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Author: Fioravanti, Leonardo, 1518-1588.
Title: A discourse vpon chyrurgery: written by that famous doctour and knight, Signior Leonardo Phiorauanti, Bolognese. VVith a declaration of many wonderfull matters necessary to be knowne; with most notable secret found out by the said authour. Translated out of Italian by Iohn Hester, and now newly published and augmented, for the benefite of this country: by Richard Booth, Gent.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
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Print source: A discourse vpon chyrurgery: written by that famous doctour and knight, Signior Leonardo Phiorauanti, Bolognese. VVith a declaration of many wonderfull matters necessary to be knowne; with most notable secret found out by the said authour. Translated out of Italian by Iohn Hester, and now newly published and augmented, for the benefite of this country: by Richard Booth, Gent.
Fioravanti, Leonardo, 1518-1588., Hester, John, d. 1593,

London: Printed by Edward Allde dwelling neere vnto Chirst-Church [sic], 1626.
Alternate titles: Cirugia. English La cirugia. Discourse upon chyrurgery. Leonardo Phiorauanti, vpon chyrurgerie. Leonardo Phioravanti, upon chyrurgerie.
Translation of: La cirugia.
Running title reads: Leonardo Phiorauanti, vpon chyrurgerie.
Page 118 misnumbered 117.
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Medicine -- Early works to 1800.

title page
To the gentle Reader.
HOW THAT OVR PHISICKE AND CHYRVRGERIE IS better, then that, the which the Ancients haue commonly vsed.
Certaine remedies, for all Captaines and Souldiers that trauell either by water or by land.
A short Discourse of the most excellent Do∣ctour and Knight, Master Leonardo Phiorauanti, Bolognesse, vpon Chirurgerie; With a declaration of ma∣ny things necessary to be knowne: neuer written before in this order. Whereunto is added a number of notable Secrets found out by the said Author.
What Chyrurgerie is.
What Wounds ar.
Of Vlcers, and what they are.
Of Impostumes and their kindes.
Of Fistolaes, and their kindes.
Of all sorts of scabbes.
Of Formicola and his effects.
A discourse of wounds and other kinds of inward sores.
An order to vse in healing all manner of diseases appertei∣ning vnto the Chyrurgian.
Of Medicines to be vsed in all kinde of wounds outward with ease and brouitie.
To helpe Vicers of all sortes.
The order to be vsed in curing Impostumes of diuers sortes.
The order to cure all manner of Pistolaes.
To helpe all manner of Scabbes.
To helpe the Mal di formica.
Of the Towe which is laid vpon wounds by common Chyrurgions.
Of the disgestiue with the which they dresse wounds after the aforesaid Tow.
Of the mundification vnguent wherewith they dresse the wounds after they are digested to mundifie them.
Of their incarnatiue where with they dresse the wound after it is mundified.
A rare secret, the which this Author did send vnto a very friend of his, being in the warres in Africa, the which helpeth all wounds, either by cut, thrust, gal∣ling with arrowes, or hargabush shotte, or otherwise.
Of those vnguents that Cicatrize wounds.
A remedie to helpe a wound with great speede, of our inuention.
An excellent secret to heale wounds of Gunne shot or Arrowes without any danger.
A discourse vpon old wounds that are not yet healed and their soueraigne remedie.
To dissolue a broose in short time, when it is new done.
To helpe a wound quickly that is in perill of any accident.
To stop the flux of the blood in wounds with great speed.
An other remedy to stay the flux of blood in a wound.
Of our Cerote magno, that helpeth against all sortes of sores and wounds.
Of our Magistral Vnguent that helpeth diuers sorts of sores.
To make Oyle of Frankensence.
Of Oyle of Waxe and his effects.
To help the Tooth-ache that is caused of rotten Teeth, or that commeth of a dissenti∣on of the head.
Against a stinking breath.
To help those that haue a great cough in the stomacke.
To help such as cannot holde their water.
To helpe those that cannot make water.
To helpe those that haue great burning of their vrine.
To helpe those that haue great paine of the Goute.
A remedie against the Pestilene, which preserueth those that vse it.
To help Pellaria, that is, a disease which causeth the haire and Beard to fall off.
To help a Carnosite in the yard.
To helpe the white scall.
To helpe those Caruolli that come vpon the yarde, and their causes.
A discourse of those sores that come of the Poxe, and how to helpe them quickly.
The cure of one that had the Poxe in his head.
The Cure of a wound in the head, & in the hand.
A great secret particlar for the Flux, & dissenteria.
The Cure of one that was poysned with Arsnick.
The Cure of an Vlcerated Leg.
The Cure of the Gout on a Gentleman.
Of the causes of the Scyatica, and how ye may help it.
A most excellent remedie to helpe the flux of the body, with a certaine discourse thereon.
A discourse concerning cornes in the feete or elsewhere, with their remedies.
Of an infirmitie of importance that commeth vpon the extremitie of the toe, vpon the nayle,
A discourse vpon the Hemerhodes, with the order to cure them with most excellent medicines of our inuention.
A great secret to helpe those that are burst or haue the Rupture.
