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Author: Holland, Henry, 1555 or 6-1603.
Title: The historie of Adam, or the foure-fold state of man, vvell formed in his creation, deformed in his corruption, reformed in Grace, and perfected in glory. By Mr. Henry Holland, late preacher at Saint Brides Church in London.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The historie of Adam, or the foure-fold state of man, vvell formed in his creation, deformed in his corruption, reformed in Grace, and perfected in glory. By Mr. Henry Holland, late preacher at Saint Brides Church in London.
Holland, Henry, 1555 or 6-1603., Topsell, Edward, 1572-1625?,

London: Printed by T[homas] E[ast] for Thomas Man, dwelling in Paternoster-Row at the signe of the Talbot, 1606.
Alternate titles: Historie of Adam Historie of Adam, or the foure-fold state of man, well formed in his creation, deformed in his corruption, reformed in Grace, and perfected in glory. Foure-fold state of man, well formed in his creation, deformed in his corruption, reformed in Grace, and perfected in glory.
Edited and completed by Edward Topsell, who signs the dedication.
Printer's name from STC.
The last leaf is blank.
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Catechisms, English.

title page
To the Reuerend and right worshipfull, Richard Neyle Doctour of Diuinitie, Deane of West∣minster, and Principall Clarke of the Kings most Excellent Maiestie his Closet, all prosperitie, &c.
To all Christian Readers, especially Londoners, Audi∣tours, and friends to the late Godly Preachers, master Greenham and master Holland.
Of the necessitie and vse of Cathechizing.
Question. 1.
Question. 2.
Quest. 3. What call you a spirituall man?
Quest. 6. And what is a babe in Christ?
Quest. 7. Most men that seeme to come to Christ and to fauour his Gospell, are but weake: how grow they vp to be strong men in Christ?
Quest. 8. How must these babes be fed?
Quest. 9. What is Catechizing?
Quest. 10. Is this Catechizing so needefull, and of what antiquitie is it?
Quest. 11. But our people cannot abide to bee Cate∣chised publikely: nor know not how to Catechize their fa∣milies priuately.
Of the vvell formed Adam, or of man in his first excellencie in his creation, when the beautifull Image of God shined in him.
Question. 1.
Quest. 2. How many things must be knowne to attaine this assured consolation in life and death?
Quest. 3. Now let me heare what arguments haue you, to manifest the great excellency of the first Adam?
Quest. 4. Now shew briefely what reasons haue you of the creation of man in the last place, the last day, and what further vse haue you of this doctrine?
The second part of the Catechisme. Of the second state of man, or of the deformed A∣dam: the man without Christ: or the state of rebellion, and vnbeleefe.
Question. 1.
Quest. 3. Now compare the arguments of the mise∣rie of an vnbeleeuer, with those arguments we heard of the excellencie of the first man?
Quest. 4. What is the vse of all these arguments, con∣cerning the miserie of this deformed Adam, or man without Christ?
Quest. 5. The second demonstration of a mans misery in vnbeleefe, or without Christ, what is it?
Quest. 6. What must we principally note in this story?
Quest. 7. This Scripture is very excellent: what speci∣all points are wee to obserue in this story?
Quest. 8. How is it that she feares not the Serpent: and doubteth nothing to haue such conference with him?
Quest. 9. But it may bee doubted how the Serpent spake?
Quest. 10 Wherefore would not Sathan speake him∣selfe without an instrument?
Quest. 11. Before we proceede for our further instructi∣on in this story: let me heare what you can say for the sig∣nification and vse of these two speciall trees, the tree of life, and the tree of knowledge of good and euill?
Quest. 13 First, as touching the rebellion and fact here recorded what learne we thereby?
Quest. 14. Now I desire to haue some short view of all their sinnes, which apertaine to this apostacie or contu∣macie as the Apostle speaketh. Rom. 5.
Quest. 15. Now tell me what were the consequents of this rebellion or contumacie (as the Apostle speaketh) of our first Parents?
Quest. 16. What is death?
Quest. 17. How many kindes of death are mentioned in Scripture?
Quest. 19. How doth the Lord preach the Gospell and offer the meanes of reconsiliation and repentance vnto our first Parents.
Quest. 20. How forward findeth the Lord our first Pa∣rents to repent them of their apostacie?
Quest. 21. And how did the Lord proceed to worke in them a true faith, and vnfained repentance?
Quest. 22. And how did the Lord proceede with our first Parents, after their repentance and true humiliation be∣fore him?
