A compend of the controversies of religion wherin the trueth is confirmed, and errour convinced, by authoritie of Scripture, witnessing of antiquitie, and confession of partie. Most necessary for all, in this backe-slyding age. By W.G. minister of God's word.
Guild, William, 1586-1657.

§. I. That Prayers and all publicke woship, should bee in a language knowne to the people.

1. Authoritie of Scripture.

1. COrint. 14.7. And even things vvith∣out life, gi∣ving sound, whether pipe or Harpe, ex∣cept they giue a distinction in the soundes, how shall it bee knowne vvhat is piped or harped?

Verse 9. So likewise you, ex∣cept yee vtter by the tongue vvords easie to bee vnderstood, how shall it bee knowne vvhat is spoken? for yee shall speake into the Aire.

Verse 11. Therefore, if I know Page  65 not the meaning of the voyce, I shall be vno him that speaketh a Barba∣rian; and hee that speaketh, shall bee a Barbarian to mee.

Verse 15. What is it then? I will pray vvith the spirit, and I will pray with the vnderstanding also: I will sing with the spirit, & I vvill sing vvith the vnderstanding also.

Verse 16. Els vvhen thou shalt blesse vvith the spirit, how shall hee that occupieth the rowme of the vnlearned, say, Amen, at thy gi∣ving of thankes, seeing hee vnder∣standeth not vvhat thou sayest?

Verse 18. I thanke GOD, I speake more tongues than yee all, yet in the Church I had rather speake fiue vvordes vvith vnderstanding, that by my voyce I might teach others also, than ten thousand vvords in an vnknowne tongue.

Note then, That this doctrine & choise of Pul's, is fure from the popish pra∣ctise of their Matins, and Masse-mumbling, which they vse in Latine.

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2. Witnessing of Antiquitie.

IF yee meete together (sayeth Ambrose) for the edifying of the Church, then those things should be side which the hearers may vnderstand: for what pro∣fiteth it that one should speake with a tongue which him-selfe onlie vnderstan∣deth? and hee that heareth profiteth not there-by. Amb. in 1. Cor. 14. The same also doeth Chrysostome affirme, Hom. 18. in 2. ad Corinth: and Augustine, on Psal. 18.

3. Confession of Partie.

OVt of this doctrine of Paul's (sayeth Cardinall Cajetan) it is collected, That it is better for the edifying of the Church, that publicke prayers, which are saide in the peoples hearing, be said in a vulgar tongue, knowne to the peo∣ple and clergie, rather than in Latine. Cajet. in 1. Cor. 14.