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Title:  A sermon of the credibility of the mysteries of the Christian religion preached before a learned audience / by Tho. Smith ...
Author: Smith, Thomas, 1638-1710.
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being a witness, and mans being a witness in our Courts of Judicature, forgetting the genuine and easie sense of the word, as I have above expressed it. 3. That it is highly probable that this verse was inserted by a Sabellian, the contrary whereof is most true. 4. That in several MSS. and Editions of modern languages, there is a transposition of these two verses. The same before was acknowledged to be found in some Greek copies, which no way proves the pretended interpolation, but only that antient copies do not all agree. 5. That this v. does very highly favour the Arians, but this is such a strain of fancy, that he may as well allege the first words of the Book of Genesis, to prove Aristotles opinion of the eternity of the World. If men out of a pre∣judicate opinion, against the doctrine of the Ca∣tholick Church, allow themselves to interpret Scri∣pture according to their own fancies, it cannot seem strange to any, that they should go about to prove and justifie their blasphemies from the plainest texts of Scripture, that in the judgment of all sober persons, who are free from those prejudi∣ces, do most evidently refute them.FINIS.