Quest. 23. What vse learne we here to make of our af∣flictions?
Quest. 24. What meanes the Lord by casting them forth, out of that Paradise, fensing the place with Angels and a fiery sword?
The third way to know the miserie of man without Christ: by two speciall conse∣quents of that apostacie, the dominion of Sa∣than and sin in this present world.
Question. 25.
Quest. 26. Tell me first what speciall arguments, can you ground vpon the 2. Chapter to the Ephesians to demon∣strate the miserie of man without Christ?
Quest. 27. I pray you let vs heare some thing of Sa∣thans power to hurt vs, without Christ: for that some feare him too much, and some nothing at all?
Quest. 28. Now let vs heare the second point noted in the Answere of the 26. Question, namely, that Sathan works in all that are without Christ, and how that is?
Quest. 29. I feele often many strong motions within mee, which cause mee to tremble, and I know not whence they come, for I striue against them & I feare euen to name them.
Quest. 30. Now proceede to that you said in the third place. Question. 26. that all men (without exception) are bound ouer in this spirituall bondage vnto Sathan beefore that Christ lose them.
Quest. 31. Now to conclude this point, I pray you tell vs wherefore doth the Lord suffer Sathan thus to tyrannize and rage in this world?
Quest. 32. Now let vs heare what is the second great and generall euill which is common to all the posteritie of Adam, before they be redeemed by grace in Iesus Christ?
Quest. 33. First, I pray you tell mee, what names giues the Scripture to this naturall corruption, which the learned diuines call originall sinne?
Quest. 34. Many there are which denie that there is such a dangerous corruption in our nature: for the Papists say, it hath not the very nature of sin, but is a froth, and hath some appearance of sinne: The Pelagions say there came no such sinne from Adam by generation or naturall propagation, but by imitation: the Anabaptists say that since Christs in∣carnation there was neuer any one borne in sinne.
Quest. 35. Now describe this sinne plainly according to the Scriptures?
Quest. 36. The Apostle also addeth in the 5. Chapter to the Romaines. ver. 14. that death also raigneth, is not this a third and euill consequent?
Of actuall Sinne and the dangerous grouth of sinne, without Gods speciall grace preuenting it: or of sundry dangerous steps to hell.
Question. 37.
Quest. 38. First tell vs what degrees of sinne finde you in that place of Saint Iames.
Quest. 39. First, let vs heare what bee the degrees of the deceitfullesse of sinne?
Quest. 40. And what call you the degrees of the per∣fection of sinne?
Quest. 41. Tell me briefely what you meane, by these first degrees of the deceitfulnesse of sinne?
Quest. 42. Let vs heare in like manner what you can say of the degrees of the perfection of sinne?
The Fourth and the most certaine meane to know the miserie of man without Christ is, by the Law of God: for that by the Law commeth the knowledge of sinne. Rom. 3.20. and 7.7.8.
Question. 43.
Quest. 44. Where is this Law written, that so serues to reueale Sinne: and what is it?
Quest 45. Answere me yet one doubt more, did not the Maniches and old Heretikes iustly speake against this law: seeing the Apostle calls it the misterie of death. 2. Cor. 3.7. and againe hee saith the law killeth Rom. Sinne tooke occasion by the commandement, and deceiued me, and there∣by slew mee.
Quest. 46. First, let mee heare what you can say of the speciall circumstances of time, place and persons concerning this Law.
Quest 47. What rules must be remembred for the right vnderstanding and vse of the commandements of this Law?
Quest. 48. What diuisions and parts are to be conside∣red in the decalouge?
Quest. 49. Now let me heare what is the breefe summe of the decalouge?
Quest. 50. Let vs heare the very words of God in the first Law, and what seruice and duties are commaunded, and what sinnes are forbidden in it?
ten commandments
commandment 1
Quest. 51. This shall suffice of the preface, let vs heare what you can say of the first precept?
Quest. 52. Now let vs heare what doth the Lord spe∣cially require of vs in this Law?
Quest. 53. Let me heare what bee the speciall branches of this knowledge?
Quest. 54. What is the second point of obedience here commaunded?
Quest. 55. What vndoubted signes bee there of the true loue of God?
Quest. 56. What is the third branch of obedience requi∣red in this Law?
Question. 57. What is the fourth branch of obedience required in this Law?
Quest. 58. How is this feare begotten in vs?
Quest. 59. What is the fift branch of the obedience of this Law?
Quest. 60. What is the sixt branch of obedience here commaunded?
