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Author: Francis, de Sales, Saint, 1567-1622.
Title: An introduction to a deuoute life composed in Frenche by the R. Father in God Francis Sales, Bishop of Geneua. And translated into Englisg [sic], by I.Y.
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Print source: An introduction to a deuoute life composed in Frenche by the R. Father in God Francis Sales, Bishop of Geneua. And translated into Englisg [sic], by I.Y.
Francis, de Sales, Saint, 1567-1622., Yakesley, John., Tauler, Johannes, ca. 1300-1361. Colloquium theologi et mendici. English.

[Douai: Printed] by [G. Patté for] Iohn Heigham. With permission, 1613.
Alternate titles: Introduction à la vie dévote. English
Subject terms:
Spiritual life -- Early works to 1800.

title page
A DEDICATORY prayer of the Authour.
MY DEARE READER, I beseeche thee to reade this Preface for thy satisfaction and myne.
THE FIRST PART OF THE INTRODVCTION: Conteyning aduices and exercises requisite for the conduct of a soule from her very first desire of a deuout life, vntill she be brought to a full resolution to embrace it stedfastly in all her actions.
What a deuout life is. CHAPTER I.
The properties and excellency of Deuotion. CHAPTER II.
That deuotion is an instrument, and an ornament befitting all voca∣tions, and professions. CHAPTER III.
The necessitie of a guide to enter and go forward in exercises of deuotion. CHAPTER IIII.
That the begining of a deuout life, must be taken from the purgation of the soule. CHAPTER V.
Of the first Purgation: which is, from mortall sinnes. CHAPTER VI.
The second Purgation: which is from the affections of sinne. CHAPTER VII.
Of the meanes of applying this second Purgation. CHAPTER VIII.
The first Meditation; of our Creation. Chap. 9.
Affections and resolutions.
The second Meditation; of the end, for the which were created. Chap. 10.
Affections and resolutions.
The third meditation: of the Bene∣fits of God. CHAP. 11.
Affections and resolutions.
The fourth meditation: of sinne. CHAPTER 12.
Affections and resolutions.
The fifte meditation: of Death. CHAPTER 13.
Affections and resolutions.
The Sixt Meditation, of Iudgment. CHAPTER 14.
Affections and resolutions.
The seuenth Meditation, of Hell. CHAPTER 15.
Affections and resolutions.
The eight Meditation, of Paradice. CHAPTER 16.
Affections and resolutions.
The ninth Meditation; by way of election or choise of Paradise. CHAPTER 17.
The tenth Meditation; by way of election and choice which the soule maketh of the deuout life. CHAPTER 18.
How to make a generall Confession. CHAPTER 19.
An authenticall protestation, seruing to en∣graue in thy soule a firme resolution to serue God, and to conclude the actes of Penaunce. CHAP. 20.
A deuoute manner to receaue absolution. CHAP. 21.
That we must purifie our selues from the affections which we haue to veniall sinnes. CHAPTER 22.
That we ought to purifie our selues from affection and delight of vnprofita∣ble and dangerous things. CHAPTER 23.
That we must purge our selues, from bad inclinations. CHAP. 24.
THE SECOND PART OF THIS INTRODVCTION, Containing diuers aduices for the lifting vp of the soule to God by prayer, and by vse of the Sacraments.
Of the necessity of prayer. CHAPTER I.
A breef method of meditation. And first of the presence of God, which is the first point of Preparation. CHAPTER 2.
Of Inuocation, the second point of Preparation. CHAPTER 3.
Of the third point of preparation, consi∣sting in proposing the mystery which we meane to meditate. CHAPTER 4.
Of the considerations and discources of our vnderstanding; which are the second part of meditation. CHAPTER 5.
Of the affects and resolutions of our will, the third part of meditation. CHAPTER 6.
Of the conclusion of the exercise, and spirituall posy to be ga∣thered out of it. CHAPTER 7.
Some profitable instructions and aduices for meditation. CHAPTER 8.
Of the drynesse of affection, which often happeneth in meditating. CHAPTER 9.
A morning exercise. CHAPTER 10.
An exercise for Euening. And of the examination of our conscience before bed time. CHAP. 11.
Of the spirituall retyring of the soule. CHAPTER 12.
Of aspirations, iaculatory prayers, and good thoughts. CHAP. 13.
How we ought to heare the holy Masse. CHAP. 14.
Of other publique and common exer∣cises. CHAP. 15.
Of honour and inuocation of the Saincts. CHAPTER 16.
How we ought to heare and read Gods holy word. CHAP. 17.
How to receaue inspirations. CHAPTER 18.
Of holy Confession. CHAPTER 19.
Of frequenting the holie Communion. CHAPTER 20.
How we ought to Communicate. CHAPTER 21.
THE THIRD PART OF THE INTRODVCTION, Containing sundrie rules and aduices, concerning the exer∣cise of virtues.
Of the choice which we must make in the exercise of virtue. CHAPTER I.
An addition to the former discource, about choice in the exercise of vir∣tues. CHAPT. 2.
Of Patience. CHAPTER 3.
Of exteriour Humilitie. CHAPTER 4.
