Instructions for the warres. Amply, learnedly, and politiquely, discoursing the method of militarie discipline. Originally written in French by that rare and worthy generall, Monsieur William de Bellay, Lord of Langey, Knight of the order of Fraunce, and the Kings lieutenant in Thurin. Translated by Paule Iue, Gent.
Fourquevaux, Raimond de Beccarie de Pavie, baron de, 1509-1574., Ive, Paul., Du Bellay, Guillaume, 1491-1543,
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❧TO THE RIGHT HO∣norable, William Dauison Esquier, one of her Maiesties principall Secretaries: and of hir Highnesse most Honourable priuie Councell.

HAuing deuested out of his French attyre, this learned and martiall woorke, of that famous and expe∣rienced Captaine, Mounsieur de Bellay: (the attempting and per∣fourming whereof, beeing by mee taken in hand, through the commaundement, and cheerefull en∣couragement of your Honour) I thought my selfe tyed by dutie to present you with the rype croppe of that reaped graine, which by your owne good direction was sowen and manured. Yea, a point of vnpardonable ingratitude, might it bee noted in me, if that which was hatched vnder the shelter of your fouourable protection, and deliuered vnto mee by your Honours own hands, to be translated, (for the benefit of your louing countrymen, whose weale you haue alwaies most carefully respected) Page  [unnumbered] should now as a fugitiue runne away from your Honour, else-where to seeke anye other maister, friend, or patrone. Acknowledge therefore, I most humbly beseech you, your owne: and vouchsafe fauourablie to accept my poore selfe, and these my simple trauels heerein imployed, according vnto the generositie of your worthie minde. As I du∣ring life, shall remaine a daylye petitioner vnto the Almightie, for his graces bountifully to bee powred vpon you, to the aduancement of his glory, the benefit of your countrie, and your owne comfort.

Your Honours most humblie readie to doe you seruice: Paule Iue.