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Title: Canterburies doome, or, The first part of a compleat history of the commitment, charge, tryall, condemnation, execution of William Laud, late Arch-bishop of Canterbury containing the severall orders, articles, proceedings in Parliament against him, from his first accusation therein, till his tryall : together with the various evidences and proofs produced against him at the Lords Bar ... : wherein this Arch-prelates manifold trayterous artifices to usher in popery by degrees, are cleerly detected, and the ecclesiasticall history of our church-affaires, during his pontificall domination, faithfully presented to the publike view of the world / by William Prynne, of Lincolns Inne, Esquire ...
Author: Prynne, William, 1600-1669.
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Vestery of the same Chappell, as the Incumbent of the place shall dis∣pose them, In testimony whereof we have caused our Seale Episcopall to be hereunto put, the day and yeer above written.1. Doctor Sybthorpe Vicar of Brackley.2. Mr. Burden Rector of Aynoe.3. Mr. Yates Rector of Midleton cheny.4. Mr. Losse Vicar of Leas weeden.5. Mr. Osborne Rector of Thenford.6. Mr. Selby Rector of Chipingwarden.7. Mr. Gage Vicar of Culworth.8. Mr. Adams Rector of Ashton in le walls9. Mr. Burton Rector of Helmedon,10. Mr. Osten Rector of Braddon.11. Mr. Iakeman Rector of Farthingoe.12. Mr. Brocke Vicar of Maideford.13. Mr. Hunt Vicar of Sulgraue.14. Mr. Mander Vicar of Chacombe.15. Mr. Hifeild Vicar of Evenley.Jo. Petriburg.By these unreasonable conditions, (to which the consciences of most orthodox god∣ly Ministers could no wayes submit) most Combination Lecturers were totally dis∣continued, and such as remained were for the most part supplied only by Prelaticall, Superstitious, Ceremonious, Popish Clergy men of the Archbishops faction, whose Sermons and Examples did more corrupt then instruct, seduce then reforme the Au∣ditors, and onely promote his Popish designes. To such slavery, misery were both Ministers and People reduced by colour of this Prelates forementioned Conside∣rations: Who being afterwards advanced to the Archbishopricke of Canterbury, had an annuall Account returned to him from all the Bishops of his Province, how these Instructions concerning Sermons, Lectures and Lecturers, were observed, and what Proceedings were upon them; as was manifested by the Originals of their Ac∣counts found in his study, endorsed with his own hand. And not content with his Provinciall Bishops proceedings, himself in his Metropoliticall Visiitation, gave spe∣ciall Order to Sir Nathaniel Brent his Vicar generall, to inquire, how his Majesties Instructions were observed? as appears by a Memorandum touching his Visitation in generall March. 6. 1634. written with Mr Dells own hand, found in the Arch∣bishops study with other Papers of that nature: and likewise ordered him to silence divers Ministers, and not suffer them to Lecture: We shall give you one memorable instance in Mr Leighe a reverend Minister then of Wolverhampton, but now settled in Shoreditch by order of Parliament; For whose silencing this Archbishop gave spe∣ciall order; as appears by a Letter under his Secretary Dells own hand (who acknow∣ledged it at the Lords Barr) directed to Sir Nathaniel Brent, found by M. Prynne a∣mong Sir John Lambes Papers.Worthy SIR,THE Church and Colledge of Wolverhampton in the Diocesse of Litchfield, is an Appendix to the Deane of Windsor; who by Charter of Edward the fourth is both Patron and Ordinary, cum omnimoda jurisdictione. And in that regard, though they have not been visited by any time out of mind, yet now he is content to lay by the Bulls and Charters of Exemption, and to admit of my Lords Metropolitan visita∣tion. But with all he hath made this humble suit to my Lords Grace, that if you vi∣sit that Church and Colledge, they may not be summoned out of their own Jurisdi∣ction, but rather that in your way from Litchfield to Shrewsbury, your visitation may be held in that very Place, it being a goodly Collegiate Church, and every way sit for it I am inform∣ed that Wolver∣hampton is but 12. miles from Litchfield, and not out of the way to Shrews∣bury. Might you not be there on Mun∣day May 18.?. In which my Lord wills you by all means to give Mr Dean content in what may conveniently be done. And whereas his Grace is informed that the Place is much given to Faction, and that the last Summer there were some very good Chap∣ter Acts, and other Orders made by my Lord the Bishop of Hereford, then Dean, to settle things there in a Church way, and to curbe the insolency of some men, who since, upon occasion of this my Lords Visitation are bold to give it out, that they will have all reversed &c. His Grace hath commanded me to signifie his expresse plea∣sure
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