Of Humility more internall then the former. CHAP. 5.
That humilitie maketh vs loue our owne debasement and abiection. CHAPTER 6.
How to keep our good renowne in the practize of humility. CHAPTER 7.
Of meeknes and gentlenes to wardes our neighbours; and remedies against anger. CHAP. 8.
Of sweetnes and gentlenes towardes our selues. CHAPTER 9.
That we must handle our affaires with diligence, but not with too much eagrenes, and solicitude. CHAPTER 10.
Of Obedience. CHAPTER 11.
Of the necessity of Chastitie. CHAPTER 12.
chapter 13
Of pouertitie of Spirit, to be obserued in riches. CHAP. 14.
How to practise true and reall pouerty, remayning not withstanding reallie riche. CHAPTER 15.
How to practize richnes of Spirit, in reall pouertie. CHAPTER 16.
Of frindship: and first of fond, and fruictlesse frindship. CHAPTER 17.
Of loue, and loue toyes. CHAPTER 18.
Of trew frindship. CHAP. 19.
The difference betwixt true and vaine frindship. CHAPTER 20.
Aduices and remedies against naughty frindships. CHAP. 21.
Other aduices of the same subiect, of fond amities. CHAPTER 22.
chapter 23
Of companie, and solitarinesse. CHAPTER 24.
Of decency and handsomnes in attire. CHAPTER 25.
chapter 26
Of courtesie in talk, and due respect of persons. CHAP. 27.
Of rash iudgement. CHAPTER 28.
Of slaunder and back biting. CHAPTER 29.
Other aduices and instructions to be obserued in talk. CHAPTER 30.
Of honest and commendable pa∣stimes and recreations. CHAPTER 31.
Of dauncing and some other passetimes which are lawfull, but dangerous withall. CHAPTER 32.
The times to sport and dance. CHAPTER 33.
To be faithful and constant in great and small occasions. CHAPTER 34.
That we must keep our soule iust and reasonable, in all her actions. CHAPTER 35.
Of desires. CHAP. 36.
Aduertisments for those which are maried. CHAP. 37.
Of the honestie and chastitie of the mar∣riage-bed. CHAP. 38.
Instructions for widdowes. CHAPTER 39.
A word or two to Virgins. CHAPTER 40.
THE FOVRTH PART OF THE INTRODVCTION, Containing necessary instru∣ctions, against those tentations which are most ordinarily in∣cident, to those that endeuour to liue spiritually.
That we must not regard the scoffes and mocking taunts of the children of this world. CHAPTER. I.
That we must haue continually a good and manfull courage. CHAPITRE 2.
The nature of tentations, and the diffe∣rence between feeling them, and consenting to them. CHAPTER 3.
Two firt examples of the forsayd matter. CHAPTER. 4.
An encouragement to the soule vexed with temptation. CHAPTER 5.
How tentation and delectation may be sinne. CHAPTER 6.
Remedies against great and ve∣hement tentations. CHAPTER 7.
That we must diligently resist, euen the least tentations that are. CHAPTER 8.
Remedies against these lesser tempta∣tions. CHAP. 9.
How to strengthen our hart against temptations. CHAP. 10.
Of vnquietnes of mind. CHAPTER 11.
Of sadnesse. CHAP. 12.
Of spirituall and sensible consolations, and how one must behaue him self in them. CHAP. 13.
Of drynesse and barrennesse in our spirituall exercises. CHAPTER 14.
The former discourse is explained and confirmed by a notable example. CHAPTER 15.
THE FIFTH PART OF THE INTRODVCTION: Containing exercises and in∣structions to renew the soule, and confirme deuotion.
That we renew euery yeare our good purposes by the exercises folowing. CHAPTER I.
Considerations vpon the benefit which God doth vnto vs, by calling vs to his seruice, according to the protesta∣tion mentioned before. CHAPTER 2.
The examination of our soule touching her proffiting in deuotion. CHAPTER 3.
An examination of the estate of our soule towards God. CHAP. 4.
An examination of our estate tou∣ching our selues. CHAP. 5.
An examination of the estate of our soule towards our neighbour. CHAPTER 6.
An examination of the affections of our soule. CHAP. 7.
Affections to be exercised after this examination. CHAP. 8.
Considerations proper to renew our good purposes. CHAP. 9.
The first consideration, of the excellency of our soule. CHAP. 10.
The second consideration of the excellency of virtues. CHAP. 11.
The third consideration of the examples of Sainctes. CHAPTER 12.
The fourth consideration: of the loue that Iesus-Christ beareth vnto vs. CHAPTER 13.
The fifte consideration, of the eternall loue of God toward vs. CHAPTER 14.
Generall affections vpon the precedent poincts, or considerations, with the conclusion of this exercise. CHAPTER 15.
Feeling thoughts to be kept in mind after this exercise. CHAPTER 16.
An answer to two obiections, which may be made against this Intro∣duction. CHAP. 17.
Three pricipall aduices for this introduction. CHAPTER 18.
THE COMMVNICATION OF DOCTOVR THAVLERVS with a poore beggar, wherein is compre∣hended the example of a perfect man, and how we should resigne our selues in all thinges vnto the good pleasure of God.