Quest. 61. Now wee haue heard what the Lord doth command and require at our hands in this Law: let me heare also what is forbidden?
Quest. 62. What is the second grose sinne here for∣bidden?
Quest. 63. What is the third sinne here forbidden?
Quest. 64. I pray you let vs heare more at large of the Idolatry of witchcraft: doe witches so worship the Diuell as men say?
Quest. 65. But it is hard to know a witch, few as yet of the learned can define a witch: and therefore it is a hard iudgement to condemne all for witches that men call wise men, and wise women?
Quest. 66. I graunt a witch may bee discerned and dis∣couered: but it is hard for euery man to know them.
Quest. 67. Now proceede to the fourth sinne forbidden vs in this Law.
commandment 2
Quest. 69. Let vs heare first what you can say generally of the scope, summe, sense and parts of the second Law?
Quest. 70. Now let vs heare, what be the speciall bran∣ches of obedience required of Gods people in this Law?
Que. 72. The second branch of Gods worship here com∣manded, is the fruitfull reading and hearing of Gods word preached: what speciall rules haue you concerning this dutie?
Quest. 73. Thus farre what euils wee ought to auoide in our priuate preparation: Now what must we doe that we may bee fit to attend the publike ministrie?
Quest. 74. So much for preparation before: what say you for attention, which is the second dutie required in him which will heare the word of God to his saluation?
Quest. 75. And what is to bee done after that wee haue heard the word preached?
Quest. 76. Now let vs come to the third forme of Gods worship which is inuocation: & here first let vs heare breefly how the Lord stirreth vp his people to this kind of worship: and next what speciall rules bee giuen to binde vs to the forme hee hath prescribed in his word.
Quest. 77. The fourth speciall forme of Gods worship is, the administration and participation of the holy Sacra∣ments: what rules bee giuen concerning this forme?
Quest. 78. Thus far shall suffice concerning these foure special branches of Gods worship: what occasions and helps of Gods worship be here commanded?
Quest. 79. Thus farre of the affirmatiue part, now in the negatiue what sinnes be forgiuen?
Quest. 80. What is the second sinne here forbidden?
Quest. 81. Proceede to an other branch here for∣bidden?
Quest. 82. Proceede to the fourth Sinne.
Quest. 83. What occasions of Idolatrie be here for∣bidden?
Quest. 84 What sinne else is here forbidden?
Quest. 85. Proceede yet further to more branches, If there bee any more of this kinde?
The third Law. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vaine, for the Lord will not hold him guiltlesse that taketh his name in vaine.
Question. 86.
Quest. 87. Proceede to shew what the parts are of this Law: and what is the sense and meaning of the words?
Quest. 88. Let vs proceed, as in the two former Lawes: first, to consider by what speciall sinnes and vices Gods name is prophaned, next by what vertues and good works it is honoured.
Quest. 89. What can you say against this common prac∣tise of swearing?
Quest. 90. What is the second sinne here condemned?
Quest. 91. What is the third sinne here condemned?
Quest. 92. Proceede to the fourth speciall sinne here con∣demned?
Quest. 93. What is the fift speciall sinne here con∣demned?
Quest. 94. The Lord speakes vnto vs not onely by his word, but also by his iudgements, and by his workes: and is not the prophane contempt and abuse of these here con∣demned?
The second part of the third Law.
Quest. 95. Wee haue heard what speciall sinnes God condemns in this Law: now let vs heare what speciall du∣ties hee doth commaund.
Quest. 96. To passe ouer the duties of Maiestrates and Ministers, I pray you let vs heare at large what you can say of the duties of all priuate men in priuate admonition and Christian reproofe, and how they bee to proceede to priuate chasticement in families that the great name of God bee not blasphemed?
Quest. 97. Now describe this dutie of christian admoni∣tion according to the Scriptures.
Quest. 98. Thus farre of the persons admonishing and admonished: now what bee wee to obserue in the forme of an admonition?
Quest. 99 Now let me heare what should moue vs to per∣forme this dutie?
Quest. 110. What is the second branch of obedience commanded in the third Law?
Quest. 101. Tell mee breefely what other good things be principally required at our hands in this Law.
commandments 4
Quest. 102 Let me heare the words of the fourth law: and next what the principall scope of it is, what the parts, and the sence of the words of the law?
Quest. 103. Now proceed on to consider more neerely what the Lord requireth in this law: and first what this word Saboth signifieth?
