible, when as the sayd enemyes are entred into his Princes Countrey: and whether is the greater daunger to attend for them at home in his owne Countrey, or to goe seeke them in theirs: and likewise if the sayd Generall should be importuned by his Souldyers to fight, how he might auoyd it, and how to encourage them, if so be that they were afraid of their enemyes.
    Chapter. 3.
  • The order that a Lieutenant Generall ought to keepe in marching through his enemyes Countrey, and the manner how to raunge a square battayle with foure faces, leauing an empty place in the middest of it.
    Chapter. 4.
  • The order that a Lieutenant generall ought to vse for the victualling of his Army, and how the auncient Chefs did vse their booties: with dyuers meanes that a Generall may vse to endamage his enemyes, and to keepe himselfe from surprice.
    Chapter. 5.
  • How a Lieutenant Generall ought to gouerne himselfe when as he findeth that he is too weake to abide his enemyes, with certaine polycies to escape their danger when as he is fallen into it, and how to haue the aduantage of them.
    Chapter. 6.
  • How to lodge foure Legions together in a Campe, and what watch they ought to keepe, with other poynts concerning the sayd manner of lod∣ging in Camp, and whilst the Camp is making.
    Chapter. 7.
    The Chapters of the third Booke.
  • How a Generall may help himselfe with diuers policies in the warres.
    Chap∣ter. 1.
  • The order that a Generall ought to keepe in the besieging of a towne.
    Chap∣ter. 2.
  • How Souldyers ought to gouerne themselues according vnto the lawes of Armes: with the chiefest lawes, and manner of proceeding in iudgement against an offendor.
    Chapter. 3.
  • After what manner diuers crimes haue bin seuearely punished in times past, and how it is necessary for a Lieutenant Generall to be somewhat cruell, if he would be well serued.
    Chapter. 4.
  • How Souldyers ought to be recompenced after that they haue done good seruice, with the Author his excuse.
    Chapter. 5.