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Title:  Experimental philosophy, in three books containing new experiments microscopical, mercurial, magnetical : with some deductions, and probable hypotheses, raised from them, in avouchment and illustration of the now famous atomical hypothesis / by Henry Power ...
Author: Power, Henry, 1623-1668.
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Cylinder above the Quicksilver in the Vessel from B to C. So we shall call that line or space,BC The Mercurial Standard.But if in the Tube there be left as much external Ayr as would fill the Tube from A to E, and that then the Quicksilver would fall from C to D, and the Ayr be dilated to fill the space AD, then we shall callBD— The Mercury.CD— The Mercurial Complement.AE— The Ayr.ED— The Ayr's Dilatation.AD— The Ayr Dilated.Where note, That the measure of the Mercurial Stan∣dard, and Mercurial Complement, are measured onely by their perpendicular heights, over the Surface of the restagnant Quicksilver in the Vessel: But Ayr, the Ayr's Dilatation, and Ayr Dilated, by the Spaces they fill.So that here is now four Proportionals, and by any three given, you may strike out the fourth, by Con∣version, Transposition, and Division of them. So that by these Analogies you may prognosticate the effects, which follow in all Mercurial Experiments, and pre∣demonstrate them, by calculation, before the senses give an Experimental thereof.