Quest. 105. Now hauing thus farre taken some generall viewe of this Law: let vs consider here what is commanded, and what is forbidden: how the Saboth is sanctified, and how prophaned. For this is the cheefe end of this Law, and that whereunto the rest of the Saboth is to be referred.
Quest. 106. Let vs heare as breefely what is forbidden?
The fift Law.
Question. 107.
Quest. 108. Let mee heare what drift, and parts, and sense is of the fift Law?
Quest. 108. This Commandement is affirmatiue: re∣hearse the general duties, or signes of honour and reuerence, which all men are bound to yeeld to all superiours: or com∣mon to all superiours.
Quest. 110. And what be the duties common to all su∣periours?
Quest. 111. What bee the generall sinnes of inferiours against superiours: and of superiours to their inferiours?
Quest. 112. Now let vs come to the speciall duties of su∣periours and inferiours in the priuate familie: and first of parents and children?
Quest. 113 What be the duties of children to Parents, commanded in this Law?
Quest. 114. Now rehearse breefly the contrary sinnes here condemned.
Quest. 115. Thus farre of naturall Parents and their Children: now of Parents by office and place: And here first let me heare of the second band of duties in priuate fa∣milies betweene Masters and Seruants.
Quest. 116, And what bee the duties of Seruants to their Maisters: and the contrary sinnes forbidden in this Law?
Quest. 117. I pray you adde something of the duties and sins of the Fathers in Common wealth and in the Church, that is, of such as gouerne in the Magistracie.
The sixt Law.
Question. 118.
Quest. 119. Set downe a short summe of the speciall sins forbidden, and vertues commaunded in this Law?
Quest. 121. Proceede on to the fourth kinde.
Quest. 122. What thinke you of a combat, for the end∣ing of some strife, and to trie a truth?
Quest. 123. Now proceede to the affirmatiue part: and tell me breefely what is commanded in this Law?
Quest. 124. But I pray you let vs heare what speciall branches of obedience be here commaunded?
The seauenth Law. Thou shalt not commit Adultry:
Question. 125.
Quest. 126. Now let me heare what saith Christ of this Law?
Quest. 127. Now proceede on to the rest of the senses, that we may see also how they be baited for whoredome and vncleannesse.
Quest. 128. What can you say of the third kinde of adul∣trie, or of the adultrous tongue?
Quest. 129. Now proceede to speake of actuall adul∣trie: but first let vs heare, if yee haue any more speciall causes and prouocations to this sinne.
Quest. 130. Proceed to single whordome and the other speciall actuall sinnes here condemned.
Quest. 131. Now proceede to the affirmatiue part, that we may see in like manner, what speciall vertues God com∣mendeth and requireth in this Law?
Quest. 132. And what bee the wals and bats of a pure and chast life?
Quest. 133. Now proceede to the examination of the Conscience.
The eight Law. Thou shalt not Steale.
Question. 134.
Quest. 135. Let mee heare what the secret theft of the heart is, or the sinne of couetousnesse.
Quest. 136. Let me heare of the first kinde of outward theft, in taking away thy neighbours goods by secret prac∣tises, first in contracts?
Quest. 137. Now of secret practises against this Law out of Contracts.
Quest. 138. Now come to the more open kindes of theft, here condemned.
Quest. 139. In the next place number those thefts that are committed in not restoring our neighbours goods when they be in our possession.
Quest. 140. Proceede to the affirmatiue part, and let me heare what the Lord commaundeth vs in this Law.
Quest. 141. Let mee heare how the Conscience may be here examined.
The Ninth Law.
Question. 142.
Quest. 143. Doth the Lord here condemne hard con∣ceits, and mistrust of heart?
Quest. 144. And how many waies doe men outwardlie yet secretly disgrace their brethren?
Quest. 145. Proceede to more open sinnes against this Law.
Quest. 146. Proceed to the second kind, more dange∣rous and hurtfull.
Quest. 147. Proceede to Lyes in iudgement, or to the sinnes committed against this Law in the publike place of Iustice.
Quest. 148. Proceed to the affirmatiue part.
The Tenth Law. Thou shalt not couet thy neighbours House, thou shalt not couet thy neighbours Wife, nor his Man-seruant nor hid Oxe, nor his Asse, nor any thing that is his.
Question. 149.
Quest. 150. Now proceede to giue vs a more speciall and cleare sight of the first euill condemned in this Law.
Quest. 151. Proceed to the third euill condemned in this Law.
Quest. 152. And what speciall graces bee required in this Law?
Quest. 154. How may the true Christian performe obe∣dience to the morall Law, acceptable vnto God?
