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Title: Canterburies doome, or, The first part of a compleat history of the commitment, charge, tryall, condemnation, execution of William Laud, late Arch-bishop of Canterbury containing the severall orders, articles, proceedings in Parliament against him, from his first accusation therein, till his tryall : together with the various evidences and proofs produced against him at the Lords Bar ... : wherein this Arch-prelates manifold trayterous artifices to usher in popery by degrees, are cleerly detected, and the ecclesiasticall history of our church-affaires, during his pontificall domination, faithfully presented to the publike view of the world / by William Prynne, of Lincolns Inne, Esquire ...
Author: Prynne, William, 1600-1669.
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or his permission, by Doctor Sybthorpe one of his Surrogates, in a Catalogue, to be signed by him, annexed to these orders.II. That no other Divine shall be admitted to Preach there upon any Wednes∣day, but one of these fifteene (except the Curate of that place) upon any pre∣tence whatsoever; And if one of these shall dye, or depart, or refuse to preach, none other shall be Substituted, but by expresse allowance of the Bishop.III. That the Bell shall begin to toll a quarter of an houre before nine of the Clocke in the morning, and shall continue so toleing, till nine of the Clocke and no longer.IIII. That immediatly upon ceasing of the Bell the Divine Service of the Church of England for morning prayer shall begin, and shall be said, together with the Letanie, either by the Preacher for that day, or else (in case of necessity) only by the Minister of the place of his assistant, in his Surplice and Hood, according to his de∣gree in Schooles.V. The Preacher for that day, shall be ready at the Communion Table in his Sur∣plice and Hood (while a Psalme is in singing after the Morning prayer and the Le∣tanie) to begin the Communion Service (commonly called the second Service) and that there be no Hiatus or stopp at all, after the end of the Psalmes. If he be not there, He who did reade the Morning prayer that day, shall presently goe thither, and proceede to the second Service, and no Sermon shall be had that day. Note.VI. The Preacher assoone as he hath repeated the Nicen Creede shall goe up into the Pulpet, in his Surplice and hood.VII. No other forme of prayer before the Sermon shall be vsed, then is set Note. downe in the LV. Canon, to move the people to pray in the words and manner there perscribed, interposing only, if he so desire, the names of the Vniversities and of his Colledge, or of his Patron, he being one quallified by Law, to have a Chaplaine.VIII. The Sermon at the utmost shall be within the compasse of an howre, and Note. shall be ended with Glory be to God &c. without any other prayers in the Pulpit.VIIII. The Preacher shall after is Sermon come presently from the Pulpit, and so goe to the Communion table, and reade the prayer for the whole estate of Christs Church, &c. and one or two of the Collects, which stands after the Communion Ser∣vice, and so shall dismisse the people with that blessing there. The peace of God, &c.X. A Surplice and Hood are to be provided for the Preacher at the charge of the Towne.XI. The people to be admonished by the Preacher (as neede shall require) to be diligent and of reverend behaviour at the divine service, both before the Sermon and also after it. All men to be uncovered during all the time both of Service and Sermon; all persons to do Reverence at the blessed name of Iesus, to Note. stand at the Creedes, Hymnes and Gospells; to kneele at the confession and prayers, and practise all other parts of conformity to the Church Government, or other∣wise it shall be sufficient cause to have the combination for the said weekely Ser∣mon forthwith inhibited, if the Divine Service be neglected or deserted, Or if these Orders above mentioned be not truely observed. Vpon condition whereof the Bishop hath condescended unto the humble Petition presented vnto his Lordship from the Major and the other Inhabitants of the said Towne of Brackley, for suffering the said weekely Sermon.These Orders under my Hand and Seale are to be set up for all those whom they concerne, to take notise of the same, in some convenient place within the Chappell of S. Iames Brackley, or in the Chancell or
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