A rare secret and diuine, to helpe those that are trou∣bled with the spleene.
Another great secret to helpe the spleene with great speed.
The cure of a certaine Spaniard called, Carabasall di Cor∣donet the which was troubled with the Poxe.
The cure of the stitch in the side with retention of vrine.
A cure of a certaine Spaniard wounded in the head in Naples.
The cure of a certaine Gentleman that had Mal diformica.
Certaine cures that this Authour did when hee trauelled into Afryca.
The cure of the flux wherewith I helpt the Armie of the Emperour in Africa.
A goodly remedy found out by me, for wounds in the head.
The cure of one that had his nose cut off, and set on againe.
The Cure of on Arme of S. Giordano Vrsino.
A great chance that hapned at the assault in Africa.
The Cure of wounds being poysoned, and of other sorts.
A remedie found out by me against the poyson of a fish.
Of the taking of Africa and his destruction.
The Cure of a great wound in the head.
A very strange thing that hapned in the aforesaid yeare.
The cure of a Fistolae in the lower parts.
Of many that I cured in Naples.
A Cure of Vlcera putrida, which was in the Arme.
The cure of ethesia in the beginning.
The cure of a certaine man wounded in 13. places.
Of remedies that helpe many diseases.
Here beginneth the order to make diuers and sundrie Me∣dicines of our inuention, neuer found out before by any man. And first to make our Petra Philosophale, that hel∣peth against all manner of diseases, that hapneth vnto man or woman, or any other animall terrestriall.
To make our Balme artificiall, with the order to vse it, and wherefore it serueth.
To make our Aromatico, the which helpeth against all manner of infirmities, of what qualitie soeuer they be.
To make our Electuario Angelico, and the order to vse it, and in what diseases.
Of the vigitable stone of our inuention, to transinute a body of one complexion into another, and to make him sound for euer.
Our solible sirop with the order to vse it.
Our Siropo magistrale Leonardo, the which serueth against an infinite number of diseases, and is a rare medicine.
Our Sirop against the melancolicke humour, and specially where there is ventositie in the stomacke.
Our Potion of Lignum Sanctum, the which is miraculous to dissolue crud and maligne humours, with the order to vse it, in the French Poxe, & such like diseases.
A most meruellous water and rare, to cause a man to auoid the grauell in vrine, and to mundifie the raines.
To make the water of Lignum sanctum, most wholesome against the Poxe, with a new order.
Our distilation for the Etesia, the which is of meruellous vertue and without comparison: with the order to vse it.
Our vigitable Sirop the which is miraculous and diuine.
An helpeth the Cough with great and ease.
Electuario benedicto Leonardi, the which purgeth the body without any griefe, and is miraculous in his operation.
An Electuarle against the euill disposition of the Liue and Stomacke.
Our magistrall Electuary of Sulfure the which serueth against diuers sorts of infirmities.
Our Electuario of Consolida magore that serueth for many diseases inwardly.
Our impory all Electuary for the Mother.
Pilles against poyson the which are of meruel∣lous vertues.
Vnguento magno Leonardo.
Oyle of Hipericon, the which is most miraculous for wounds and bruises.
To make our Oleum benedictum the which healeth wounds diuinely.
A magistrall water, the which preserueth the sight a long time, and mundifieth the eyes of all spots.
To make oyle of Vitrioll compound, the which pre∣serueth nature in his strength.
Oleum philosophorum de & cera.
Our magno licore which is of great vertue.
Pillole Angelica, the which euacuate the body without any impediment; and are most profitable.
Pillole Aquilone of our inuention.
Our Quintessencia solutiua, the which is of meruellous operation in diuers matters.
Our Sirope of Quintessence, the which is of meruellous vertue.
Pillole Magistrale, the which is good against diuers infirmities.
A compound Aqua vitae the which serueth against all colde diseases of the stomacke.
A compound oyle against poyson▪ the which is of a meruellous vertue.
A meruailous Sope that helpeth those which cannot spitt but with great paine.
To make the Quintessence of Honey.
To make our Elixer vitae, or Aqua Caelestis.
To make aqua Reale vel Imperiale; the which maketh the teeth white presently, incaaeth the gumbes, and causeth a good breath.
A kinde of Pill most conueniene for the eyes and com∣forteth the stomacke.
A discourse vpon a composition that preserueth a man or woman in health a long time.
A meruellous Water to be vsed of all Chirurgions in curing of their Patients.
To make our. Causticke.
To make oyle of Antimony.
A precious Liquor aboue all other.
A secret of meruailous vertue.
Our secrete of marueilous vertue in act and strength.
To rectifie and preserue the sight of those that are weake sighted.
Of Lac Virginis, and the order to make it.
To calcine Tutia, and to bring it into a salte.
To precipitate Mar and to bring it into a red powder, cal∣led Crocus , the which serueth for diuers purposes.
A secret of Turpentine of Cyprus.
HERE FOLLOWETH THE making of certaine precious waters, taken out of Iohn Vigo, Chirurgion. And first of Magistrall waters.
The Table of the Contents of this Booke.