Trisagion or, The three holy offices of Iesus Christ, the sonne of God, priestly, propheticall, and regall how they ought of all his Church to be receiued. VVith a declaration of the violence and iniuries offered vnto the same, by the spirituall and Romish Babylon ... Reuealing many blasphemous mysteries vnknowne to the vulgar. By Richard Fovvns, Doctor of Diuinitie, and chaplaine domesticall to the late illustrious Prince Henry.
Fowns, Richard, 1560?-1625.

CHAP. XIX. That the Romish Church maketh Christ insufficient to saluation, contrary to the second Limitation of Bellarmine.

ALthough to blinde the eyes of the ignorant,* and to car∣rie captiue simple soules with false pretenses, they cast smooth and faire glosses, vpon their venemous and diuelish blasphemies: yet there are diuers strong and demonstratiue arguments, by which the Synagogue of Rome is euidently conuinced, that it esteemeth Christ as an insufficient Redee∣mer. I will reduce all of them vnto fiue heads. First, because they make the Saints Redeemers of themselues: the second, because they make the helpe of Saints not onely profitable, but ab∣solutely necessary to our Redemption: the third, because they make the blessed Ʋirgin Saint Mary the first mouing cause, or spring of Saluation: the fourth, because they make the Saints our sole and absolute Redeemers: the fift, because they make the Virgin the Sa∣uiour of Women, as Christ is of Men. Strange assertions you will say: but I trust, by that time you haue well weighed and considered the proofes and Testimonies I shall produce, the cleare eye of an vnpartiall iudgement will easily discerne betwixt the Sheepes clothing, and the rauening Wolfe: be∣twixt the bitter pill they prepare for the stomacke, and the gold, which is cast vpon it, to deceiue the sight.