Quest. 155. What are the speciall vses of the Morall Law?
Quest. 256. Now proceed, and tell me what the curse of the Law is, and how wee be freed from it.
The third part of the Historie of man: or of the reformed Adam, or man in Christ, renued by the Gospell, restored to Grace, and preserued to Glorie.
Question. 1.
Quest. 2. Will the Lord be reconciled by any mediator, and receiue vs to grace againe?
Quest. 4. How may this bee that God and man should make one person, or how may these two natures diuine and humane so much differing, be so vnited together?
Quest. 5. How know you that Iesus Christ, God and man is become such a Sauiour for you?
Quest. 7. Doth the Gospell offer grace vnto all men: or shall all men be saued by Christ?
Quest. 8. I see the beleeuers onely haue interest in Christ and his Gospell: proceede on and tell vs what is faith.
Quest. 9. Are there not other kindes of faith spoken of in the Scripture, besides the true iustifying faith proper to the elect?
Quest. 10. How is the true sauing faith wrought in vs, how growes it, and by what meanes is it cherished and pre∣serued?
Quest. 12. Tell me, how many Creeds be there, and which is the best, and what they containe?
Quest. 13 What are the speciall parts of this Creed?
Quest. 14. First, what beeleeue and professe you in this Creed, and according to this Creed concerning God?
Quest. 15. What meane you by these words I beleeue in God, and what promises respects Faith in these words?
Quest. 16. Now proceed to the three titles here set downe in the first article.
Comforts which follow this Faith.
Comforts which follow this Faith.
Comfortable meditations vpon this point of the Creation of the world.
Quest. 17. But what say you here concerning prouidence, for if God made the world of nothing, surely by the same power he vpholdeth and preserueth all things in heauen and earth.
Quest. 20. Now proceed on to the second branch of the first part of the Creede, which concernes principally (as I thinke) our faith in our Lord Iesus Christ.
Quest. 21. Now what vse is there and profit, and com∣fort by this faith?
Quest. 23. What comforts yeelds this faith in Christ, to the beleuer?
Quest. 24 Proceed to the third title: I beleeue in the onely begotten Sonne of God.
Quest. 25. What vse is there of this title, and what com∣forts follow this Faith?
Quest. 26. Proceede to the fourth title. Where is Iesus Christ called our Lord, and wherefore?
Duties and Consolations which follow this Faith: are these.
Quest. 27. Thus farre of the foure titles, and of the first most excellent and diuine nature of the Sonne of God: now followes his humane nature, incarnation and the vnion of both natures in one person in these words Conceiued by the holy Ghost, borne of the virgin Mary: Tell me first, where is Christ said to bee conceiued by the holy Ghost?
Duties which follow this Faith.
Quest. 28. Proceede on to speake of the birth of Christ: he was borne of the Virgin Mary, and of the vnion of natures diuine and humane in this one person.
Consolations following this Faith concerning Christs pure Conception, Incarnation, and this inspeakeable vnion of natures in this one sacred person: are these.
Quest. 31. Now proceed to the Articles following: Hee suffred vnder Pontious Pilate, was crucified, dead, and buried, and descended into hell: what thinke you of these first in ge∣nerall?
Quest. 32. Descend to this speciall Article: Hee suffred vnder Pontius Pilate: why doe you so beleeue: what was this Iudge and what did he?
Quest. 33. What speciall things be we to obserue in and before his arraignement?
Quest. 35. Proceed to speake of the next Article of the passion of Christ, which is concerning his execution, in these words: I beleeue in Iesus Christ, crucified?
Instructions and Consolations which follow this Faith.
Quest. 35. Now let me heare yet a little more of the pro∣ceedings of his enemies against him, Iewes and Gentiles, and of his passions on the Crosse? what herein we be speci∣ally to obserue.
Quest. 36. The passion of Christ is a mirrour of all ver∣tues, which are the more excellent for that they bee set be∣fore vs not in rules and doctrines, but in his owne holy prac∣tise, name some of them in order.
Quest. 37. Thus farre wee haue heard your faith concer∣ning the passions of Christ vnder Pontius Pilate: doe you beleeue also that the Sonne of God dyed?
Quest. 38. The Apostle saith that Christ triumphed ouer his enemies on the Crosse. Col. 2.14.15. I pray you how may that appeare?
The signes that Christ had the Victorie and trium∣phed ouer his enemies, on the crrsse, are these.
