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Title:  A sermon of the credibility of the mysteries of the Christian religion preached before a learned audience / by Tho. Smith ...
Author: Smith, Thomas, 1638-1710.
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respect Aquinas had for the vulgar Latin, made him rather suspect the whole to be added, than that it was ill translated, which he would easily have acknow∣ledged, had he consulted any Gr. MS. But this kind of learning they were not acquainted with in that Age of Scholastical ignorance and barbarousness. Secondly, as they take it for granted, that this was the reading of the vulgar Latine at that time, so they more vainly and weakly suppose, that St. Cyprian made use of the same vulgar Latine edition, the con∣trary of which appears in several of his citations, and it is more likely, that he might translate so lite∣rally the latter part of the 7. v. and not at all regard the 8. v. or the vulgar translation, and so it appears from the testimony of Fulgentius, cited above, that he understood it.Afterward when several, out of an evil design to overthrow the Mystery of the most blessed and ado∣rable Trinity, omitted in their translations of the Scriptures into the Latin Tongue this Verse (a liber∣ty which, it seems, every Pretender almost made use of, and it may well be suspected, that an Arian then, as a Socinian now, in his translation would be over∣favourable to his own opinions, by leaving out and putting in what might make for them, and accor∣dingly