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Title:  The Mount of Olives: or, Solitary devotions. By Henry Vaughan silurist. With an excellent discourse of the blessed state of man in glory, written by the most reverend and holy Father Anselm Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, and now done into English.
Author: Vaughan, Henry, 1622-1695.
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were true complexions; but it is a very sad and a tryed truth that they are but painted. To draw then to an end, let us looke alwayes upon this Day-Lilie of life,Omnem crede diem ti∣bi diluxisse supremum. as if the Sun were alrea∣dy set. Though we blossome and open many mornings, we shall not do so al∣ways, Soles occidere & redire possunt; but man cannot. He hath his time appoint∣ed him upon earth, which he shall not passe, and his days are like the days of an hire∣ling. Let us then so husband our time, that when the flower falls, the seed may be preserved. We have had many blessed Patterns of a holy life in the Brittish Church, though now trodden under foot, and branded with the title of Antichristian. I shall propose but Mr. George Herbert of blessed memory; See his incomparable pro∣phetick Poems, and par∣ticularly these, Church-musick, Church-rents, and schisms. The Church militant. one to you, the most obedient Son that ever his Mother had, and yet a most glorious true Saint and a Seer. Heark how like a busie Bee