Quest. 39. Proceede to speake of the second degree of Christs humiliation, as namely of his buriall: do you beleeue he was buried?
The vse of this Faith, and what consolation and confirmation we haue hereby, is this.
Quest. 40. What can you say of the third and last degree of his humiliation, doe you beleeue hee descended into hell?
Quest. 41. I pray you passe by all other arguments and controuersies concerning this Article and let mee heare your iudgement and beleefe plainely as you can, and what vse you make of this faith?
The Comforts and Fruits which follow this Faith, are these.
Quest. 43. Tell me next what was the manner of his resurrection: and lastly, what vse we haue of this Article, and of this faith?
The vse of this Article concerning Christs resur∣rection, and of this Faith: is this.
Quest. 44. Thus farre the first degree of his exaltation: now let me heare of the second, what doe you beleeue his as∣cention into heauen?
Quest. 45. What vse is there of this faith, and what com∣forts follow it?
Duties following this particular faith are these.
Quest. 46. Proceede on to the third degree of his ex∣altation: doe you beleeue that hee sitteth at the right hand of God the Father almightie? first, explaine your meaning, and proue this Article by the scripture?
Quest. 47. Now proceed to the fruits which follow this faith.
Quest. 48. Let me heare what you can say of the last Ar∣ticle concerning Christ, which is this: From thence hee shall come to iudge the quick and the dead?
Quest. 49. Now proceede to the comforts which arise by the expectation of the last iudgement.
Quest. 50. But concerning the estate of the Elect after the last iudgement, you must shew the place where they shall raigne, the priuiledges and prerogatiues where withall they shall bee endowed, and other circumstances of necessary mo∣ment, that wee may conceiue the meaning of Saint Paul, when hee sayth, I suppose that all the afflictions of this life are not worthie the glory that shall bee reuealed?
Quest. 52 But why should wee looke for a new earth after the later day? if wee shall not dwell therein?
Quest. 53. If the Lord would haue it remaine as a mo∣nument of his owne worke, why then doth not the Sea re∣mane, for it is expresly said. Reue. 21.1. And there was no more Sea?
Quest. 55. Now then you haue perswaded mee in the place of the Sanits glory, tell mee also the conditions of that life, or so much as God hath recorded in his word, and the Diuines haue obserued thereof according to your know∣legde?
Quest. 56. But doe you thinke that the Saints and Elect shall be in the immediate and inseparable presence of God in another world, and that they shall see God face to face?
Quest. 57 But Moses might not see him, and Manoah and his wife. Iud, 12. say that neuer any man saw God and liued, and that therefore it is not likely that the saints shall euer see God, but themselues and the Angels and such like they may easily discerne.
Quest. 58. By this that you haue sayd I conceiue what was the knowledge and hope of the Fathers that liued be∣fore Christ, concerning the kingdome of heauen, but I would also faine know the titles and descriptions of this estate also out of the new Testament; beecause I suppose that euery thing is therein reuealed more plainely, openly, and distinct∣ly, seing that as Lex est Euangelium praenunciatum, So, Euan∣gelium est Lex impleta & coelum praenunciatum, that is, the Law is the foretelling of the Gospell, and the Gospell both the fulfilling of the Law, and also the foreshewing of hea∣uen.
Quest. 60. Now you haue made mention of that, tell me I pray you according to the Scriptures, your opinion how their agreement standeth with the royalty of this world?
Quest. 61. I would heare yet more of other titles in the word of God, and first of all whether the Paradise wherein our Sauiour Christ promised to meete the good theefe bee heauen, yea or no?
Quest. 62. Yes, very many, for I haue heard some say that it was the place of the fathers rest which dyed before Christ. Others that it was the first Paradise out of which Adam was driuen, and that Christ by his death recouered againe, which from Adam vnto that time was neuer inhabited, and no earthly man could tell where and in what place it was. Some say it was vpon the earth, others that it was in the ayre in the East vnder the Sun-rising, other, that it was heauen, and therefore I would gladly know what a godly man may think thereof?
Quest. 63. But what say you to them which take it to be the first paradise in the garden of Eden?
Quest. 64. I pray you open vnto mee that terme aboue the residue.
Quest. 65. But as wee shall know God so perfectly, whom wee neuer saw in perfection, so I would gladly know whether we shall know one another in the next life and take acquaintance to our mutuall ioy as here friends doe which meete after long absence?
Quest. 66. But you haue rehearsed out of Saint Paul, that this life is eternall and the gift of God. How can it bee the gift of God seeing it is the reward of righteousnesse?