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Author: Jerome, Stephen, fl. 1604-1650.
Title: The haughty heart humbled: or, The penitents practice: in the regall patterne of King Ezekiah. Directory and consolatory to all the mourners in Sion, to sow in teares, and to reape in ioy. By S.I. preacher of Gods Word.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The haughty heart humbled: or, The penitents practice: in the regall patterne of King Ezekiah. Directory and consolatory to all the mourners in Sion, to sow in teares, and to reape in ioy. By S.I. preacher of Gods Word.
Jerome, Stephen, fl. 1604-1650.

London: Printed [by Miles Flesher] for Richard More, and are to be sold at his shop in Saint Dunstanes Church-yard in Fleetstreet, 1628.
Alternate titles: Haughty heart humbled Haughtie heart humbled: or, The penitents practice. Penitents practice: in the regall patterne of King Ezekiah.
Dedication signed: Steven Ierome.
Printer's name from STC.
Running title reads: The haughtie heart humbled: or, The penitents practice.
The last leaf is blank.
Reproduction of the original in the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery.
Pages 85, 95-96 and 99-100 stained; some print faded and show-through. A2 (dedication) misbound following S4; blank misbound after title page.
Subject terms:
Sermons, English -- 17th century.

title page
THE HAVGHTIE heart humbled; OR, The Penitents Practice. The first Sermon.
SECT. 1. Of mans sinning misery.
SECT. 2. The different effects of prosperity and aduersity.
SECT. 3. The reason of long afflictions: with Application.
SECT. 1. The best men subiected to their falls, their failings.
SECT. 2. The force of inbred corruption.
SECT. 3. The preuailing power of Sathans Temptations.
SECT. 4. Gods permission of the falls of the Elect.
SECT. 1. God glorified in his mercy in the sinnes of his Saints.
SECT. 2. The Saints much bettered by their sinnes.
SECT. 3. The good vse which those that stand, make of the sinnes of those that fall.
SECT. 4. The Reprobates more hardned by the sinnes of the elect, and their repentance hindered.
The second Sermon.
SECT. 1. Charitable censuring of our sinning brethren, prescribed and perswaded.
SECT. 2. Cordials of consolations to be applyed to the sorrowfull sinner.
SECT. 3. The vnwarrantable strictnesse and stearnnesse of some indiscreet∣ly zealous, censured.
SECT. 4. The restitution and restauration, of the repenting sinner perswaded.
SECT. 1. The same subiect that sinnes, the same must be punished.
SECT. 2. God spares not the great ones when they sinne.
SECT. 3. Let the meaner feare, when the great ones are not spared.
SECT. 1. God scourgeth his owne children when they transgresse.
SECT. 2. The reasons of the former Doctrine.
SECT. 3. God is more strict with his owne Children in this life, then with the reprobates.
SECT. 4. If God be strict and seuere with his owne, how daingerous is the estate and condition of the wicked.
The third Sermon.
SECT. 1. How the subiects smart for the sinnes of Princes, Children for the sinnes of Parents.
SECT. 2. The reasons and resolutions of the point.
SECT. 3. Vsefull application of the point.
SECT. 1. Gods wrath against sinne and sinners explained and expressed.
SECT. 2. The folly of sinners in fearing the creature more then the wrath of the Creator.
SECT. 3. Gods wrath kindled, by repentance should be quenched.
SECT. 1. Though the righteous fall, they shall rise againe.
SECT. 2. Gods children restored to grace with God, and in their Graces renewed by their repentance.
SECT. 3. The repentance of the reprobate either nothing, at all for the matter, or as nothing for the manner.
SECT. 4. The improbabilitie, yea impossibilitie of a sinners repentance, till God giue the grace.
SECT. 5. God in all his dealings with his children, doth inflict crosses, but neuer curses.
SECT. 6. Mercy mixt with Iustice.
The second Part. THE HAVGHTIE heart humbled, OR, The Penitents Practice: with, The Penitents Peace. The fourth Sermon.
SECT. 1. When Gods wrath is either feared or felt, humiliation of all, and euery one is to be practised.
SECT. 2. The Ministers must principally be humbled, and seeke to humble others.
SECT. 3. Those reproued who are neither humbled themselues, nor seeke to humble others.
SECT. 3. Magistrates and great ones must be humbled.
SECT. 4. Seuerall families, and particular persons must be humbled.
SECT. 1. The Penitents practice in all the parts.